Square Enix on Final Fantasy Versus XIII: "People will be excited when they next see it" - Gematsu
Square Enix on Final Fantasy Versus XIII: “People will be excited when they next see it”
posted on 01.03.12 at 11:18 AM EST by (@salromano)
Well, after six years...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out in Japan, and will soon launch in North America and Europe. So what’s next for Square Enix? Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we assume. According to XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase, ‘you’ll be excited’ next time you see Versus XIII.

“Then there’s Versus XIII, which is currently in development. We released a trailer in January and since then there has been nothing, but I can assure you the team is working extremely hard on it and I think people will be excited when they next see it,” he told Edge.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced for PlayStation 3 in 2006. The latest trailer came out in January 2011.

Thanks, GE.

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  • zakou

    …releasing 1 trailer every year is gangsta shit.

    Oh and the funny thing is that they never mentioned “WHEN” we will see this new trailer.

    How fucking dare you square, making us wait years and after a year you teaste more and you dont even tell us when we will see it.

  • Revorse

    Okay but WHEN are we gonna see it?

    • zakou

      @Revorse: Probably next year

      • L_kira

        @zakou: Yeah. After Final Fantasy XIII-3 and Type 1. Geez, if this is almost-vaporware mode, what would you call Kingdom Hearts 3?

  • Prevailer

    Ohhh… I can’t hear it anymore…

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Nice to see someone else speak of versus besides nomura

  • Chaos Raiden

    I hope this is true, since it has been almost a year since the last FF Versus XIII trailer shown. Square Enix, please prioritise the development of FF Versus XIII than other projects such as FFX Remake because I truly believe that FF Versus XIII will be one of your greatest products ever and it will be one of the best games that we as gamers that will play.

  • zerolegacy0

    That’s IF we ever get to see it.

  • hush404

    It blows my mind that they were able to finish XIII and then make and release a full sequel, a crazy kewl PSP title, an online XIV and start looking at other projects even before we get any more solid info on VS…. really, my mind is blown.

    • FaithlessMr

      “They haven’t released this yet because they are working on Final Fantasy XIII! Or was it the 3rd Birthday? Or…Type-0? Oh wait, it was Final Fantasy XIV they were working on, right? And the sequel to FF XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2! Oh…all of these have been released already? Oh.”


      • DynamicHaze

        @FaithlessMr: Birth by sleep, dissidia duodecim, KH dream drop distance 3d, deus ex human revolution, dead island they worked on so many games/published last year/2010 i can’t believe all they had to show us was a 5 min trailer almost a year has gone by and we don’t know anything more than the name of the game lmfao square enix is passing up major money here

  • Jackle

    Excited? As in, when you show us the new trailer, there will be a release date, right? RIGHT?! >_>

  • ekka4shiki

    Since when something like this become newsworthy?
    Only when Versus XIII involved.

    Hype :/

  • FearMonkey

    My most anticipated game 6 years running. Stop torturing me. >_<

  • RedWolfe

    Funny because it seems like everything about this game seems to be having the opposite affect on me…

    Not trolling or anything but I’ve just gotten tired of this shenanigans and at this point I just could care less now. Whenever it comes out…great I’ll probably get it. Til then, I’m not even anticipating any of the new announcements or anything.

    That’s just how I feel :\

    • FaithlessMr

      @RedWolfe: That is exactly how I feel, and trust me, we’re not alone on this.

      Square Enix have this to blame on themselves, they’re only hurting this game by pushing it down time and time again and treating us to such empty and lifeless comments regarding the actual status of this game. “You’ll like it when you see it!” “It’s coming!” “It will be shown to the public again soon!” “It’s an amazing game like nothing you have ever seen before!”.

      Then there’s the whole “SE is working on/marketing X game, and that is why they haven’t shown nothing for this one.” Yeah, we’ve been getting that excuse ever since 2007 or so. They don’t show this game because they don’t want to. Or because there is little to be shown. I wonder what is actually halting the development of this game…I mean, is this intentional, or?

      • RedWolfe

        @FaithlessMr: Yup.

        That’s why I try not to even get excited for games that get announced so early without a set release date.

        For me, it’s the same case for the last guardian. I will be quite happy when these games finally release but they keep getting delayed with barely any kind of info or progress reports…

        At the end of it all I can’t even get excited. I’ll just wait until they get here.

  • They need to finish marketing XIII-2 before marketing Versus, it is very normal. I do not care about the delay of Versus, because I loved FFXIII and XIII-2 and I know that all FF is quality assurance. That is released when ready!

  • sll1cool1m

    Oh I’m sure I’ll be excited when they show something new…probably in the year 2187.

  • FaithlessMr

    lol. Could he have given a more generic reply? I’m personally growing tired of this game, I stopped caring about it until I’m shown something solid, among the lines of what was shown a year ago (yes, it has been that long since we’ve last seen something related to this game). Until then, I shall not ride aboard the hype train, so that I won’t get disappointed by the lack of actual information and release date information time and time again.

    Also, Kitase had this face on when he said this (trustory!!!):

  • dart2087

    “‘you’ll be excited’ next time you see Versus XIII”

    A release date mister Kitase or more Square Enix troll formula?

  • Sovereign Gale

    Final Fantasy Forever XIII

  • Aldridge517

    NOCTIS ORGY!!! Lol

  • zakou

    I think Square enix just won the “Lifetime master troll award”

    I mean only gods are able to troll people over and over again with the same joke every year: FFVersusXIII

    • Sovereign Gale

      @zakou: I hear that. I don’t know why, but they keep baiting me with crap updates like these, and I just keep biting and biting, anticipating this never-to-be-released game all the while. I never learn. ;___;

  • captainhowdy

    I will start to care when there’s a release date.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Goodness thisis just getting annoying

  • kefert

    I hope I’m not the only one not holding his breath for info this month :\

  • Pirate King

    Wow…Really?! No crap people will be excited… I was hoping for substance somewhere…a real comment or detail…WHy did I think SE would do any less than disappoint. I still dont expect it before 2014…

  • am Tired of Waiting :(

  • Noctionus
  • Sonic.FF

    Wow, when I first came here it was to gather data about Final Fantasy VS XIII and that was back in 2006, I was starting High School, now I’m starting College. If this game was an infant, it would be walking and talking by now.

  • Kobracon

    Man Squeenix is starting to sound like Blizzard……’Its out when we want it to be out”…..