WSJ: PlayStation 4 unveil on February 20
posted on 01.31.13 at 10:20 PM EST by (@salromano)
To launch alongside new Xbox this holiday, claims source.

Sony will indeed reveal the successor to PlayStation 3 at its PlayStation Meeting 2013 press event on February 20, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal.

“Sony’s device will be released later this year, these people [familiar with the matter] said, and will spar against Microsoft’s own machine, which is also expected to be released by the holidays,” wrote the publication.

The new system will incorporate “more social gaming aspects” and be more focused on “changes in how users interact with the machine” versus “hardware improvements,” according to the outlet.

At one point, the PlayStation manufacturer considered removing the system’s disc drive in favor for an all-digital console, said The Wall Street Journal. But concerns over game file size and slow internet connections made them scrap the idea. Microsoft is said have made a similar decision.

Previous rumors have suggested PlayStation 4 will run on an eight Jaguar core CPU and 18 CUs AMD-based GPU.

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  • YAY!

  • Kurai Warrior

    Woah I didn’t expect an actual unveil until E3…
    I’m excited to see what they are going to show!

  • Prodigy-X

    OMG I can’t wait for this. I’m going to sit back, eat my fat ass off with food and enjoy this. My Body Is Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarthBrian

    Only three weeks away! :O

  • Guest

    I can’t believe this is happening so fast.

    • Shadow

      It’s actually overdue, lol

      • by 2 years.

      • Budgiecat

        But we dont have a Godzilla HD game this gen….

    • Dean Winchester

      So fast?!?

      WTH O_o

      /looks at calendar.

      Yup, we are in year 7 of the PS3.

    • So fast? This is the longest console generation ever. I don’t know how old you are but I been around for many consoles and they usually are about 4 years a part. Its been TWICE that!

  • guys I amnot good at that computer stuff :O Is ps4 powerful to warrant something like Agni’s philosophy cutscenes ? :O

    • Only GOD knows :)

    • syaznifaiq

      FFversusXIII ‘s real-time lighting will be done using Square Enix’s new Luminous Studio engine. the same engine SE use to make Agni’s philosophy cutscenes . so here we got 2 great thing, PS4 can handle Luminous Studio engine and FFVSXIII’s graphic must be top notch

      • why do I have a feeling versus is getting moved to PS4 ? honestly I would like it to be so we can get the best of the game and so PS4 would benefit from a strong launch title :D

        • shogunknight

          I agree. The sad thing is that Square havent even made mention of versus XIII. No word make it seem like it might even get scrapped

          • syaznifaiq

            I trust Tetsuya Nomura, he’s not gonna let his 7 years work which still pending just vanish like that .. so yeah, i believe that FFVSXIII will be PS4 launch title

            • shogunknight

              That would be a sight for the eyes, i just remembered, no sign of kingdom hearts 3 released on this gen also.

  • PrinceHeir

    wow they almost removed discs?

    are you freaking serious!!!!!!

    let’s just hope the machine looks classy as hell :P

    • Prodigy-X

      Like the Sony Xperia Z.

      • shogunknight

        that device is huge!! and awesome too

        • Prodigy-X

          That’s going to be my next phone when I switch to AT&T in April.

  • Sevyne

    We just dodged the bullet this time around on a strictly digital console gen, but their is no doubt it’s something we’ll have to face after the next gen is over.

    • It will add to the price tag but no big deal.. sorta.

      • Sevyne

        Well you also have to think about how bad Sony and Microsoft are at pricing and price adjusting on their digital product. You’ll pay more for the console sure, but you will save a ton on physical games. Them two have the worst digital pricing I’ve ever seen.

        • DrForbidden

          That’s because at this point in time, they are virtual monopolies when it comes to digital releases for their respective consoles. This is why they keep pushing the digital download route, and why I will keep resisting. A digital-only distribution system with current business models is a complete monopoly, and that is very, VERY bad for gamers and consumers.

          • Sevyne

            Yup which is also why I say that we dodged a bullet this time. It could have been a disaster. I’d imagine things will change drastically in the digital space before the next gen ends though and hopefully for the better with more competition coming into that territory.

