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Rumor: Next Xbox to require Kinect, game installs
posted on 02.11.13 at 02:54 PM EST by (@salromano)
Run multiple games and applications at once, claims source.

Following up on last week’s report from Edge development sources claiming the next Xbox would require an internet connection and block used games, Kotaku source “SuperDaE,” the same guy who tried to sell a next generation Xbox developer kit on eBay back in August, has claimed the system will come bundled with the latest iteration of Kinect, which must be plugged in and calibrated, and have mandatory game installations. Take everything below with a grain of salt. 


The system’s graphical leap is said to be “like going from playing Halo 2 on an original Xbox to playing Crysis on a powerful PC.”


A new version of Kinect will ship with every new unit of the next Xbox.

According to the source, this is a mandatory accessory, and the console will not function unless it is plugged in and calibrated.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Because developers can now program every game with Kinect in mind, being that every console will ship with one.
  • Kinect will always be watching you (creepy!) and can track up to six individual persons in a room. This would allow it to instantly identify a person, for example, which could become part of the gameplay experience.

New Kinect is also said to be capable of thumb tracking, determining whether your hand is opened or closed, and reading facial expressions. Its improved viewing angle is said to be so wide that it doesn’t even need to nod to find the best angle.

Storage and Installs

The next Xbox will ship with a 500 gigabyte hard-drive.

Each new game you play will require a mandatory installation upon first insertion of the game disc. These installations can be performed while you’re playing the game. Meaning, you can insert the game disc, start playing, and the game will install itself in the background.

Multiple Games at Once

With every game on the hard-drive, the next Xbox is said to be capable of running multiple games or apps at once. Games can be put in “suspend” and “constrained” states, which will allow a user to pause one game and switch to a second game without losing their progress in the first.


The next Xbox’s controller will be a “natural evolution,” of the Xbox 360 controller, according to the source. It will feature a near-identical layout, however, Xbox 360 controllers will not work with the next Xbox, as Microsoft is utilizing a “new wireless technology.”


According to the source, these are the final retail specs for the next Xbox:

  • 8-core CPU, 64-bit CPU running at 1.6 GHz
  • D3 DirectX 11.x+ GPU running at 800 MHz
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32 MB ESRAM
  • HDMI 1.4a ou
  • S/PDIF out
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Controllers
  • HDMI 1.4a in
  • Kinect in
  • USB 3.0
  • 50 GB 6x ODD
  • 500 GB SATA 2.0 HDD (up to 50mb per second)
  • 3D content via 3D TV support

These are exactly the same as the rumored developer kit specs.

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  • rockman29

    It’s probably going to be a much more consistent UI thing with Kinect, that’s probably a reason for it’s requirement. So MS will probably expect it to be there at all times to turn the thing on and off and browse and everything.

  • *IF* this is true, I like the idea of this:
    “With every game on the hard-drive, the next Xbox is said to be capable
    of runningmultiple games or apps at once. Games can be put in “suspend”
    and “constrained” states, which will allow a user to pause one game and
    switch to a second game without losing their progress in the first.”

    Just a shame I have never owned an Xbox and will likely remain that way.

  • Kou

    So it will be like going from late 2004 to late 2007? Honestly not much of an increase when you scale that to todays technology from 360. Forcing Kinect will just increase the price for a feature most people dont seem to want and forcing game installs? Wtf? I’ll just stick to my PC if I wanted to install every game. I already have enough space issues with my 3 TBs on PC…I dont want to have to buy even more for my consoles. I hope this isn’t true. I wasnt planning on getting XBOX anyway because the benefits on PSN outnumber the ones on Live for me, but this is like throwing rocks on a mud pie to me.

    • Dean Winchester

      I dont think they are saying Crysis 1 graphics for next gen.
      I think they are saying the leap in graphics from Halo 2 to Crysis 1 is what you can expect from the 360 to whatever the hell they end up calling the newest MS atrocity.

