Square Enix “almost ready” to share new Final Fantasy Versus XIII information
posted on 03.13.12 at 11:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
The wait may soon be over.

Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu during a Kingdom Hearts 3D interview this week that he is “almost ready” to share new information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

“Preparations for new information are almost ready,” said Nomura, “however due to unrelated factors, we cannot release information.”

He continued, “Since I’m not allowed to talk about it, there isn’t anything I can do but continue discussing it in this way.”

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced for PlayStation 3 at E3 2006.

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Im convinced Nomura is just a tease.

  • KingOptimus101

    Lets Go Nomura show this game already. Rise and show the FF XIII & XIII-2 Developers how its done.

    P.S. Keep all game content EXCLUSIVE!!! to PS3

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Nomura….he be trollin.

  • Fool-XXII

    > 3 months later
    > 2017 release date

    • zakou

      @Fool-XXII: and in 2017 annoucing that its delayed from 2017 till 2020.

  • L_kira

    Almost is still the same as nothing at the moment. Lip-service at its best.

  • Aldridge517


    • dart2087


  • FearMonkey





  • Aldridge517

    Yo, what if he told us it was cancelled? Could you imagine Lol

    • AdamBoy64

      @Aldridge517: Lolz, that would be great.
      Also if he said something like, “We’ve decided to hand over all development of the game and all the content to Lionhead studios, so they can make it into the new Fable Heroes game.”

  • Kurai Warrior

    What in the hell was the point in telling us this? He should of just kept his stupid mouth shut. This is worse than the vague things we normally get.

    • Sal Romano

      @Kurai Warrior: To be fair, he was interviewed on Kingdom Hearts 3D. Famitsu just did what any interviewer would do and tossed in a question about Versus XIII.

      • L_kira

        @Sal Romano: Oh. Well that was not mentioned above. I thought it was an announcement or something. Unrelated circumstances….probably multi-plat. lol

        • Sal Romano

          @L_kira: I’ve added it in for clarification. :-)

  • L_kira

    This is worse than devs announcing about an announcement. What he did is he announced that he is almost announcing something soon.

  • zerolegacy0

    He’s almost ready to announce that he’s almost halfway done…almost.

    Also the unrelated matter is that M$ just bought out S.E.

    >Inb4 2012

  • Zero

    New trailer, demo, release date… Please!?

  • hush404


  • captainhowdy

    Not hyped yet at all.

  • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

    the big reveal will be, it’s canceled! lol

  • RyoonZ

    E3, I can’t wait man. And Nomura is really a mysterious guy isn’t it? I can’t find many video interview of him in youtube.

  • ow im crying ,,finally is ready T.T

    You dosent to know how much i need this game when i Was 13 age.Now

    Go Nomura <3

    We love u

  • Noctionus


  • Skelter

    Somebody has to use a Geass on Nomura….make him talk

  • Sephiroth

    If E3 turns out to be the amazing, full-fledged reveal we have been expecting for so long then it’s OK.

    It’s just this waiting and anticipation for Japan to rise from it’s ashes that has us all on fire.

    Ni no Kuni, Last Guardian, Versus and hopefully many more shall turn the tables around in the near future.

  • Pirate King

    What a troll…he keeps this up and I wont buy his game when it comes out 3 years in the future…

  • dart2087

    Square Enix+FFvsXIII+Tetsuya Nomura=King of Trollin

  • Valmaton

    Omg so much hype, imagine if this game ends up being bad.

  • FaithlessMr

    How many times can this guy say the same thing in different manners? Haven’t we been told we’d be seeing this game “soon” like….five times before?

    SE’s concept of “soon” greatly differs from mine lol.

  • whiteferrero

    I’m gonna go the oppostie route of everyone else, and predict that the next announcement is a full blown trailer with a Global release date set in stone. XD

  • Sal Romano

    So many misuses of the word “troll” in here.

    Obviously, Nomura wouldn’t have said anything unless he was asked about the game. It’s not his fault he can’t share anything. I’m sure his superiors have something to do with that. With Final Fantasy XIII-2 hype beginning to fade, it’s only a matter of time before Square prepares their next big media focus.

    • L_kira

      @Sal Romano: Yes but that is also what happened with FFXIII’s initial release. And then they decided to bring 3rd Birthday. And then KH3DS.

      And even though Nomura isn’t entirely part with FFXIII-2, he still did some work there so there’s that. Add the fact that SE cannot put this “big” title out in the open if it intends to make the sequel “successful”.

      Seriously though. I have this nasty feeling that FFXIII-3 will be announced first. Oh well, if that happens… “here comes the shitstorm” & “All hail to the new vaporware”.

  • potionsmaster

    Even a small mention of how awesome the graphics/cloud physics/grass looks would have been better than nothing. Not even a development update..

  • Arcanenix

    This isn’t news

  • vertical09

    Why tease the fans to death? T^T

  • sirauron14

    Please ask him about FFX HD for the ps3 and vita when will we get pictures!!!!!!!!