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Rumor: Next Xbox requires always-on internet, no used games
posted on 02.06.13 at 08:31 AM EST by (@salromano)
Every physical game to ship with activation code, claims Edge.

Next Xbox concept.

The next Xbox will require an internet connection in order the function and block second-hand game-playing, according to an Edge “sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console.” 

Though the system is said to be “absolutely committed” to online functionality, games will still be available for purchase in physical form at retailers. These games will be sold on 50 gigabyte Blu-ray discs, ship with activation codes, and “will have no value beyond the initial user,” according to Edge.

The outlet’s source also echoed some of the specs we’ve previously heard, including: AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Hard-drive capacity has yet to be decided, said the site, but considering its online architecture, it suggests it will be the “largest unit it has put inside a console to date.”

“Several” sources have told Edge when it comes to next-generation devlopment, PlayStation 4 is preferable when it comes to leveraging power. Studios working on Microsoft’s new system are currently being “forced to work with only approved development libraries,” while PlayStation 4 developers are being encouraged to “get closer to the metal of its box.” Additionally, the operating system overhead of the next Xbox is said to be “more oppressive” than PlayStation 4.

Microsoft is also “investing heavily” in motion-control interfaces and are planning a new, “more incredibly responsive” Kinect to ship with the next Xbox.

Sony will also have a next-generation camera, which is said to have similar features to Kinect, and will be shown at the company’s PlayStation 4 reveal event on February 20.

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  • Everything about this sounds horrible, if it’s true.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      If Sony do not follow suit and block second-hand software then MS will be in trouble. Can’t imagine consumers (even in Xbox’s strongholds USA and UK), beyond brand warriors, picking up Xbox3 over PS4 if Sony’s console allows them to buy cheap second-hand games while Xbox3 doesn’t.

      At least the whole rumors finally make me feel the excitement. A new console generation probably means that PC gamers won’t have to be satisfied with bare-bones console ports but might expect modelling, rendering, shadowing and lighting on par with and exceeding BF3 and Witcher 2/3 in every game.

      Exciting times. This year’s E3 (and GamesCom/TGS) might be the biggest yet. I kinda feel sorry for Nintendo. No matter how awesome their new exclusive games for WiiU will look, MS and Sony will steal all the limelight. 2 weeks until Sony make their move. Can’t wait to see how MS respond to that declaration of war and whether Acti will once again sign an exclusivity deal on COD maps as this time both consoles start on a level playing field while Xbox was favored in the States this gen.

      Exciting times indeed.

      • “A new console generation probably means that PC gamers won’t have to be satisfied with bare-bones console ports but might expect modelling, rendering, shadowing and lighting on par with and exceeding BF3 and Witcher 2/3 in every game.”

        If the devs actually put their efforts into it… Having powerful hardware to do amazing things is one thing, but knowing what and how to do it with the tools is another….

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Well, CDPR and Digital Illusions CE proved that it is possible. I don’t care as I do not plan to upgrade my GTX560 which will become obsolote next generation if I still wanna run games at WUXGA and max settings.

          I’m PS4 all the way next gen. Just hoping that PC-only gamers get their rig’s money’s worth.

      • YangTerlupakan

        if i not wrong acti-COS-deal-with-m$ is for 15 years(someone in gamespot say that), but is useless, because COD ELITE membership make PS3 user get the same content with XBOX user!!!!!

        back to topic, i think “era when PS2 better than original XBOX” will be back again if any of this rumors is true

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Not quite true. Their contract was announced as running until 2013 and PS3 ELITE users still have to wait one month for the packs, so nothing changed. COD maps are still exclusive to 360 for 30 days, no matter if you’re an COD ELITE PS3 owner, or a regular one.

      • I see SONY PS4 selling far better than PS3 has this Gen. I see it even featuring Full BC on all models for Discs and Digital Distribution.

      • I seriously fucking hope next gen. COD dies off. It’s so damn annoying having to hear everyone get excited over a Rehashed game with shit ass MP.

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Yea, each year I hope the 13yo COD fanboys grow out of it the next year but then the next batch of 13yos arrives -_-

          Never bought any of those games and never will but it sickens me if developers and publishers see COD selling millions and want to CODfy their franchises as well. Biohazard 6 was probably the latest example of a failed attempt at that. Thus I’d be happy if COD finally lost its momentum and forced Acti and Treyarch/IW to actually innovate than to re-skin.

          • Mateus Prado Sousa

            Resident Evil 6 sold almost 5 millions copies around the world (and people played the demo before decide to buy), and the reviews are not bad, they are mixed. And what is the problem if (because we know that is not true) COD franchise has teenagers gamers as their public?

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              That is the problem I’ve got with COD being played by 13yo (despite being rated M/PEGI 18 each year)


              Feel free to search the article for “Aidin Smith, a 13 year-old resident of Springfield”

              That whole article summarizes my issue with COD, its demographic and its business deals with arms manufacturers. Those are the reasons I will never splash out for a military shooter, as I am not a gun-maniac. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

              • Mateus Prado Sousa

                If you take a look at COD Official Facebook page, for exemple, you will see a lot of adults that play the game as well. Pic from launch events with adult gamers in line. When you say that only 13yo play the franchise, this is not good, you should respect. There is no reason to hate a game just because it is popular. They repeat the formula every year? Maybe. But they sold 30 millions copies every year, this is a dream that come true to Activision and its success, like you or not. Dont hate the winners pal.

                • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                  Where did I say I think that only 13yo play the game and that I hate it?

                  I said “I’ve got [a problem] with COD being played by 13yo (despite being rated M/PEGI 18 each year) …” I never said it’s only played by them. The game is obviously not suitable for kids yet they still get access to it each year. XBL voice chat and the article I’ve linked to on EG are supporting my argument.

                  Furthermore I never said I hate COD, please read my statement more attentively before downvoting. I said I would like the franchise to lose some steam so the developers and their publisher are forced to innovate, which, in my book at least, would also be a boon to a loyal fan like you. Instead of getting the same maps and weapons and streaks each year presented in a slightly altered lick of paint you would get something more exciting, some of that MW1 magic.

                  But obviously I am the only one who thinks the game would benefit from some fresh ideas, as hardcore-fans of the franchise like you, the kids and the adolescents/adults forking out a 5$ premium each year are a convincing argument that the COD fan-base does not want change and/or innovation.

                  • Mateus Prado Sousa

                    ok, well said

        • Mateus Prado Sousa

          what is your problem with COD? Are you jealous because this franchise is the current most popular of the world? If you don’t like, don’t play, don’t buy, but respect all the millions of fans.

    • rockman29

      I agree I would not buy this.

      However this seems to be targeted at the changing market.

      It seems like it would be inspired by phones: always online + subscription based services.

      I don’t think we can discount it’s capacity to sell in the new marketplace with a huge appetite for internet services and downloading.

      However I completely agree this is not for everyone, and not for me either.

      • DrForbidden

        Except that home video-game console =/= smartphone. If this rumour is true, then MS did not get that memo. Always on internet to play an offline SP game? Seriously? Imagine what their sales would be like in parts of the world where the internet service isn’t reliable. Their console would be a brick if ever the internet service is down for some reason. I can’t believe anyone intelligent enough to design a console not being intelligent enough to see how moronic such a design flaw is.

        • rockman29

          I don’t want any straw man arguments.

          I didn’t say home consoles are the same as phones.

          I’m saying the possibilities for subscriptions services may work in the console space.

          We can’t discount the possibility. With the right moves it can work.

          As we have seen, subscription services have worked successfully in many spaces it has never been seen possible.

          Online gaming with Xbox
          Movies with Netflix
          Music with so many services
          Phones of course
          Games with PS Plus

          There are countless other examples where people have gravitated towards low entry fees with high monthly fees to spread out the cost.

          Combine that with a low entry cost and you can have a monster seller.

          Don’t discount a strategy based on an argument as simple as ‘this is JUST NOT THE SAME.’

          • DrForbidden

            I didn’t make any straw man arguments, and my argument is not simply ‘this is JUST NOT THE SAME’. I didn’t say anything about subscription services, either. I’m not sure if you even read my post, or if what I wrote was confusing, I apologise.

            I’m just pointing out the massive fallacy behind a home video game console that requires an always-on internet connection to play games. Cellphones are, usually, always connected in one way or another to a network when turned on. That’s kind of their function. Accessing online content, through subscription or otherwise, makes perfect sense since it is already connected. A home video game system that won’t play games without being online at all times is kind of stupid. An always-on internet connection is not, has never been, and should never be, a requirement to play offline games. Subscription services do not enter the equation here at all. I have no issues with subscription services or content, but I really do think that you’re comparing apples and oranges here.

          • howardmoonish

            He didn’t use straw man. Learn what things mean before you use them on the internet.

  • R.I.P Xbox 720. If this is true then the system is dead before its released lol

  • Lenne

    Unless there are really interesting JRPG’s on the next Xbox i’ll wait till its cheaper.. and blocking second hand games sounds pretty bad, but it only encourages more people to preorder games.

    • Dean Winchester

      Dont ever be in a situation where your xbox isnt connected online or you will find that even your single player games are rendered useless. Such as thise JRPG’s you and I both know MS will never be getting.

      • Lenne

        Ya maybe… i think always on internet on consoles is pretty stupid.
        xbox next will deffinetly get some rpg’s n stuff but not as many as ps4 i am guessing :P.

        • Dean Winchester

          outside of Final Fantasy 13-2, MS hasnt seen a JRPG since about 2009.
          Dont hold your breath.

        • syaznifaiq

          I’m pretty sure next gen we will see A LOT RPG games (western RPG to be exact) on Multiplatform but if u prefer JRPG, better buy PS4.

  • drproton

    Microsoft never managed to convince me to buy in to the Xbox ecosystem, and this is looking like they’re trying to actively discourage it.

  • Niyari

    If this is true, this is terrible. Games with an internet requirement on the PC have already gotten a lot of backlash. I can only imagine how bad this would be on a console where you’re less likely to have access to the internet.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      Yet D3 was still a major success. Even though consumers complain they will still purchase an anti-consumer product if they want it or are loyal to the brand -_-

      I imagine Apple will sell a shitload of their 128GB 999$ iPad3 as sheepeople do not realize it’s ridiculously overpriced. I’m afraid the same will happen in the States and UK with Xbox3, no matter how anti-consumer it might be. I hope we receive more Sony-love in Europe as we are their strongest and most loyal market.

