Nomura on Final Fantasy Versus XIII: ‘It takes time when tackling something new’
posted on 05.04.12 at 07:43 PM EST by (@salromano)
"Your patience is greatly appreciated," says Nomura.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura commented on the status of his upcoming PlayStation 3 action RPG in the latest issue of Game Informer. But don’t get excited about it.

“We would like to ask for your patience on an official announcement for this title,” said Nomura. “It always takes time when tackling the challenge of doing something completely new, but we are doing our best to bring information to the fans as quickly as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated.”

Nomura last said Square was almost ready to share new information the title. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced for PlayStation 3 in 2006.

Thanks, Final Fantasy Network.

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  • Though I don’t really care for this game just yet (because I’m an Xbox 360 user), I’m glad Nomura is taking his time with this (´・ω・`)~that tells you that the game will, not necessarily meet the high standard expectations of Versus XIII fans, but that this surely will be a game that won’t be disappointing to those that are waiting for an official release date and more information.

  • anime10121

    God I wish interviewers would just stop asking about this game (or at least stop printing the same damn answers when they do) until Square just releases more info on their own.

    It benefits NO ONE to keep asking about the game and expecting a different answer. When Square is ready to show this game, they will. Keeping this game in people’s mind does nothing but create expectations that will never be realized because of its “lengthy development” (even though it never even started core development until last year).

    For some reason people seem to think it has been in development since 06, when it was just an announcement of the XIII crystal saga. They were even saying back then dont expect anything from Vs. for a while.

  • vertical09

    The more they ask for my patience, the less patient i get =P

    Well i’d rather them take their time and make an amazing game rather than rush it for the eager fans and bomb it with DLC and a whole bunch of cut crap…

    • Skelter

      @vertical09: The ironic thing is that while fans are getting sick of waiting……the developers and staff are probably getting sick of seeing the game lol….lucky bastards are probably feasting their eyes on it right now.

  • Jackle

    Six years of patience & counting! I just know that when we finally get a release date, I’ll be acting like a kid on Christmas.

  • lordshihan

    I just hope they’ll start on KH III when they finish this…

  • FearMonkey

    Gonna start a petition soon to get Nomura to stop saying anything about the game till there’s something new to show because it is just making me angry at this point. >__<

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @FearMonkey: Blame the guys asking him -_-

  • RyoonZ

    When it comes to this far, I won’t mind to wait for another year or two. It’s better than playing unfinished game. And with so many games coming out that’s okay with me. But another trailer or some footage will be appreciated Nomura.

  • Hinano

    Not this long.

    It’ll help if you quit the KH for a bit!

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Can we at least get a new picture?

  • hush404

    It takes time when you keep running off and doing other projects whilst working on said project too.

  • Noctionus

    What’s Versus?

  • L_kira

    At this point, its not even patience anymore. Just apathy.

  • They better release this game soon, we all have been waiting for 6 years, and not even a gameplay demo. And only ONE gameplay footage, which yes looks impressive but doesn’t worth that full 6 years of development time.

    Looks like in this gen, Western developers > Japanese developers big time. Even though I prefer Japanese games, but seriously this is really getting out of hand.

  • KingOptimus111

    I would be shocked if they showed Versus XIII at Sony E3 press conference with a release date but you know Nomura will come up with excuses like always.

  • Zero

    In other words, its taking them a long ass time to get the game to run on the new engine.

    I doubt that he isn’t allowed to say much, its probably more or less been that he has nothing new to report. He doesn’t want to spoil the game, and can’t update us when the process of getting a new engine working is ongoing, which is out of his hands.

    At this point, he is fully aware that most fans are on the tip of the iceberg, and the worst move would be to promise things he can’t be sure of.

    Versus is a poster child for how not to announce a video game project, The Last Guardian is just as bad though, and both games seem to be getting held up for the same damn problems.

    The difference between those projects? SE still had to make money, so they had employees like Nomura-san working on or overseeing other projects in the mean time. Instead of just sitting around and waiting for the new engine to be ready. This is how video games are made, it’s a process.