        • Yeah that is true. They would have to make sure that digital games are lets say $45 if a hard copy is at $60. I really hope that next gen hard copies go down in price do because a ton of people will jump in if the games cost $40 and the console is $300 – $400. Time will tell.

    • Elvick

      I don’t think we’ll have to worry for a long time. Because there are many places in the world which have data limits, and many places that don’t where companies would love to shove them on consumers to make more $$$$.

      That doesn’t even factor in the speeds a lot of countries have to work with.

      • Sevyne

        Oh I agree for the moment, but who knows what the next decade has in store for us?

  • “At one point, the PlayStation manufacturer considered removing the
    system’s disc drive in favor for an all-digital console, said The Wall
    Street Journal. But concerns over game file size and slow internet
    connections made them scrap the idea.”

    Finally, some common sense!!!!

    • zakou

      They would really have to make some godly epic games to make me buy a console that is digital-only. I love games and I also love collecting them and owning them, as many of you do.

      Having digital only is ok, because im in for the games and to play them not to hold and look at them but just taking away that collecting aspect they would really have to make something amazing to make me buy it.

      And just as you said it, the common sense, if people had to download 50GB games, after a week or two the console would be a huge flop because of people stop downloading games for obvious reasons.

    • Once they remove the collectors aspect from consoles I’ll be joining the PC camp for all multi-platform gaming.

    • Budgiecat

      Seriously who the hell’s gonna download a +50gb game (maybe even more) to only have it potentially fail in the future or have to redownload it. On slow internet speeds..

      • Or have your HDD bust on you in the middle of your gaming session and find out you need to replace it.
        I’m gonna be replacing my 250 GB hdd in my PS3 slim with a 500 GB. I own at least 50 disc based games for PS3.

        • Gundam Extreme Vs.
          Tales of Vesperia
          Another Century’s Episode R
          Tales of Graces F
          are just a few, and since I’m a Video Game collector I’m keeping them.

    • Fully F**king Agreed. They seriously need to implement Full BC into all PS4 models. I’ll be buying a PS4 a year after it comes out. I’ll have the money as I’ll be in the Air Force.

      PS4 Slim also needs to have Full BC for PS1,PS2,PS3 games. I don’t care if I have to pay $10 to get it cause I’ll be buying the Launch Model PS4 and the PS4 slim as a backup.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    “more social gaming aspects” Hmmm wonder what this means. I also wonder if the “no used games” thing found it’s way in.

    • Barrit

      I translate that as Party Chat.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        That would be great! Oh I really hope that is what it means :)

        • Barrit

          I’m pretty sure it will have it considering they already have it for the Vita. After they added the capability for the Vita, people were asking for them to add it to the PS3. I forgot what excuse they gave though.. I think it was hardware limitations? Can’t remember exactly, it’s been a while.

          • Sevyne

            It was the limitations of the RAM iirc, so yeah a hardware limitation.

            • Dean Winchester

              correct, to much ram is used up by the OS and not enough left over to implement Xgame chat in a productive way.
              If Im not mistaken the Vita has twice the RAM of the PS3 precisely for this functionality.

      • Elvick

        Personally, I hope it means the facebook integration is still there. I love that about my PS3, just wish they’d update it to support the timeline so it’s less spammy when I get tons of trophies in a day.

        • Barrit

          No doubt in my opinion. I see them only adding in new social features… which Party Chat would be huge for the new system. They better not take any features away if they know what’s good for them lol

  • HYPE!

  • DrForbidden

    “The new system will incorporate “more social gaming aspects” and be more focused on “changes in how users interact with the machine” versus “hardware improvements,” according to the outlet.”

    Uh-oh. Anyone else hear alarm bells in their head?

    So instead of more powerful and reliable hardware, the PS4 will focus more on useless shit like social media integration and connectivity, and stupid controller peripherals?

    • Himiko

      Leaks are generally correct (which is powerful hardware), I think they mean both were a focus this time since they were behind in that aspect you know?

      I really wouldn’t worry too much. All people under NDA have heavily implied it’s quite a feat of hardware, namely Orbis being more powerful than Durango.

      • DrForbidden

        I just don’t want the next PS to turn out to be the WiiU in a different coat of paint..

        • Himiko

          Nah it definitely won’t. Other comments suggest otherwise anyways. But like I said, lots of people who are under NDA imply its quite powerful :) I’m guessing its just to improve their PS+ aspects since they did lose to XBL market.