      • Locksus

        Agreed. the fact that playing D3 requires you to be connected to the internet sucks ass, but I still like the game, even though it’s not better than its predecessor.
        I’ve never bought an Apple product and I probably never will be due to how overpriced they are and I despise them for their business practices. Who the hell patents shapes?

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          Apple does -_-
          I’m Sony, Panasonic and Samsung all the way, baby ^^

          • Locksus

            I’ve got Samsung GS2 and I’m loving it. I’ve had it for 2 years now and I’m very impressed with it. I love the quality of the gorilla glass screen.

            • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

              Glad to hear that. Planning to pick up a used SII once I return to Germany. SIII is still kinda expensive but it effortlessly annihilates Iphone while costing only half =)

              • Locksus

                Good choice. I’d love to get GS3 but I prefer S2’s looks more. iPhone 4s costs approx. 620 euros compared to S2’s 400 euros here in Finland and they’re about as powerful. What the heck, man?

                • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                  yea, iphone 5 32GB is around 800 in Germany. My friend bought an SII and he’s very satisfied so I think I’ll decide on that one as well. It looks sexy!

    • Anyone remember Ubisoft’s DRM?

      • Raiyu

        GFWL as well

        • Ubisoft’s is much worse(Assassin’s Creed 2 is a good example)… GFWL just doesn’t let you save when you’re not online from what I recalled on Batman:AC…

  • Dean Winchester

    MS is a cancer. Even if this turns out to be true the X-chums will defend their precious gameless waggle box o’fees aplenty.

    I’ve been calling MS oppressive for years and people have scoffed. I wonder where all my detractors are now?

    • Locksus

      Chill, man. There were similar rumors about PS4 blocking used games and so forth and none of them have been proven true. They’re just rumors.

      • Dean Winchester

        The first rumors about anti used started with MS. Then they popped up about Sony and now we have explicit details of MS’ plan much closer to the official console reveals. Meanwhile we are days from the PS4 reveal and its been months since any “Sony is anti used” rumors have cropped up.

        Not only is this rumor about MS anti-used but its anti-consumer all the way around which totally fits MS patterns.

        I mean online passes for used games is one thing….I have no real problem with that at all actually. But to have to be always connected online just to be able to play my retail copy of a single player game?

        Sadly, America will still support MS instead of voting with their wallets. We are the dumbest country.

        If you need me to go into detail on MS patterns of anticonsumer practices I certainly can.

        • No need to cause I truly see your point.
          If the Xbox 720 will not allow for used games, unlike PS4. Well then SONY you will have a serious advantage over Microsoft in many ways.

          Kinect 2 said to be better than the floppy Kinect with doesn’t work unless it wants to.

          Angry Joe makes a serious Point about how Inferior is HALF-ASSED Kinect.

          • I own a 360 & PS3, but mainly stick with PS3 cause I like variety over a buncha FPS titles like COD & its billion COD clones.

      • Raiyu

        Those rumors are reported based on patents though. I don’t think we’ve ever had confirmation from a dev (like now) as of yet.

        But rumors are rumors so we can hope it won’t be the case.

  • Leon Kiwi

    Cough *Steam* Cough cough

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      PC gamers embraced DD and hassle-free DRM, as this is exactly what Steam is: a hassle-free DRM, over 5 years ago. Most of PC games are sold through Steam and DD I assume, boxed PC games are a remnant of the past and will become obsolete soon. Console games, not so much.

      • rockman29

        The offline mode in Steam still sucks though, to be fair.

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          that’s true. kinda defeats the purpose if “offline mode” can only be activated when your online -_-

      • From my experiences with Steam, it still feels like a DRM than a hassle-free DRM… Either I’m bad at PC gaming or Steam just plain hates me….

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          ok, it’s less a pain than other conventional DRMs :P

    • What if PS4 is the Cloud… lol

  • solfan

    “will be shown at the company’s PlayStation 4 reveal event on February 20”
    I feel pretty stupid now, I got that email and assumed it was just “NEW COD GAMING COMING FIRST TO PS3!!!” or something else stupid. I can’t believe it never crossed my mind that it could be a new console.

  • Locksus

    Not everyone even has a broadband connection yet so this would be a financial suicide. Highly doubtful, but terrible if it turns out to be true.

    I’m more of a PC guy nowadays so not terribly interested in the next-gen consoles.

    • Dean Winchester

      “more a PC guy”

      Do you not like Sony exclusives like Uncharted, God of War, Ni No Kuni etc?

      Do you not like JRPG’s at all?

      PC makes a lot of sense if you prefer FPS and WRPG’s but I cant see ignoring all the amazing conaole exclusives that Sony and even Nintendo bring to the table.

      If you like MS “exclusives” we all know 90% of those are on PC anyway but the other two consoles dont allow their games on PC.

      Seems to me being a “PC guy” is very limiting.

      But hey….at least BF3 is super pretty on max settings and Skyrim is actually playable b/c of the modding community. If thats your thing.