    Would you rather the Versus team have done nothing in the mean time? It wouldn’t have changed a damn thing, the team working on the new engine would have still taken forever. A great example is The Last Guardian. What has Team ICO managed to release since TLG was announced? Not a damn thing, just a re-release of previous games.

    I really hope that if new consoles are on the way, JP developers embrace them early on, and better yet, I hope they already have engines that are capable of being plugged in and used with the new consoles right away.

    It typically takes years to develop a new engine, and that process can be even longer if you are trying to make a new ambitious game to run on it. (Look at AC III for example.)

    If you really want to get down to the fine details, Crystal Tools is the real culprit here. If that engine could run Versus, the game would have been out already.

    Square-Enix have made some poor investments in recent years, to say the least. And Crystal Tools was one of them. It has lots of issues and limitations.

    You can go back and look at some of the trailers for proof. I remember fans pointing out how the characters seemed to look worse.

    Same thing with 13-2, they had to cut out some of the character details so they could utilize the memory for other parts of the game. Mostly all the small stuff, which is where Crystal Tools struggles the most. Towns, and any other places where you want multiple characters on screen at once. (Or multiple actions, like exploding bridges or buildings crumbling in real time, while you fight a behemoth.)

    I’m no expert here, but I did play FF14. I’ve had an opportunity to really play with a game running on Crystal Tools, and tinker with settings. It’s become rather easy for me to see its shortcomings, and I noticed many of them playing 13-2. (I still enjoyed the game though.) One thing that helped, was Naoki Yoshida describing issues the engine has.

    And that leads into another point I wanted to make, FF 14 2.0 is supposed to have a trailer at e3 this year, which would mean the new engine is basically ready to go. This also means Versus should be finally moving along now!

    I can’t say for sure if we will see a trailer for Versus at e3, but I think TGS is a sure thing. I’m predicting they announce a holiday release for the game in Japan, and hopefully worldwide early 2013. (If the world still exists by then.)

    Sooner would be great, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Long post, thanks for reading. Feel free to reply, I’ll happily discuss the game here. (Since this is a news post that’s actually about the game.)

    • kefert

      @Zero: I think this makes the most sense out of all the things i’ve read so far. Let’s say the engine was roughly complete by july of last year. It would mean that when they started full production, they could adjust the world map (that was done IIRC) and the rest with the new engine (though i’m not really sure how game engines work). So the game would be almost done, basically.

      Concerning E3, i’m concerned about if SE would be willing to show 2 ps3 games at the same time ( XIV and vs13). But there’s the problem: if vs13 isnt at e3, there’s no way it’ll be out before Q3 2013 in the west

    • Hinano

      @Zero: Another problem is, his revealing of also using the Luminous Engine to some extent. 2 Engines being used = issues, no?

      • Zero


        I think they can show more than one game at e3. They might focus on one more than the other or something, and save stuff for TGS.

        I’ve also heard rumors about a possible Final Fantasy 15, being developed by Hiroyuki Ito. (Ito, has been mostly involved in the more old school FF games, and the Ivalice projects. He was pretty much the head honcho of VI, IX, and XII. He also is responsible for some of the great FF gameplay systems, like the ATB system.)

        His games tend to have a more old school FF feel to them, and I think the time is right for a FF like that.

        Have to wait and see. :)


        Good point. This is where Square-Enix Japan has been very tight lipped. The only details I remember reading about this, talked about how Eidos had come over to help them work out the kinks more or less.

        I think they planned to use the Luminous Engine for lighting and cut scenes, but they might have done something different.

        I know that the new engine for 14 is going to be something different, and Naoki Yoshida said it would have a new name. When asked about console games, he said that he presumed they would have to do something like that.

        Tough to guess what they ended up doing without having more details. I just hope that they figured it out and got things working.