    • Raiyu

      I think it means more like what Barrit said, party chat and stuff like that.

      • DrForbidden

        I suspect that if that were true, they would use the words ‘online multiplayer’ and not ‘social gaming’. But let’s wait and see…

        • Solomon_Kano

          I don’t think they used it in the context of the phrase “social gaming”. At least, not knowingly. WSJ generally doesn’t talk about games, so I doubt they’re familiar with that as a certain sort of game. It’s probably meant to be taken as “gaming aspects that are more social”, which is a horrible way to word it lol, but would be in reference to something like cross-game chat rather than Farmville-type stuff.

  • Gigus

    I really hope this isn’t true. Sony needs to focus on the vita first before announcing the PS4. If it also releases at the end of this year, the vita will be completely ignored and sales will not look good. Promote the damn Vita and make more games for it Sony!

    • rockman29

      They need to do both.

      Sony moving forward has to be about INTEGRATION of all these devices, including phone and tablets.

      Anything less is not good enough.

      • Gigus

        Its still risky regardless and no one has found the perfect harmony to integrate all devices. The only reason why I’m solely picking on the vita is because sales are really poor for that device. How will the announcement of the PS4 better Vita sales? Integration between the PS4 and the Vita will not help it. As for the ps4, if it does get released at the end of this year’s holiday season, it’ll be a mistake. Sure they might announce alot of interesting games but how well do we know if those games won’t flop because of how rushed the development was for those games. I love Sony but they need to rethink their strategies a bit.

        • Solomon_Kano

          How will not announcing the PS4 better Vita sales? I get what you’re saying about taking attention away from the Vita but, as we approach its first year in the US closing, we can safely say it hasn’t had that attention. Sony can’t sacrifice one for the other. Getting the PS4 out in comparable time to the next Xbox is important. The Vita getting more games is important. It doesn’t change by them announcing the PS4.

          I’m also not sure what leads you to believe the games will be rushed. The big launch games will be first-party, no doubt. First parties always have early access to hardware. We’ll probably be seeing work from Sucker Punch, Guerilla, and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted team. Two of which we haven’t heard for in two years, one we haven’t heard from in 3. Which isn’t to say work on their next title couldn’t have possibly started sooner. I don’t know about third parties, but Sony wouldn’t show us launch titles if they didn’t spend time on them. Besides, what indication do we have that anything is being rushed here?

          • Gigus

            By promoting the vita. Show third party devs that there is profit to be made on the handheld. Showing more focus on the vita. I think the only reason why third party devs don’t wanna develop games for the vita is because they’re treating it like a console because of what it can do. But devs know they don’t need to treat the handheld like a console. They should get inspiration from other devs like the people who made persona 4 golden, gravity daze, etc.

            As for the ps4 and what makes believe me that the launch titles could be rushed are games like Genji: days of the blade, Lair, Heavenly sword, those were first party ps3 launch games. They were all rushed in my opinion. Thats indication enough that the same mistake could happen again. Those devs even had first dibs on ps3 dev kits.

            I know it seems like I’m bashing sony but I’m not. I’m just pointing out mistakes. Sony is a great company but they need to stop playing catch up with Nintendo and Microsoft, and focus on what they’re good at.

            If they do announce the ps4 but the release isn’t until summer next year, I’d perfectly be fine with that. I just feel like its too soon for a ps4, and there are still alot of games coming out for the ps3 this year.

            • Solomon_Kano

              Actually, no, Sony published those games but they didn’t develop them. Sony’s learned since then. I think a more accurate metric would be their most recent launch, with the Vita seeing MNR and Uncharted from first party devs. Also, like I said, they’ve a number of studios that we haven’t heard from in 2-3 years. I understand your skepticism, but it seems they’ve been building up to this for some time.

              I assure you that another year without the PS4 won’t change the Vita’s situation. The games coming to PS4 first year with be games that have been worked on for at least 2 years or they’ll be ports. That means the time taken to make them remains, even if they push the system to next year which means the Vita still sees no benefit from that. Sony has to prove the Vita can have hits before third parties will follow, but third parties were never going to make developing for PS4 and Vita a one or none scenario. If they don’t make Vita games it won’t be because of the PS4 and if they don’t make PS4 games it won’t be because of the Vita. Developing for one doesn’t mean they won’t develop for the other, just as not developing for one doesn’t mean they will develop for the other.