      • Locksus

        Hey, I don’t choose my platform based on YOUR preferences, but mine. PC is for more than gaming, if you haven’t noticed by now. I like to play what I like to play. Simple as that.

        I like games, not exclusives. UC, GoW and the other 1st party exclusives are okay, but not mind blowing, in my opinion. I cannot comment on Ni No Kuni because unfortunately I haven’t bought it yet.

        Most JRPG are awesome, but they are the only reason I’d every consider getting a console for. I regret buying pretty much everything else in my library except WRPG (mainly The Witcher 2) and JRPG.

        PC does have a lot more games than you might be aware of. Do some research if you’re interested. As for BF3, it does have a lot better visuals on PC than consoles, but it allows 3 times more players to play simultaneously than the console versions allow. Skyrim is certainly more awesome when played with mods on. I love what the community can do with the tools they’re given. It’s mind blowing.
        How do you think PC is limiting? Because I certainly do not agree. But this is not the place to discuss the matter, but I respect your opinion, of course.

        • Dean Winchester

          PC is limiting due to its substantial lack of JRPG’s and the fact that you cant play Sony or Nintendo exclusives on it.

          Hell, a large portion of the best 3rd party games never come to PC either.

          If you dont care about these games you miss out on then PC is not limiting to you.
          You have already indicated you do care about a lot of those games though so I ask you, how is PC NOT limiting to you?

          • Locksus

            Ah, I see. You were talking about JRPG when you were talking about PC being a limiting platform. It is true that not many JRPG see the light of day on the platform and it is a shame as I’d like to play them on PC, of course. In that sense PC is limiting my gaming, but not by much.
            As for consoles, they miss out on a much larger range of games than PC. Survival horror, MMO, strategy games, many online shooters, indie games, racing simulators. you name it. The games that do come out on all platforms i.e. the 360, PS3, Wii/Wii U, are almost always, with exceptions, superior on PC.

            Of course we could talk about preferring a controller to keyboard and mouse or vice versa which is a matter of personal preference.
            Please, do not get me wrong. I don’t by any means DISLIKE consoles. In fact, I love playing a variety of games on them that do not come out on PC. For example, all the JRPG that we were talking about. When I said that I am not highly interested in the next-gen consoles was because I haven’t seen what games they will offer me. Of course I’d love to get a PS4 and a Wii U since I like their exclusive games. I have no doubt that awesome JRPG will arrive on both Wii U and PS4 (Tales games, Monolith Soft’s new Wii U rpg and so on).
            Have fun playing the games you like :)

          • ddsfan2

            As a fan of Japanese games, I mostly agree with you, but there are tons of SHMUPS and VNs on PC though. For western games, PC is a no brainer.

            It’s not just JRPGs either, seems like a ton of different types of games aren’t common on PC (and vice versa).

      • Nothing wrong with being a PC guy… All it depends are your preferences mostly…

        There are always the multiplaform guy… I mainly play on my console unless it’s a FPS or RTS, I play it on my PC…

        To avoid any troubles, I tend to not say what I have and doesn’t have…

        • Budgiecat

          I use PC for……fan translated visual novels and browsing and work.

          • Ditto… Mostly use it for VNs, web browsing and productivity…

      • YangTerlupakan

        nothing wrong become a “PC guy” is people own choice

        • I think if they sale us the games for $30 than it might be a bit fair BUT! they can always try and milk us with DLC and only sell us half the game. GREED!

          • YangTerlupakan

            DLC is not something like “….HEY U MUST BUY THIS IS COOL YOH!!!…..”
            is just option in some case, but in other case is important!!!!

            Blazblue and skyrim is example where DLC IS IMPORTANT,
            but lucky all PC game i play is not MUST DLC UPDATE,

            for sale game with $30 price tags, well that is everybody dream, but u know cost to make game is expensive, u must be open your mind, THIS 2000-era game is DIFFERENT WITH 1990-era

          • Locksus

            ehh, DLC costs as much on PC as it does on consoles.

            • I based it on the retail price of a new console game this gen is all. It was just an example.

          • MosquitoLemon

            Games themselves become DLC if it’s all digital and you can’t buy anything used. And no, DLC is not greed and very few games have been sold ‘incomplete’. It’s just the industry dealing with change in a rational manor. This rumor, on the other hand, is pretty far out there (maybe in 5 years people will be lulled into accepting it, but not this soon…)

      • cid

        dude again not just because you think you have a better gaming preference doesn’t make you right or better.

        you can’t force other people your opinions or what you think is better on them.

        • Dean Winchester

          LRN2Difference betwenn conversation/debate and “forcing my opinion on others”.

          I am not forcing him to do anything. Simply asked for more detail about his stance.

          Thanks for white knighting though. Your efforts, although quite heroic, were nothing more than a wasted effort this day.

  • -Microsoft on how to make their console even less relevant

    • Yeah you are right BUT they have to do something about the nagging they keep getting from devs about used game sales. If they don’t listen to the devs they will go somewhere else with their talent but if they do they might anger millions of players. Its a complicated situation to be in. What would you do?

      • listen to the customerz, as dey iz da onez givin’ you money

      • They could do something intelligent like what Steam/PC gaming is doing. Offer considerable discounts on digital purchases and make storage space cheaper so people move to digital only.

