Mary Skelter details The Solar Order, Michiru and Hitsuka
posted on 07.20.16 at 01:36 AM EST by (@salromano)
The latest on Compile Heart's upcoming PS Vita RPG.

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, its upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG, with details on an organization known as The Solar Order, as well as the pair behind it.

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■ World

The Solar Order

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter

While living in captivity in the living prison known as Jail, one woman establishes a organization headlined by hope and vitality. It is called “The Solar Order.”

Its headquarters is stationed in the Liberation District,

The Order is headquartered in the Liberation District, where they offer food, provide social opportunities, run an orphanage, etc.

Michiru,founder of The Solar Order, is known by members of the Order as “Oohime,” and Michiru preaches to people about how they live because of a prophecy.

■ Characters

Oohime / Michiru (voiced by Maya Yoshioka)

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter

The founder of The Solar Order who works in accordance to a prophecy that states “The day will come where the sun god burns away that which covers the sky, opening the way to a life beyond prison.” Though known by many within the organization as Oohime, she refers to herself as Michiru. She enjoys speaking ambiguously to mess with people, but nevertheless carries something of a divine air about her.

Hitsuka (voiced by Shunichi Toki)

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter

The calm, but intimidating vice-founder of The Solar Order, Hitsuka can be found constantly near Michiru. He spends his days attending to Michiru’s needs and explaining her words and deeds to the people.

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Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is due out in Japan on October 13.

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