              The Vita’s time will come, but that’s independent of the PS4. As for there still being plenty of PS3 games this year, that’s always been the plan. You don’t want to wait for one to die before preparing the next, they’ve never released a console in a year that their previous one didn’t still have strong support. Sony’s 10 year cycle is very real. The PS2 was still seeing games into 2010. Hell, the latest Final Fantasy XI expansion is coming to PS2 this year. Sony isn’t killing the PS3 or anything. Until devs are ready to move, you can still look forward to PS3 games. Sony will abide by their cycle.

              This console gen has been unusually long. Time is up, Sony has to move. We gamers can wait if we like, the PS3 will still be here and it’ll still be getting games. But it’s time for the PS4.

              • Gigus

                Those games still count as first party games because they hired those studios to do those games. Regardless they spent more time on the ps3 dev kits than other third party devs.

                Another thing I don’t understand is why do people think that my idea of delaying the ps4 will save the vita? Thats the only thing they’re taking out of context of my opinion. I never clearly said “Delay the PS4”. I’m just saying they need to focus on what they already have out since sales are not looking to good for the vita. If they don’t focus on making profit on an existing item they are trying to sell then there was no point in releasing the vita if they’re going to announce the ps4. And waiting for vita’s time to come is like magically curing aids. Back to my whole point from my very first post. They need to focus on the vita or its done.

                • I like to think they can do both. One of the key factors with the Vita is actually the PSP. It’s still doing quite well in Japan, and l think things will be kinda slow until that starts to change. When it does, we will see more Vita only games announced.

                  Will that really change in the west? I’m not sure. Think about the type of games that tend to dominate portables. It’s mostly games from Japan. In fact, even with the competition, the good games on the DS/3DS are mostly from Japan. The PSP actually had some quality western developed games, and that trend is continuing with the Vita, albeit at the same sluggish pace. Point is, I think what happens in Japan is key. It’s kinda been that way with the portables since 2007.

                  The PSP didn’t really impress sales wise in its early years either. I don’t think Sony is going to give up on the Vita anytime soon. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a slim vita or something this year.

                  One thing they need to do to help the Vita is fix the memory card problem. They need cards with more storage, and they also need to cut the memory card prices.

                  An interesting thing to consider in regards to the next PlayStation and the Vita is the Gaikai acquisition. Sony spent quite a bit of money to make that happen, they are most definitely going to use that tech with the next PS. I think it will go further than that, and the tech will be coming to the Vita as well. I think that would be pretty awesome.

                  Solomon_Kano mentioned that Sony has learned since the launch of the PS3. I agree.

                  The PS3 got off to a rocky start, and one of the factors was the hardware inside the console. Sony also was a bit slow to offer help to developers in regards to working with PS3 dev kits, etc. The first party studios at Sony were not as well equipped back then, and many of them have improved. For example, was anyone really talking about Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch when the PS3 launched? Not really, not like they talk about them today.

                  The next PS won’t suffer from some of the issues that plagued the PS3’s launch. The hardware is familiar, the software will be easier to understand, Sony got the next PS dev kits out quite a while back, according to rumors.

                  They also have the much improved PSN, which they can put to use right away when the console launches. I’m expecting some surprises along the way, but it’s safe to say that Sony is more prepared this time around.

                • I think you mean ‘second party’ games since they’re made exclusively by studios not owned by Sony…

                  I don’t see how the ps4 will spell demise for the Vita and all that depends on how well it’s executed… Different people need different ways to entice…. For example, exclusive games = people buy the system because of the exclusively, Cross-buy/Cross-save = people buy the system for portability means, Cross-play = people buy the system for multiplayer, Variety of games = people has something to keep them busy, etc…

                  I believe they can do both as well… Sony may look like they aren’t focusing on the Vita much to you, but it’s there and it’s subtle.. Not every beginning has a great start…

                  • Gigus

                    I can understand what you said but the vita can still be overshadowed by the new playstation if things don’t go so well. Like you said, it all depends on how they execute their plans for this gaming generation. And I understand that they can do both but they still have to focus on the vita more because it has the lowest sales right now. If sales stay that low it’ll be dangerously be too close to sega’s console. Yes they’re two different things but they’re still gaming devices. I’m just gonna end posting on this article cause it seems like its way out of hand already and I’m still being accused of suggesting to “delay” the ps4 which I never said, implied, or suggested.