        In most cases, digital purchases are even more expensive than retail even though you only have to pay for server bandwidth and not give brick and mortar stores royalties and buy shelf space.

        It’s the same with Sony. Instead of making their memory cards ridiculously expensive and limiting their capacity to unreasonable amounts, they should instead make them larger and cheaper and give discounts on PSN to encourage going fully digital.

        I don’t understand why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don’t encourage digital purchasing instead of buying silly patents and have forced online just so people don’t buy used games, a problem which wouldn’t even exist if the games were bought digitally.

        • I agree with the digital only thing and would like to add something. What if soon we have a super high speed downloader in a bunch of corners through out cities? like a signal there for high speed downloads for when you need to buy something digital or they can even have the store do it for you. I myself have Comcast and its super fast but yeah if the stores can download the games for does who have no internet and the games are much cheaper than retail than they will make everyone happy … besides gamestop lol! maybe they can sell video game shirts and figures when all goes digital.

        • DrForbidden

          “I don’t understand why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don’t encourage digital purchasing instead of buying silly patents and have forced online just so people don’t buy used games, a problem which wouldn’t even exist if the games were bought digitally.”

          Because being greedy corporations, they want to have their cake AND to eat it too. You have to realise something: Existing digital distribution for games on PSN and Marketplace are MONOPOLIES. When you buy a digital game now from PSN, the terms are dictated by Sony (and the developers, though their involvement is largely limited to setting a recommended price and providing some support).

          Since there is no actual competition in digital distribution, Sony can afford to be belligerent in their pricing and policies: if you want to buy a game off PS Store, you have no choice but to agree to their terms and prices. AFAIK, even download codes for games carried by some online retailers have to be obtained through Sony. Unless they are a huge corporation like Amazon, retailers can’t possibly price the download codes at a lower price than what they bought it for, so it is not beneficial for them to sell download codes compared to physical copies of games.

          The solution, then is to change the model so that developers and publishers themselves can print and issue download codes for games, which can then be bought by wholesalers and retailers below cost and put in their stores for sale. The codes can then be used to download digital games on PSN or Marketplace. This will effectively generate competition in the same way physical copies do, and abolish the monopolies. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Sony and Microsoft are agreeable to this, as it will reduce their powers.

      • Like put some restrictions on Gamestop, ie. we wont sell you new games unless you hold used ones until a week after a games launch. Its not like the used game market is a problem at all (in the US) past that one chain.

      • Dean Winchester

        Make online pass a defacto standard across the board.
        Like “Fair Tax” it is the only option fair to all parties.

        Devs still get a little money on used games.
        The end user can still buy used and they dont have to pay for online pass if they have no intention of going online.
        Gamestop can still deal in used games etc.

        Its Win/Win/Win and no one single group has to suffer b/c we all share in the solution.

        • Yeah I see how that can work. Its kinda sad having to pay for something we never had to pay before but if the devs keep crying we will get more DLC and less game from them when we buy our new copies. Maybe if they based it on how much GS cuts the price for the game like if a new retail copy of the game costs $60 and GS is selling it used for $55 than just make the used buyer pay does $5 … but it seems so unfair do.

          Something needs to happen and I believe with the next gen PS and XBOX it will or maybe the next ones. We shall see.

        • DrForbidden

          This idea is excellent. The only problem I foresee is that there are some games without an online mode and this may force developers to throw in some half-arsed multiplayer or online connectivity just to meet the requirement. We’ve already seen that with Darksiders 2. Still, the number of big releases these days without some form of online MP is pretty small so this method could certainly work.

  • Pyrofrost

    IF this turns out to be true, and that’s a huge IF, then you can expect the competitor to do something similar…and by competitor I mean Sony.

    • I wouldn’t think so. I wouldn’t think even Microsoft would, to be honest. ‘Cause when you look at it, they’ve essentially put two of the biggest things nobody wants in gaming into one box:

      1) You must be online to play.
      2) You can’t play used games.

      But then you have the fact that this comes from Edge, a very reputable source (who don’t take these rumors lightly), who were likely given the intel by close development sources working on the console.

      I’d hope it’s not true. But we’ll see how things turn out come announcement time.

      • Pyrofrost

        Oh, I agree. If it’s true, that would be major suckage.

        I just don’t see Microsoft implementing something like this alone. If they did, it would be financial suicide for their console division. However, if both Sony and Microsoft are doing something like this, I don’t see it being so devastating.

        I honestly don’t see Nintendo touching this. They seem to be the company trying to stay as people friendly as possible.

        • Dean Winchester

          if my original Wii or 3DS dies and I replace them I will have to repurchase all my digital games since those pirchases were locked to specific hardware and not an online transferrable account.

          Sony and Steam are the only people doing this right in actuallity.

      • Dean Winchester


        Nobody wanted RRoD, Kinect and for years everyone has hated Live fees, and MS points.

        MS has still kept or implemented all of the above while showering the GOLD members with unwanted ads on the dashboard and an increasingly shrinking library of exclusives.

        Pretending MS would ever make a decision predicated on what the customer actually wants is paramount to suffering from stockholme syndrome.

        Sony and Nintendo welcome you to safety with open arms but you are obviously in love with your captor.