        If they did decide to make something all new using the Luminous code name, hopefully it can be used for Kingdom Hearts 3 for example, and better yet, let’s hope its compatible with the upcoming new consoles. (Which it should be, no excuse for it not to be.)

        • anime10121

          @Zero: I can not WAIT for a Hiroyuki Ito’s new game whenever they decide to announce it. FFIX to this day is still my all time favorite and I think I would have liked XII a little more if he was it’s full fledged director, (never did care much for Matsuno’s games for some reason) so I hope that he is the one directing FFXV.

          I’m hoping for the best when it comes to Vs. but I have my doubts that this game wont reappear until TGS. I have every belief that this game will come out worldwide in 2013, but I dont think they’ll want to reannounce it until it’s good and ready for prime time.

          Although Vs. XIII is one of the top 3 games I wanna play the most on this gen of consoles, my only beef with it is the fact that it is the sole reason we wont be getting KH3 for at least 3-4 more years.

          I mean if the roles were reversed we still wouldn’t have KH3 yet because the Vs. Engine is what is taking so long to develop, so with KH (which will utilize the same engine) we still wouldn’t have the game yet, but I would have much rather had that game first and then Vs. XIII if only to finally have closure.

          I mean I’d hate for what happened with the Megaman Legends series to happen to Kingdom Hearts, Im sure it wont, because even if they cant get a console KH3 out I’m sure they’d at least bring it out for a handheld unlike Capcom and their spiteful a***s (I still believe Legends 3 was cancelled solely to spite Inafune and that they basically spit in their fans faces).

          • Zero


            I can understand that. I’ve also been waiting and hoping for a KH 3 announcement. I have a feeling we will be getting one soon.

            The thing is, if you look at FF 13-2 as an example, if they have the engine ready to go, that speeds up the process substantially.

            I wouldn’t be surprised to see a KH 3 announcement soon, but if Square-Enix Japan (SEJ) has learned any lessons over the last few years, they wont announce it early.

            I don’t see SEJ just abandoning a possible Kingdom Hearts 3, just like how they haven’t given up on Versus.

            I could list some possible reasons, but toss those all out the window and just focus on the elephant in the room, they need to make money.

            The Japanese branch has been bleeding money, and any profit they can make is a good thing. They have taken some very stupid risks, and they need those big name games to be released, and for them to sell lots of copies. (And they are still taking questionable risks, like Dragon Quest X online /smh…)

            This is especially true when it comes to HD console games, because they cost more to develop.

            I’m also excited to see what Hiroyuki Ito’s game turns out to be. We are talking about the man Hironobu Sakaguchi, (Father of Final Fantasy) said could “save” the Final Fantasy series.

            While I’m not so sure the series is in a state that it needs a savior, Sakaguichi saying that, is a pretty big deal.

            I think the time is right for an old school FF game, something like FF9 for example. I don’t buy all this crap, that fans are tired of the same old stuff.

            Most of Final Fantasy is built on nostalgia. Fans remember the great times they had with old school FF games.

            I think the fan reaction the last few years has been a bit overboard, but they have reason to be upset. The fact is, SEJ has hit a rough patch since around 2006.

            Final Fantasy 13 is a good game, as is 13-2. They are not for everyone though. The same way Final Fantasy 8 was not for everyone.

            I used 8 as an example, because I felt like it was similar to 13. It’s more or less filled with the type of Japanese storytelling you would see in anime. And even back then, some if it was questioned by long time fans.

            Fans wanted something more old school, and Final Fantasy 9 was the answer.

            I find it funny that people forget about that. This is a process SEJ has been more or less following since Final Fantasy 7.

            FF7 – New FF
            FF8 – New FF
            FF9 – Old school FF
            FF10- New FF
            FF11- New (Online) FF
            FF12- Old School FF
            FF13- New FF
            FF14- New (Online) FF
            ??? – Old School FF (FF 15?)

            I think that time (Old School FF time) has come again.