                • Solomon_Kano

                  Zero and Raiu have said everything I’d have wanted to.

                  As for where people are reading you think they should delay the PS4, you called releasing it this holiday a “mistake” and suggested a release for next summer would be better. While you didn’t outright ask for a delay, that’s what’s implied.

                  • Gigus

                    But that wasn’t part of my original statement. You people just took it out of context so I went with it to throw my own two cents in if the ps4 was to make its debut on the 20th. How do hell does that imply I’m suggesting a delay? You just came up with the assumption on your own that I said that. I could have been implying that the vita simply just needs more focus and they can still announce the ps4 at the same time. My whole point of even posting was to share an opinion about this article which will impact the vita if the ps4 were to be announced and suggested that Sony should promote the vita more before or while moving onto something new.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      OK then. In your original statement, you said you hope the PS4 isn’t being announced. That they should focus on the Vita first. That clearly says, not implies, they shouldn’t announce it at this time. Your later comments, that you threw in on the matter, just served to further color your opinion in that light. If you don’t think that the PS4 should be delayed, fine, I’m just telling you where that can be inferred from your comments. Plural. Please note that I didn’t even reply to your original statement anyway, I responded to another after that.

                      I understand your original point. The point that I and others who responded to you were making was that PS4 or not, the Vita’s situation doesn’t change. I agreed that it will take attention away from the Vita but, unless Sony’s got a bombshell announcement for it, it wouldn’t have any attention anyway. So, to further respond to your OP, yes, they need to market the Vita more. There’s absolutely no reason that they can’t do that at the same time as the PS4. They did it for PSP and PS3, Nintendo did it for the 3DS and Wii U. Ultimately, no amount of marketing will get it more games and that’s what it needs most. Developers will come when they’re good and ready. The Vita doesn’t need the PS4 to take attention from it, the 3DS and PSP have already succeeded in that regard.

                      So I got what you were saying, the point of my response wasn’t whether the PS4 should or shouldn’t be delayed, it was that the Vita is already being ignored and sales are already poor and that anything done with the PS4 won’t change that. The rest was in response to your reply to Rockman. Apologies if that wasn’t clear.

                • Elvick

                  First party means developed by a first party, Sony (in this case) owned developer… smh.

            • Elvick

              Heavenly Sword was not a launch title, neither was Lair… and as stated, none of those are first party anyway.

    • Consoles are a different market. Vita’s fate won’t make a drastic change regardless. Sony is still the lead in developing software for the Vita. Third parties haven’t been a huge help and that isn’t going to change.

      • Gigus

        I know its a different market. I wasn’t trying to put two different things together. I’m just saying that if sony wants the vita to be a success (which they do want it to be), they need to focus on it. Not overshadow it and leave it for dead.

        • shogunknight

          Revealing the new console would not make any change to the fate of vita, in fact it should better the chances for the handheld, you dont see 3ds sales falling due to the release of WiiU right?
          It just boils down to sony unveiling more content and a good lineup for vita and probably showing cross features between ps4 and vita that would better that of ps3 and vita

          • Gigus

            I know it wont but the fact is Sony wants the handheld to be successful, and the only way to do it is if they bring more focus to it. I really don’t understand why people think I’m saying “Delay the PS4”.

            • shogunknight

              True, the best option for vita is to show a lot of dedication to it and make people see its worth. The year is still fresh, we just have to wait and see

    • Well XSeed just announced they’re localizing two games for the Vita so that’s a step in the right direction

      • Gigus

        Atlus and NIS have more games on the way but there needs to be more. Then again atlus might not be a guarantee because of the recent partnership they have with Nintendo.

    • Elvick

      Killzone, Tearaway, Bend is likely making another game on Vita (honestly, when is the last console game they made?)… Soul Sacrifice is 2nd party it seems.