        • God, yes, I’m so in love.

          I just can’t… I can’t let go, it’s so beautiful.

          Seriously, Malcom. You need to learn how to have conversations without lines like these: “Sony and Nintendo welcome you to safety with open arms but you are obviously in love with your captor.

          • Dean Winchester

            You mistook my last statement Sal. It wasnt at all a direct statement to you about you by any means. It was strictly hyperbole meant somewhat in jest at all the moronic clowns who cant seem to break away from their precious box no matter how many times it dies or how much they are charged for LIVE or how pathetic the exclusive IP lineup becomes.

            Also, who is this Malcolm fella you referrence?
            He sounds like a sexy bastard.

        • cid

          lol’z nobody wanted the 360,why in the hell are they still in business and releasing a successor for it.

          and please don’t tell me they have mindless zombie fans that will buy anything MS.

      • Next gen is really getting more and more interesting everyday, isn’t it Sal?

    • devovit

      yup, you are not going to see a huge difference between these two.

    • Dean Winchester

      Wrongo. It would make more sense for Sony to continue what theyre doing and use it as a selling point.

    • Nintendo could follow suit too(Very unlikely)…. If Sony does follow it, Nintendo could follow it afterwards…

  • Ramza Beoulve

    Now this sound bad for MS
    i mean what is wrong with the way things r now :(

  • >Always On Internet
    >no Used games

    ………………………..Allow me to cry for you.

  • syaznifaiq

    So Microsoft will use SONY’s Blu Ray disc on xbox720? .. hahaha, what happen to HD-DVD? Sony must be proud even competitor use their product ..

    # 8th Generation winner : PS4

    • Locksus

      You might not be aware but Sony and Microsoft are business partners in other things, such as computers. But in console business they are rivals, true.

      • Dean Winchester

        Also MS uses DVD tech in the 360 and original xbox. Sony was one of the companies involved in developing DVD tech so MS was already using Sony tech in their machines.

        • Locksus

          Really, now? Well then it would make perfect sense for MS to use Blu Ray in the Next Xbox.

  • Prodigy-X

    PS4 >>>>> Next Xbox if true

    I’m sorry but come on. Online all the time, no used games, slower ram, less powerful than the PS4. How do they expect to beat the PS4 if Sony allows used games, ability to be online or not, faster ram, a kinect rival, and more power than the Xbox 720. If this rumor is true then Microsoft has already lost the 8th Generation of gaming.

  • big drew

    lol damn. This may be a problem..

  • ShinAsura

    I believe it, they’re going to try and take advantage of their #1 spot and get burned

  • An console that require an internet connection even to activate single player games, and that block second hand games, it’s so stupid that need to fail.

  • One word after reading all that


    Even if it’s from Edge, let’s hope it’s not true….

  • NCloud

    If true, then I won’t be buying the next xbox no matter what exclusives they get.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    The sad thing is, IF all this is true. I bet it would still sell a lot just for the FPS(es?) like Halo -_-

    • Prodigy-X

      Highly doubt it. Because Halo 5 is probably not coming till next year and Sony probably preparing Uncharted 4 and Killzone 4 PS4 announcements for this year and launching them next year.

  • Raiyu

    I can’t really see this taking off and doing well at all if any of this ends up being true. This whole thing sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

  • DarthBrian

    Yeah, was already leaning towards saving money and only getting either PS4 or 360 and not both. Guess my choice is easy now unless Sony does something even more stupid.

    • YangTerlupakan

      u forget add Wii U in your list

      • DarthBrian

        Well, I’m speaking of next gen consoles, not current gen consoles. Obviously I’m getting a Wii U for Pikmin 3. :p

        • Pyrofrost

          But the Wii-U is an 8th generation console, that’s next gen.

          • Prodigy-X

            Wii U is more like 7.5 Generation console.

          • Sevyne

            I think this is going to be a debate for the ages over the next decade. Both answers are kind of right though. Yes, Wii U is an 8th gen console, but it’s also only slightly beyond the 7th gen in raw power. Both sides of the debate have a totally different definition for “next gen” and because of it you’d be wasting your time trying to even debate it.

            Thing is I’ve always kind of kept Nintendo out of the standard console gen/race/whatever ya want to call it because they set their own standards. They are an entity that stands out on their own and does things different enough to not need to be compared to the “competitors”.

            • Pyrofrost

              I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here :p

              • Sevyne

                Hoorah! I was hoping I could explain that without sounding like a jerk. Mission accomplished!

                • Pyrofrost

                  Not to worry, I wouldn’t have taken it personally unless you we’re directly out to insult me. I don’t go around trying to read into things people are saying.
                  So you’re good to me ^_^
                  I’ve seen you around quite a bit on the internets; the first time was at andriasang actually. I like reading what you have to say, and besides…who can get angry at Chie with a stick of meat~ <3

                  • Sevyne

                    Aww don’t remind me of andriasang! I was so sad to see it come to an end. Though all is not too bad. It was because of that that I migrated here and I’m cool with that.

                    Also, only terrible terrible people would hate Chie with a stick of meat!

