Mary Skelter details Chishiki Girls
posted on 06.08.16 at 10:48 PM EST by (@salromano)
The girls with the names of fairy-tale princesses.

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, its upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG, with new details on the game’s Chishiki Girls, and three new screenshots.

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Chishiki Girls

Inside the living prison called “Jail,” extremely rare young girls are born. Their physical capabilities surpass those of normal humans, and each has special abilities.

Moreover, each girl’s name is associated with women of “fairy-tales.” However, the reason for this is still unknown…

The protagonist, Jack, is one of the few “Chishiki Boys” that appears similar to the Chishiki Girls.

Chishiki Girls Squad

In order to counter Jail, an organization known as the “Dawn Liberation Front” was formed. The Chishiki Girls gathered to join the organization are known as the “Chishiki Girls Squad.”

The members that belong to the organization mainly wear black uniforms. Their main activities consist of protecting the people living in fear of the ominous monsters known as “Marchen” each day, and rescuing those trapped inside the prison.

The Chishiki Girls Squad now has another goal as well. To escape from Jail.

If you missed them, previous updates detailed Blood Skelter mode, the protagonist’s actions, the three major desires, the basics of battle, Nightmare Battles, characters Princess Kaguya and Rapunzel, Thumbelina, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as the setting, and characters Jack, Alice, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is due out in Japan on October 13.

View the new screenshots at the gallery.

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