            Edit: About Capcom

            I agree 100% I’ve grown very disgusted with Capcom over the years. They have made some very greedy business decisions, and those have more or less resulted in talented staff leaving the company. Inafune, is a great example. And these talented developers leaving or getting fired, has resulted in great games getting cancelled. And the fans are the ones who suffer because of it.

            • anime10121

              @Zero: Yeah but the difference between XIII-2 and KH3 is that, while the engine may be complete,XIII-2 could reuse many graphical aspects from the original (characters, objects, etc),KH has a Massive amount of characters that would need to be created for the HD era.

              I mean they would have to make Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Terra, Aqua, Ven, Roxas, Braig, Lea, Xehanort, Yensid, other Organization members (havent played 3D to know who all is left), and then all the Disney/Final Fantasy characters that would appear in the game and thats not including the many heartless/nobodies that might be appearing.

              While I hope that they would already have been developing the main cast while they wait for the vs. engine to finish, I dont know if they would be willing to put the resources in considering vs. XIII’s lengthy development. Truth be told it would probably be their most ambitious title to date just because of all the characters.

              Guess I’m just worried that the longer it takes for Vs., the less likely it is we’ll be seeing a traditional single player JRPG out of Square. I mean the sad fact is single player games don’t do as well as they used too and a lot of publishers are looking to multiplayer to get people to avoid trading games in and to curb piracy. I hope that Square doesnt take this route, but proof is already there that they are starting to go that way too, what with the last few KH all having multiplayer (although they have been great), FFXIV being an MMO, and even the Dragon Quest series which is rooted in being a classic series having the last couple games go multiplayer with the newest being an MMORPG. I just hope that whenever KH3 is finally announced, its not announced as Kingdom Hearts 3 Online:(

              I agree wholeheartedly with everything else you said, though in my mind VII is far more “anime” like than VIII :P

              • Zero


                The online thing is somewhat surprising. I’ve discussed 14 in detail before, I’ll just skip that and go to DQX.

                I see the idea behind it, if the game proves to be popular in Japan, they can get a revenue stream going with online fees.

                Considering how popular Dragon Quest is in Japan, if everything just clicks, it could be a big success.

                The problem is in the west, I just don’t see it. They expect western gamers to embrace an online game for the Wii?

                Moving on to Kingdom Hearts, if they did some sort of online version, I don’t personally think they would call it KH3. I also don’t see it happening anytime soon, they need to get DQX and FFXIV smoothed out first, before they even consider another online only game. (In my opinion.)

                We really can’t even begin to guess how quickly a KH3 could be developed, not without more updates about the engine.

                I think they could utilize the engine and tools used on Versus, and sorta plug those into the world of Kingdom Hearts. Perhaps they already have?

                Just like they are taking this new engine, and modifying it to work on FFXIV, an mmorpg. They can hopefully do the same thing with console games.

                Why even develop a new engine if you can’t tinker and modify it to work on a variety of games.

                I’ll point to the unreal engine for example, a wide variety of studios use it for a wide variety of games.

                From FPS, to 3rd person shooters, to action stealth games, and even side scrolling downloadable titles.

                I’m hoping the new engine SEJ is developing, is capable of this. Considering they have been working on it since seemingly 2007?

                I agree, VII was definitely inspired by anime. I think fans tend to ignore that, because of how FF7 is considered by many to be the best of the best.

                Advent Children was most certainly an anime, the visuals were different from typical animation in Japan, but everything else about the movie screamed anime.

                I think the big difference today goes back to anime. Anime in the 90’s had lots of western influences in it. I think the stories and characters were more relateable to western audiences. So, when a game like FF7 was perhaps inspired by various anime, it also included those western influences.

                Anime is not like that these days, not most of it anyways. So, a game like 13, or Advent Children for example, the story might not really click with western fans, especially if they aren’t into present anime trends.

            • rockman29

              @Zero: I wouldn’t define the Final Fantasy games like that in terms of which ones were ‘new’ and not.