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Hehe, sorry, it is truly missed, but I did meet some cool people there and it was a great news site. Gematsu has done a great job of picking up the slack though, I give them that ^_^

                      You’re welcome to add me on PS3 if you like though, my PSN is the same as my name here: Pyrofrost

                    • Sevyne

                      I might just do that.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Awesomesauce~ ^_^

  • Budgiecat

    Require an internet connection to work? Are they fucking kidding me?

  • Solomon_Kano

    I was committed to at least seeing what the next Xbox had to offer before ruling out getting one. Was. If any of this proves to be true, then it’s PS4 and Wii U all the way. The 360 already soured me, but I was willing to give MS the benefit of the doubt. Oh well.

    • Sevyne

      I wasn’t going to give the next Xbox a chance regardless because of how bitter I am over being screwed several times with a RROD, lack of exclusives, having to pay for XBL to use Netflix which you already pay for and you already pay for internet. If this article is true then that’s just another reason to stay away.

      I’ll stick with Sony and Nintendo (unless Sony pulls the same crap, but we’ll see).

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, those were the things that soured me on the 360 too. Given that they eliminated RRoD and my PS is my primary system, I was willing to give it a look if they could come up with some new exclusives that might interest me. But that’s out the window at this point. Ah well, that extra money can go to getting me a 3DS lol.

  • Did anyone read the Edge article or are they just commenting on what they read here? The Edge article is clearly very biased, and everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. Come on people, actually read the source and not just go off third-hand information and think critically about what you are reading. Blindly absorbing news articles is what makes you seem illiterate.

    • How is the article biased? It’s simply relaying information given to them by developers who are working on both platforms.

      • Dean Winchester

        I think he is upset b/c Edge typically favors Xbox games and hands out lower than average scores to Sony exclusives. In a generation where the media has programmed him to hate all things Japanese it is understandable that one would be shocked when it seems a previously consistent source would go against the grain and dare to point out anything about MS in a negative light.

        This is the generation where RRod got a free pass and swept under the rug.
        Kinect was shoved down our theoats and even though 99% of its games cant review over a 60%
        the media is still positively spinning the Kinect as some sort of a success like all the poor stupid schmucks who bought it hold stock in MS as opposed to the reality that they have a totally useless periphreal with a stack of dance games and dreams of fresh IP for core gaming that have since been cancelled in favor of busting a move like an epileptic in front of their TV.

        • Sal Romano Dean Winchester

          “Microsoft having conceded defeat to Sony following its ill-fated backing of the HD-DVD format”

          “Studios working with the next-gen Xbox are currently being forced to work with only approved development libraries, while Sony is encouraging coders to get closer to the metal of its box. Furthermore, the operating system overhead of Microsoft’s next console is more oppressive than Sony’s equivalent, giving the PlayStation-badged unit another advantage.”

          Considering Microsoft themselves have said in a previous interview that they have no intention to block used games, and that they also physically can’t in Europe due to legislation lest they want to be liable to be heavily sued.

          and Dean – I don’t even read Edge, I have both a 360 and a PS3 so i’m not a fanboy either way, and I don’t have Kinect as I think it’s a pile of rubbish

  • LordKaiser

    It will not be sold on Game Stop then.

    • Gamestop might stick to selling people WiiU stuff and Ouya also anything Retro and the small gamestores will have a chance to grow once again which is good…. unless people want to buy classics as downloads @[email protected] I already have them all digital.

    • Sevyne

      Yep, the whole idea of the system blocking used games is like directly giving the finger to Gamestop, who’s profits are mostly from the used games. They make practically nothing off the new games they sell. No way will GS carry the console or it’s games. They’d probably lose money selling it.

  • MrRobbyM

    Sounds like they’re aiming for the mainstream audience because I don’t know how the average gamer would support any of this.

    Activation codes for only one user is not only unfair, but it’s better for price control. Better for MS and devs, not the buyer. It would also be harder to find rare games unless a digital version is available. I should be able to do whatever I want with my game after I buy it.

    A constant internet connection is also ridiculous. Sure there’s internet almost always available nowadays but what happens if my internet craps out or I can’t afford to pay for it that month? Am I not able to play games on my console that I payed hundreds of dollars for?

    Sure there are all rumors but this won’t surprise me in the least in they’re true. It’s very MS. If Sony plays it’s card right, they might be on top, or at least in a much better position next gen.

  • The SONY event better not be full of casual BS … Please don’t do that SONY all we want to see is the PS4 and as many games as we can get to see before E3. Maybe what they are thinking is showing off the casual stuff in NY and than save the games for E3? …ugh I don’t know this better be good.

  • LordKaiser

    If Sony do this too then I will go for WiiU only. The next video game crash can happen and this time for a different reason.

  • that soundz incredibly foolish.

  • shogunknight

    I think this is the second time this rumor popped up, Microsoft forget that its not everywhere in the world that has access to buy original games, even get to access the net. It seems like their sales of 360 in US & UK may be clouding their judgement. Still a rumor though, I do hope Sony does not follow suit

  • Elvick

    I hope it’s true, solely because I’d like it for MS to go away. Is that bad? :/

    With the faults of Sony and Nintendo, I still don’t feel (sans region lock Nintendo…) that any of them hurt the industry. MS however… most of their issues do. So I’d like them to just go away.