  • NCloud

    I’ll stick with the PS4 for next-gen :)

    • MrRobbyM

      As long as JRPGs aren’t scattered everywhere like this gen, I’ll stick with PS4, Wii U and a decent PC :)

      • Mateus Prado Sousa

        Be prepared to more Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed baby, like you or not!

        • MrRobbyM

          I think the shooter craze will die down a bit next gen. I don’t have a problem with AC games though. They’re mostly good games. I just wish they’d rid of the horrible battle system and made the games more fluid. I’m an assassin for Christ sake. I want to be nimble!

      • Elvick

        Depends on if MS will care enough to waste money again next generation on buying some timed exclusives and a couple legit exclusives.

        I don’t see them caring anymore. They can be successful without any success in Japan. Sadly.

      • If JRPGs does survive on consoles, handhelds being the most preferred platform for Japan to invest in…

  • Rezar

    I don’t like the mandatory installs. That’s why I always get a multiplatform game for the Xbox 360. Plus I hate deleting stuff on my PS3 just so I can play a new PS3 game I got. I honestly am not looking forward to the next-gen with all these rumors coming out.

    • Dean Winchester


      PS3 RARELY has mandatory installs but keep telling yourself that if it helps you feel better about those DVD’s you keep stacking on the shelf.

      • Budgiecat


  • Raiyu

    I like the multiple game idea. It saves time having to load up the game and start where you left off, whereas you load it up and its already there. It’s also nice it has USB 3.0 (though that should be the standard now anyway).

    But that’s about it.

  • Prodigy-X

    I read the full story from Kotaku on their website

    “As we reported a year ago, the new version of the Kinect motion-control sensor array will be included with every Durango sold. The unit seems far superior to the one currently found for the Xbox 360 (or the PC, for that matter.”

    “Perhaps most importantly, this isn’t an optional accessory. It’s mandatory. Not only does a Kinect ship with every console, but it must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function.

    “This requirement is due to the way Kinect has been integrated with the Durango; because every console can be guaranteed of having the camera, developers can now program every game with the peripheral in mind.”

    “It’s also because the Kinect will always be watching you.”

    WOW!!!! didn’t see that coming *rolls eyes*

  • DarthBrian

    Can’t wait for February 20th! :p

  • MrRobbyM

    THIS rumor sounds a bit too ridiculous. Mandatory installs? Installs are nice but MANDATORY? I don’t buy this. The Kinect rumor is believable though.

  • zangetsukakashi

    Rumor: Next Xbox to fail… big time!

    • Dean Winchester

      One can only hope.
      Sadly America will likely make the xbox successful next gen even when the rest of the world says no thanks.

      This is the same country that elected Obama…..twice.

      • Rezar

        What does politics have to do with video games? Well besides the point that politicians believe video games cause shootings.

        • Dean Winchester

          My comment does point to the stupidity of this country’s sheeple and their inability to make an informed decision.

      • MrRobbyM


      • Budgiecat

        Elected Bush…twice

  • This is my biggest issue with game installs on 360. You still need the disc to play the game. It’s like you have an almost digital version of the game.

    If this new Xbox really does have mandatory installs, they should just use every game disc like you would a PC game disc. In other words, the data on the disc would just be to install the game, it wouldn’t be required/used to play it.

    I hope that is exactly how this works, especially when you consider the “suspend” feature mentioned in the article. Having to swap discs each time just to do that would be a total pain in the ass.

    It would be like running two games at once on PC, but each time you alt tab, in order to resume the game, you have to insert the game disc and press a button. Then you have to remove the game disc and repeat the process.

    In other words – That would totally suck.

    I think every unit shipping with the new kinect is stupid. Just another way to likely raise the price for the console. Considering what MS has done with kinect since they launched it, I think it’s safe to say that most gamers are unimpressed with nearly all kinect focused games. Why should we believe anything kinect related is going to improve? Well, okay, besides improving the kinect itself. I’m talking about the games though.

    (In b4 new Kinect is watching you —- memes.)