              In terms of how the games were made, all the Playstation series of titles, and even Final Fantasy VI, followed a similar pattern of game design. I’m not talking gameplay system or anything, but the broad structure of the game and how the plot advances and how the player gets from point A to point B… most of this was more or less the same until Final Fantasy X came along.

              The two ones that were most different were Final Fantasy X and XII. X was a dramatic change to a more linear and structured design, and then XII was another radical design choosing a sort of bridged patches of world akin to a MMO, yet still retained some of all previous Final Fantasy games’ linear exposure to the world.

              Defining a Final Fantasy as ‘old’ or ‘new’ school seems a little superficial. I sort of know what you mean, but I feel like it’s not very diagnostic. Anyways, just two cents, not trying to start anything, just saying. In terms of ‘new,’ most of that came at the time of the Playstation 2. What changed before that was mostly in terms of presentation and technology. I’d eat my hat if someone could convincingly explain why the inherent structure of Final Fantasy VII was so different than VIII, IX, or even VI.

              • Zero


                I agree 100% with what you are saying. And looking at how I presented it above, it sorta looks like I was saying something else, when I didn’t intend to be.

                I was trying to point out how the time periods of the games change, but they always come back with something more traditional.

                When I said old school, I mean the time period. The older Final Fantasies were mostly set in what felt like a mid evil time period.

                Final Fantasy 7 for example, is not set in a time period like that. At the time, it felt like some time in the distant future, possibly.

                I think the same thing could be said about Final Fantasy 8.

                Final Fantasy 9 went back to that “old school” time period and such. It felt like a more traditional Final Fantasy game.

                That is all I was trying to say, but I admit I was somewhat vague with how I presented it above.

                It was absolutely not very diagnostic, like you said. It lacks detail, but only because I wanted it to. The games are all unique, and trying to give them all a defiant label of sorts would be difficult, and controversial.

                I was kinda hitting home on a point about fan reaction. And how just because FF 13 and 13-2 are not set in a time similar to FF 9 and 12, doesn’t mean they will never make another Final Fantasy set in that kind of time period. A mid evil old school feel type of time period.

                I brought that up because I’ve read lots of fan comments and even gaming media articles about Final Fantasy, and how Square-Enix has completely lost track of the series roots.

                My point was that I felt that statement was going overboard, and I was trying to use the list as an example of how they typically switch it up.

                And how Hiroyuki Ito tends to make his Final Fantasies more traditional, and typically has them set in older time periods.

                I sometimes get ahead of myself, and my comments are not always easy to follow or read. (I’m no pro writer haha.)

                (Off topicish follows.)

                And for the record, no worries about the reply. I’m not one of those people who views criticism as someone trying to start something.

                I’m more than willing to receive it and discuss. People are quick to get angry on the internet though, and things can get heated when discussing video games haha.

                I’ve learned to just remember that another person is behind the words, and that everyone is different, so they are going to have different opinions and feelings.

                If we were all the same, life would be incredibly boring. :)

  • Akira_Tenshi

    What a surprise more non news about Versus XIII, just fuck off Square. If you aren’t going to tell us anything then don’t say anything at all.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Akira_Tenshi: Goodness,he was asked !!!! -_-

  • xMCXx

    Fucking vaporware!

  • DarthNemesis

    All of this could have been avoided by not announcing the before it was at least 60% done.Square brought this on themselves.

  • Pirate King

    this is the last time I click anything on VS until I see footage in the title or release date in the title… stupid non updates…. he’s such a troll… like most Japanese devs… from Ono, to Kojima to miyamoto… all trolls. give us real news.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Pirate King: Hes not a troll,its the morons that keep asking him

  • FaithlessMr

    Same old, same old. To put this bluntly, long past caring. I’ll be excited again when we’re shown actual footage.

  • RoboShinKen

    Maybe if they didn’t spend resources making FF13-2 you could’ve used more time and resources on making this game.

    Besides, its not like FF13-2 brought anything to the table anyway other than a crapload of DLC that probably more than the cost of the game.

  • rockman29

    What’s so new about Kingdom Hearts?