    • Dean Winchester

      Hear hear. Truer words were never spoken.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Just wow

      • Elvick

        Just being honest. Not a fan of MS’s business practices in the gaming industry. Releasing a system they knew was faulty and needed redesigned is one of the many issues I have with them.

    • MrRobbyM

      I agree only because I think there’s too many consoles and gaming devices and I dont want to own one just to play a few exclusives. Competition is good but I think there’s just too much. Last gen it was pretty much just the PS2 and Cube and everything was nice.

      Nothing against MS…sorta.

  • then the system will flop simple as that

  • MosquitoLemon

    This is why I never complained about DLC, or even ‘on-disc’ DLC. What you think you own or are entitled to is garbage when they are just as capable of this crap.

  • Mar Mar

    Sooooo…. you need an Internet to play, you need to pay for XBL to play online, and you need to activate the game to play it.

    This is not a HOME ENTERTAINMENT device anymore. Home entertainment, home entertainment. I’m sick of hearing this from Microsoft.


  • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

    This will piss off US and let’s face US is the place where the Xbox is most popular, so this will mean the dead of the Next Gen Xbox, if Microsoft go through with this.

    It also make putting a Blu-ray drive pointless, since you can buy a PS3 cheaper than Next gen Xbox.

  • “the operating system overhead of the next Xbox is said to be “more oppressive” than PlayStation 4.” What the hell does this even mean?

  • KurisuMakise

    Oh boy MS, well this can go two ways for them. They either force Sony to also adopt a model that restricts used games or suffer the backlash of losing the core audience. Though of course, it depends on how intrusive or not the online mode is. Assuming it takes a Steam approach while chasing after an Apple style closed garden, as well as get exclusivity deals from 3rd parties and the tide could be in their favour again. Barring the second hand market thing for a moment, there are some benefits to being always online. The ability to patch games while you sleep, get DLC automatically, receive communications etc come to mind. My concern though, is there’s got to be a fair way to approach the second hand market. Maybe get the buyer/second hand shops into the eco-system by allowing you to sell the license of content you “own” to other uses across the network, which would net the publisher/dev a small bit of money, as well as yourself, along with GameStop/GAME making money from selling the disc’s ID again with DLC vouchers or what have you so that everyone wins. I dunno, just thinking aloud on that one, as I know if this comes to pass I wouldn’t outright pass the system but I’d definitely be a lot more frugal.

  • Claude

    If true….well they lost me.

  • Emiliano Ramos

    Microsoft tying the noose on themselves huh?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Well…….I think it just doomed itself

  • devovit

    can you go online if you are a silver member? maybe they want all the users to be gold members. if you can’t turn on your xbox without the internet then it’s game over for microsoft. im not even hating on them cuz im mainly gaming on the xbox.

  • Man, so many comments. Poor time for me to have computer issues.

    I think we all agree, if this rumor is true, it’s far from a good thing. I think we need to continue to speak out against it, but we also have to vote with our wallet.

    If the new Xbox does indeed force you to be online, if it does prevent you from playing used games. We have to make a stand by not supporting it, by continuing to be vocal about it.

    If we just shrug our shoulders and ignore it, then we all lose in the end. It’s one thing to have crappy on disc dlc, or shitty dlc practices, but this is something else entirely, this is far worse.

    It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I hope developers also make a stand here as well. I hope they don’t just wave the white flag, they should also be upset if this rumor is true.

    We don’t want this.

    • MrRobbyM

      I love you. On top of that, you have a Yuri ava. Hell yeah.

      • Thanks. :)

        I’m dead serious about not supporting it though. I don’t want to see this console generation brought down early on. If people support this, if it is true, just imagine how much worse things could get in the future.

        • MrRobbyM

          I feel you, mister/miss mod.

          Unless MS brings out the big guns right from the start along with some shiny new way to control games, I don’t see them having as much success as they did with the 360. If all these rumors are true, I don’t see Gamestop supporting the new xbox so that will hurt sales.

          But don’t worry, I have a bit of faith that people won’t like this and not support it for the most part. All Sony needs to do is NOT have any of this bs, improve PSN to the level of Xbox Live and they’re good to go.

          • I think PSN is already more or less on the level of XBL. Some of the biggest problems the PS3 has are hardware related. The patches, lacking voice chat features, can’t install in the background, etc.

            All of those will be fixed with the next PlayStation. You don’t have to pay to play games online with PSN, I don’t think they will change this, and I really don’t want them to. If anyone needs to change things up, it’s Microsoft. I don’t think they should be allowed to charge people to play games online anymore. I’m not saying they have do to away with Gold, I’m just challenging them to improve it. Give the customers more, not take away more features, and then force people to pay a fee to access them.

            PS Plus is currently a vastly better deal than Live Gold imo.

            • MrRobbyM

              I totally agree and you’re right. The problems are largely hardware related which I’m sure will be fixed with the PS4.

              MS is kind of shaping up to be the big evil controlling company(if this is true) lol.

  • Guest


  • xxx128

    “Arrogance comes before the fall”, however gamers (customers) are so conditioned and brain washed these days it puts pavlov’s dog to shame.

  • howardmoonish

    If this is true I will not buy the next Xbox, period.

  • PrinceHeir