    I will give MS some credit. At least they are shipping each console with a hard-drive this time around. That is a good thing. Although, if the previous used games/always online rumors are true, you can throw all of this out the window in my opinion. I refuse to support that kind of crap, and I hope others would do the same.

    • drproton

      This would tie in to the used game blocking rumor. I imagine if it were true, buying a retail game would be just like buying a retail PC game, which you then activate online and could throw the disc away if you wanted.

      • Indeed. I was thinking that when typing up my post above.

        I’ve had discussions about this before. People like to point out how playing games on PC is basically just like that. It’s not that simple, not sure if you would agree with me.

        I look at Steam, I can register my account via steam to a new PC pretty easy. They send me the email with the security code in it, I confirm it on Steam. After that, I’m free to install games and play them on another PC etc.

        I don’t have to be always online to play my games on steam. With all the games more or less being digital, used games don’t really exist on PC. Steam and other PC gaming clients make up for this with huge sales. You can typically find new games marked down on steam not long after they are released.

        The question is – If Microsoft is looking to do this with the next Xbox, what do they plan to offer to make up for no used games?

        My guess would be nothing at all. They will probably bank on kinect, xbox live gold, etc. Will that be enough to draw in customers? I’m really not so sure. Microsoft is no Valve, plain and simple.

        I’m sure everything will be connected via live accounts, more than ever before. If all the games install though you still have a slight problem.

        You kinda have to take the console itself with you, I can think of a few ways they could possibly bypass this, but I don’t think they will allow them.

        I haven’t even really brought up the always online rumor, which is a huge clusterf**k itself.

        In the end, while it is an interesting thing to discuss, it’s not something I’m going to support. I honestly hope that, like I posted above, others would refuse to support this as well.

        • drproton

          I agree that it’s pretty anti-consumer, even on the PC side. The only reason I go along with it on Steam is that it offers (in my mind) enough pro-consumer services to compensate. The amount of pricing flexibility on Steam is unheard of on console digital marketplaces. Most of the time they can’t even compete with retail, when in fact they should (at least from my perspective) cost less than a retail game that comes with physical goods and is a transferable license.

          But I thought XBL was pretty anti-consumer in the first place, and was an effective deterrent from buying a xbox 360, so I’m not exactly optimistic. I’m open for Microsoft to change direction and make an argument for me to buy their next piece of hardware, but I don’t see it happening.

  • shogunknight

    Slowly these nextbox rumors are transforming that console to a desktop with a webcam and a wireless pad as part of the rig. Heck it may be running on windows 8, so that sums it up

  • Archvile78

    The more i hear the less i want it.

  • My advice for any Xbpx players… if any left.. duct tape the kinect cams. Sounds like a powerful casual box wtf we don’t need gimmicks! what is so hard about selling people a console and a controller? they had it right with the current gen at first and under. UGH! unless they are adding a 3D VR headset I wont be using these stupid gimmicks at all or buying such bundles. POWERFUL MACHINE AND CONTROLLER…. why is that so hard? THE CASUALS DON’T CARE FOR CONSOLES! F$#@!!

  • do wot i do, ignore all rumors until proven true.

  • Mateus Prado Sousa

    This man is a good liar

  • Zohar127

    SATA 2.0 Spinning hard drive. That’s ancient technology! I know SSDs are more expensive than standard HDDs but cmooooooooooonnnn! 50MB/s vs 500MB/s. I’d be happy to pay the premium. Give these things a smaller cache SSD at least. Intel has a technology for that. Commonly used files are automatically moved from the HDD to the SSD seamlessly in the background. Then have the OS on there for a quick and responsive system.

    I’ve been using an SSD in my main computer for about a year now and I’m never going back!

    Edit: Complaining on the assumption any of this is actually true.

  • devovit

    I still think the two systems are not going to be that much difference. It all depends on the games.

  • xxx128

    This console sounds as exciting and appealing as windows 8.

    • MrRobbyM

      This made my day.

  • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

    So where is Bluetooth? Microsoft fail again