Rumor: The Verge sources echo May 21 reveal for Next Xbox - Gematsu
Rumor: The Verge sources echo May 21 reveal for Next Xbox
posted on 04.08.13 at 07:49 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, always on internet and Windows 8-based software.

Sources of The Verge have echoed rumors from yesterday claiming the next Xbox will be revealed on May 21.

“We understand this date is accurate,” reads the website. “This is the tentative date for a next-generation Xbox announcement, but Microsoft had originally planned an April 24th event.”

The event is said to be held at a “small venue” with a focus on the next Xbox and Microsoft’s plans for the platform in 2013.

Several rumors (yesterday’s included) have suggested the next Xbox require an active internet connection to function. Recently, comments from Microsoft developer Adam Orth defending ‘always-on’ devices may have indirectly confirmed the whisper.

According to The Verge, following Orth’s comments, “Microsoft has reminded employees that any communications about the next-generation Xbox must remain confidential.”

The website also echoes yesterday’s rumors in claiming “the next-generation Xbox software will be based on Windows 8.”

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  • shogunknight

    The rumors are now converging and in a few weeks, we will see what microsoft has to offer

  • $733987

    Isn’t this year’s E3 in June? Why not just wait a few weeks till then? Microsoft typically gets the first conference on Monday morning anyway, hours before the other two’s conferences.

    • Yeah, it’s in June. But I don’t know. Perhaps they want to do a hardware thing on May 21, and a games thing at E3. This year’s schedule is kind of weird, especially with if the rumored PS4 event later this month / early next is actually a thing. Because then we’ll have another conference at E3. What’ll they talk up there and what’ll they talk up at E3?

  • Tetsu

    A month and a half is a long time away for a reveal, with all these bad rumors you’d think they’d have a sooner showing of the console. Maybe they are fixing some of the horrible aspects?

  • Microsoft shoud better announce a lot of god exklusiv titel for the next xbox to impress me and many other players.

    Even a new Halo, Forza or Gears of War would be enough..

    I´am gone buy a PS4 for sure, Sony has always the better exklusiv titel.