Rumor: Xbox Durango dev kit on eBay - Gematsu
Rumor: Xbox Durango dev kit on eBay
posted on 08.12.12 at 11:55 AM EST by (@salromano)
Includes power cables, wired controller.

Twitter user SuperDae, the same user who reportedly leaked the first image of Kinect 2 earlier this week and a look at the Xbox Durango (the apparent code name for the next-generation Xbox) dev kit last month, has today put up a “Microsoft Xbox Durango Development Kit” on eBay.

As of press time, bidding on the purported dev kit is at $10,100. According to its description, the item comes with power cables and a wired controller.

Of course, there is no way to tell of its legitimacy unless confirmed by Microsoft, but SuperDae claims “it is a legitimate item,” and that he fools no one.

We’ll see how this one goes, then.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Kougeru

    Too bad his account is brand new, which destroys his creditability to me. He’s just trying to take advantage of the fools that believe him.  The people that actually bid on it are pretty well rated users…I really feel bad for them if they think that’s real.

  • rockman29

    I’ll take two!

    Hell naw.

  • Phoenix_Wings

    I just hope the only people who are bidding expect to sue him and make more money out of it…

  • You can look at this two ways.

    This could be someone trying to make a quick buck and rip people off. Whoever wins the bid gets what they pay for. Technically, the development kits are not supposed to exist, so you might be paying for some old Dell PC.

    Or, the seller is trying to stay anonymous as possible, to avoid Microsoft. I’m sure MS would not be pleased with a development kit being sold on ebay. If this SuperDae person actually has an ebay account, it would be pretty stupid to use it.

    Easier to try and cover your tracks if you make a new account and then delete it afterwards or something, but this also makes it easy for the buyer to get ripped off.

    If I was a potential buyer, I would ask to talk over the phone at the very least. Perhaps work out a more anonymous form of payment once I’m sure its real.

    Why would you want this anyways? It’s likely running on an operating system that everyday consumer would have no idea how to operate. You also wouldn’t want to take it online, and risk someone banning it or shutting it down remotely from MS.

    Seems pointless to me.

    • rockman29

      I’ll do this faster for you.

      It’s 10,000 dollars. Of course it’s useless.

      • It sold for like $20,100ish. I forget the final total and it looks like the ebay page is gone.

        Lots of people seem to have plenty of money to spend on random crap these days. These people are doing better than me financially, that’s for sure.