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Final Fantasy Versus XIII reveal turns six
posted on 05.08.12 at 03:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
"The figure that still lies asleep in the Fantasy."

Six years ago today, Square Enix took center stage at Sony Computer Entertainment America’s E3 2006 press conference to reveal Fabula Nova Crystallis, a new series of Final Fantasy titles built around a common mythology. Three games – Final Fantasy XIII (PS3), Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3) and Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile) – were announced. In 2010, Final Fantasy XIII launched worldwide for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In 2011, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, under the new name Final Fantasy Type-0, launched in Japan for PSP. And now, in 2012, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still to be dated.

Our last proper update on the game was in January 2011, when Square Enix released a 7-minute gameplay trailer for the action RPG, at the same time announcing Final Fantasy XIII-2 (which launched in January this year). A Famitsu interview after the event provided a plethora of new details on the title, with director Tetsuya Nomura mentioning a possible E3 2011 appearance. It, of course, did not show up at the expo last  year, and is still unconfirmed to show up at this year’s event. In September, 240 days ago, it was confirmed to have only just gone into full production.

Since then, we’ve received tiny updates, but nothing more than teases to potential consumers:

That’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for you. Nomura said before last year’s Tokyo Game Show that he has already decided on when he’ll show the game next. Whether that’s changed or not, we can only hope recent comments (the list is ordered from oldest to newest) mean we’ll see it, alongside a focused marketing campaign, soon.

Thanks for the reminder, Erren.

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  • Phoenix_Wings

    I can’t wait to play this on PS4!

    • hush404

      @Phoenix_Wings: Really I was gonna just wait till they finished the port for PS5, which they’ll be working on at the same time.

    • @Phoenix_Wings: ….you’re not seriously assuming Versus XIII is going to move straight from being PS3 to PS4, are you? :|

  • This will be one the last games released for PS3, the system’s swan song if you will.

  • Aldridge517


  • Oh My God !!!

    Now im Sick of Waiting For FF Versus

    I Just Want Them to Released FF Versus.”

  • KingOptimus111

    Im telling you guys, its going to be at Sonys E3 Press Conference as a huge suprise.

  • FearMonkey

    Six years of wishing and hoping. :(

    I’ve seen those trailers so many times I’ve completely lost track. :(

    I want it so bad. :(

  • Locksus

    wasn’t the latest trailer released a year or 2 ago? :I God they really like to keep us waiting…

  • LordKaiser

    I saw the gameplay, I got interested in it and I like what I saw on last trailer so it’s a buy.

  • stealth20k

    Who cares?

    Theyve released over 50 amazing rpgs this gen

    I cantr be too angry

  • xMCXx

    Uuuuuuh……Happy Birthday?

  • FaithlessMr

    E3 was in May six years ago? Wow.

    (not even going to bother commenting on Versus, I don’t think I have nice things to say about this ridiculous development cycle, so I’ll just refrain from saying anything at all :3)

  • dead_bones

    Calm down everybody damn. What they’re are planning is brand new and enormous. And when you take it into account that it has to FEEL and LOOK like a Final Fantasy title then it’s becomes completely understandable why it’s taking so long. It’ll be released this year, they’ll most likely make an appearance at Sony’s E3 presser. Brand new things take lots of time. I for one can’t wait for the full reveal cause it will be awesome!! It’s going to be like the FF’s of old(6-9). And it will be grand.

    • anime10121

      @dead_bones: I dont think its releasing this year, although Im pretty much 99.999% sure it’ll release next year though.

      Square announced FFXIII-2 in January 2011 and didnt release it til the end of December 2011. I dont even think they’ll show it at e3 considering they have XIV to show this year + Kingdom Hearts and Theatrythm from the main Japanese side of the company. If anything it’ll get reannounced at TGS or Jump Festa later on this year.

      I know its gotta come out next year specifically because of all the hinting about KH3 that’s been going on. They said that game wouldnt be worked on until vsXIII was completed and not wanting to spoil any one, but there is MAJOR evidence that 3 is coming after Dream Drop Distance. Considering both titles will be built on the same engine, I believe its safe to say vs.XIII is well on its way.

  • DjangoRaijin

    It’s definately not going to be released this year since it only started full production 240 days ago and I wouldn’t be surprised If Microsoft sucks Nomuras cock to get vs. on 360 like they did with Xiii.

    • FaithlessMr

      It’s not Nomura’s decision, it’s SE’s. If SE decides the game should be ported, they’ll ask Nomura-san to do it.

      That’s the way business works :/

      • anime10121

        @FaithlessMr: Yeah people seem to act like Nomura is CEO and can decide when and where any decision in Square happens. He is not the one that makes these decisions, Wada and the Share Holders decide when to shown off the game (which probably wont be until next year considering this year has Hitman, Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest X, Sleeping Dogs all confirmed for release this fall/winter).

  • dead_bones


    Did you see the 7 minute gameplay vid? It’ll be out this year.

    • anime10121

      @dead_bones:That still confirms nothing because there has been NO information released to the media since that trailer was released January last year. They usually start to release screens, magazine shots, interviews about a year before release and yet half way through this year we still haven’t heard a peep. I want the game to release this year too, but I can pretty much guarantee with 100% certainty, based off of how Square usually does things, its not gonna happen.

