The Evolution of PlayStation: Games - Gematsu
The Evolution of PlayStation: Games
posted on 02.19.13 at 04:12 PM EST by (@salromano)
Gran Turismo, Journey, and more highlighted.

Sony has released the fifth, presumably final, entry in its PlayStation Evolution video series. This time, it’s all about the games. If you missed them, catch the other four clips here: PSone, PS2, PlayStation 3, and PSP / PS Vita. Watch today’s video below.

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  • DarthBrian

    I like games. ^_^

    • HassanJamal

      Dont we all :D

  • DesmaX

    Hm… Seeing this makes me want to play GT5 again. Been some time since I last played it.


  • Kou

    This video just made me realize I don’t like a single Playstation exclusive. Besides Journey. I don’t like any XBOX ones either,and there’s still more benefits to PS for me than there is on XBOX so that’s why I go with PS in the end despite lack of exclusives that I care for. Nintendo seems to be the only one that has exclusives I like. I guess that’s why 90% of my gaming is on PC now days :( .

    • Dean Winchester

      Sounds like you could stand to broaden your pallette a bit.

      I still buy Nintendo consoles and if it werent for my daughter I’d leave mario where he belongs. In my childhood memories.

      Whats so great about PC gaming?
      RTS and WRPG’s are meh and I couldnt care less about BF3, Skyrim mods, counter strike mods, Half Life, or GTA 4 mods.
      Not interested in steam as I prefer to own my games in physical form, not license DD versions.

      So again, whats so great about PC gaming that makes it worth the trouble of making constantly sure I have the latest drivers for -insert random PC part here- and the most up to date video card etc?

    • That’s silly, since this video isn’t even showing that many games in total.

  • ragnarok989

    So…GT6 for Orbis tomorrow all but confirmed?

    • DesmaX

      Yes. And it will be released 10 years after it’s announcement

  • that was sadly underwhelming…no uncharted, no killzone? Come on sony youve got tons of games that you could show in these kind of trailers

    • rockman29

      That’s true, but no game says PS more than Gran Turismo :)

      I think they are going for what made PS different, no game says that more than GT maybe :)

      • KurisuMakise

        Not just GT, their focus on cinematic experience and artsy experiences as well. In that sense, you can tell Sony’s a media conglomerate, contrasting Nintendo’s toy/card route and Microsoft’s software company/services route.

        • rockman29

          That’s true.

          It seemed like they focused on a lot of the PSN titles.

          Maybe from Sony’s new advertising agencies POV, they view the really distinctive titles from PSN as those ‘fresh’ experiences that fit this type of advertisement I guess.

          It’s interesting how it was basically GT and a bunch of PSN titles.

          Thinking back, it’s really amazing what partnerships Sony made with third parties to get those PSN titles, great moves on Sony’s part, and of course companies like TGC and so on.

          • KurisuMakise

            Agreed in full! That’s why I like to see all 3 in this little hobby of ours. It’s different creative environments/corporate stances to push the industry further. Soon we’ll see how Sony’s cinematic experiences can be taken to the next level, so excited n.n!

  • rockman29

    Damn, they could’ve said ‘award winning soundtrack’ if Journey won the grammy :(

  • Solomon_Kano

    Watching that made me ask myself why I still don’t own SotC or The Unfinished Swan. Man, I’d have liked that to be a bit longer, but that was a nice look at some of Sony’s more unique stuff.

    I expected lots of ND, lots of Guerilla, but no, they actually focused on PSN a good deal. The PS3 is no PS2 in terms of its library, but the partnerships that Sony’s made to get some of the stuff floating around on PSN are just fantastic. PSN’s number of titles perhaps isn’t as much as XBLA, but I’ll say that I’ve found a lot more stuff that appealed to me in Sony’s partners. I can only hope that PSN grows even more on PS4.

    • The Unfinished Swan was on sale awhile ago, it was like $3 or something. Well, in NA anyway.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I saw it for $7 a while ago, but the day I went to get it it jumped back to full price lol.

        • Bummer. ):

          You could vote for it on PSN GOTY, through the PS Store.

          I doubt it’ll beat Journey though, but whatever wins out of the categories is going on sale. So may as well try.

  • Prodigy-X

    Yep, GT6 tomorrow.

  • Makes me feel ashamed for not trying the GT series… :(