  • Sal Romano

    Aw, nobody commented on the tagline. =(

    “The figure that still lies asleep in the Fantasy.”

    It’s from the end of the 7-minute trailer. It’s so appropriate!

    • Zero

      @Sal Romano:

      I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. Very nice!

      Moving on, I wanted to comment here, but I posted so much in the last topic, I’ll touch on Square-Enix Japan a little bit.

      In the last year or so, they have started to become less secretive, the Japan branch that is. The teams in Japan are starting to communicate better with the fans and media. This is a good thing, and I’ve pointed this out before.

      Square-Enix in the past has been very secretive, they like to keep new projects locked away in a vault, with a secret team of ninjas guarding it or something.

      That’s not to say other Japanese studios are not like this, they are very much the same. The point I’m making is, that in Japan, Square-Enix is starting to move away from those old practices, and communicate better.

      If a big company like Square-Enix starts to do that, other developers in Japan will likely follow suit, which will result in fans having a better understanding of a games development cycle.

      (The occasional interview in famitsu is not enough.)

      The next step could be simple, but a huge step forward. What if developers like Nomura were able to post updates on a square-enix blog. Kind of like what the playstation blog does.

      They could give fans an update on games, and with that knowledge, fans would not be so in the dark.

      The lack of information, and communication results in confusion and anger. When you combine that with how they announced Versus in 2006…well it’s no surprise that people have mixed feelings.

      A large majority of people are not going to take the time to research, and try to put the bits and pieces of information together.

      When developers and publishers do that for you, and give you updates and communicate, it helps.

      This is 2012, we are in the internet era. You either jump on board, or get left behind.

      • Sal Romano

        @Zero: Thank you! =)

        And indeed. A lot of publishers have already followed suit. Most Japanese game announcements are coupled with a website and developer blog. And most western game announcements almost always include a Facebook or Twitter account – sometimes a blog. The point is, the communication is there.

        Even Square Enix is doing it. Look at The 3rd Birthday, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (this one is technically Square’s 1st Production Department Twitter, but it’s been themed for Theatrhythm considering it was their main promo at the time), Kingdom Hearts (US, JP), Bravely Default, Dragon Quest X, Army Corps of Hell, and Lord of Apocalypse. But Square hasn’t opened a line of communication for Versus XIII yet, and that’s the problem. Because I’m sure they’re asked about it all the time on their 1st Production Twitter. But I bet they’re not responding.

        I mean, if you’re going to have a game announced for six years and still have it shrouded in mystery, it’s only right to open that connection.

        • Zero

          @Sal Romano:

          I agree with everything you said, but I just wanted to focus in on this part –

          “But Square hasn’t opened a line of communication for Versus XIII yet, and that’s the problem. Because I’m sure they’re asked about it all the time on their 1st Production Twitter. But I bet they’re not responding.

          I mean, if you’re going to have a game announced for six years and still have it shrouded in mystery, it’s only right to open that connection.”

          100% yes. I couldn’t agree more.

          Even if the delay is the engine, like Nomura has been hinting it at, why not just come out and say it?

          Edit: You’re Welcome!

          • Sal Romano

            @Zero: Exactly. Unless they’re doing a complete overhaul of the game, which I doubt, the secrecy in entirely unnecessary.

            Or even if they are, why not at least tell us?

            • Zero

              @Sal Romano:

              Perhaps they are keeping it all hidden, so they can put all the details on a bonus dvd and include it with the game?

              They can call it, Final Fantasy 13 Versus The World! In Japan, Nomura-san will do the narration. And Morgan Freeman can do the narration for the western version.

              “There is a mysterious ritual that dates back thousands of years, in this case the year 2006. No living creature has survived it except the penguin. They have wings but cannot fly. They’re birds that think they’re fish. And every year, they embark on a nearly impossible journey to find a mate. For twenty days and twenty nights the emperor penguin will march to a place so extreme it supports no other life. In the harshest place on Earth loves finds a way. This is the incredible true story of a family’s journey to bring life into the world: Final Fantasy 13 Versus…wait, what is this about again?”

              • zerolegacy0

                @Zero: Admit it, everyone who read this comment read it in Morgan Freeman’s voice. I did.

                • Zero



                  I was trying to bring a bit of comedy to the discussion. Thanks for the kind reply. :)

                • whiteferrero

                  @zerolegacy0: aw sticx. i did too.

    • anime10121

      @Sal Romano: Saw it the as soon as I clicked the article, trust me when I say I’ve seen that trailer at least 100 times since I downloaded the HD version and put it on my ps3. I just didnt think to comment on it because it was (at least to me) so obvious.

      And yes, you are correct, never has a tagline been so appropriate:)

  • RyoonZ

    Thankfully we got a lot of great games in between the time of waiting Versus. We got 3 of NIS games in English, KH3D, Soul Sacrifice, Ragnarok Odyssey, P4G, Ni no Kuni, and other games I’ve forgot to include and other upcoming games that haven’t announced yet.

    I have high hope of this game, I mean if they took this long they must do something awesome about the game and I wish this game will took about 80 hours to finish the storyline and over 100 hours for sidequest or anything if there is any.