      There’s little to nothing to worry about from Sony. Third parties are the ones to worry about. Mainly Capcom and Square Enix. And any who put out a multiplatform title on literally every possible device but the Vita.

      And honestly, depending on the the PS4 functions it could help the Vita. Especially if they have remote play be an OS feature that requires no extra development from developers to get working on their games. That would be huge.

  • LordKaiser

    I’m the only one that don’t even care? The specs provide on the rumors don’t impress me 1 bit.

    • shogunknight

      You know i just noticed, the specs dont matter, good lineup and content does, my question is what would even make you care?

      • LordKaiser

        PS3 specs where impressive when it was announced back in the day. that’s all. As for you question it will be good that the Cell could be inserted inside the APU and that the CPU where to be IBM or Intel. You see Intel have this tri-gate technology that can shrink everything far more than AMD can. Smaller chips use less power and are easier to keep cool.

        • shogunknight

          True, I “think” Sonys aim for next gen was to make games easier to develop. I remember around early ps3 launch, quite a lot of devs complained about Sonys Cell chip harder to make games on it. Those guys (sony & co) probably spent a lot for that chip and it took almost half its lifetime for devs to get used to. Another reason might be that ATI chips are cheaper than NVIDIAs (even though they are worth the price)

  • I’ve sorta expected this all along. I would be surprised if MS doesn’t announce something very soon. I still think launch titles will be key this year. I think they will play a big role, bigger than they have with past consoles.

    I’m expecting Sony to bring it with one or two big launch titles. Infamous 3 anyone?

    • Dean Winchester

      Infamous 3 would be great as well as another Killzone but based on Naughty Dogs release schedule since 2007 my money’s on Uncharted 4 being a launch title for the PS4 while also having a version of lesser visual quality on the PS3 this November.

      Either way we all know MS will have either a Halo, YawnForza, or LOLFable at launch and every year after while poor Rare has been severely downgraded to making Kinect Sports and other such garbage.
      If MS and Sony go head to head MS will be in their rightful place at the bottom from beginning to end next gen for a third generation in a row.
      I said from day 1 MS would pull up the rear this gen and lo and behold I was right despite all the naysayers and Sony Doom and Gloomers.

      In the end Good Games prevail and that is as it should be.

      • syaznifaiq

        Dean, you forgot Girls of War

        • Dean Winchester

          I didnt forget.
          Its 3rd party and Epic owns the rights to the franchise so they can put it on any platform they choose.
          You can bet your bottom dollar gears will go multiplat next gen and I still wont buy it. I will however sit back and laugh at the Xcrowd.
          With Cliffy B. out of the picture the series will not stay on the xbox.

  • ShinAsura

    I’m losing it, gimmah

  • Mar Mar

    I’d rather say Social gaming aspects … umm… bunch of MMORPGs just like PC.
    There has to be a link between PS4 and Vita otherwise why did they waste their time making it?

  • I ran out of space buying these indie titles on the PSN and XBLA. I can’t imagine if I concentrated on big games like GTAV and Final Fantasy titles. I would run out of space and would get frustrated with the long load times. I wish our internet infrastructure would make a huge overhaul. I am tired of us being behind South Korea, Japan, and Europe in internet speeds.
    I am stoked to find out about the new system! Day one for me!!!! :D

  • Only PlayStation gamers could turn the fact that we are getting next gen console into something negative. I will say what I always say. modern gamers are the worst

  • AdamBoy64

    Cool. It’ll be interesting when we see a launch lineup.

  • I download at 80KB/s…it’sd not a joke. I need 6-7(maybe more) hours to download 700MB if all goes well…How can I download a Videogame-bluray?!

  • KurisuMakise

    Focusing on how the gamer interacts with the machine and thus the different software (games, media, etc) is actually a good move. Whilst the rumored specs paint for a nice little upgrade, it’s not enough to remain compelling for long. Interaction need not be just social media and stuff for the casuals. New ways to play, improvements on existing play methods, etc are all fair game too.

  • SLOW THE FUCK DOWN PEOPLE. No need to jump to conclusions yet. From what I hear the PS4 will be significantly powerful, but this time SONY isn’t going to break themselves Financially in the way they did with PS3. SONY better put FULL BC in all PS4 models as that is one of the Critiqued issues people were having. I have a feeling SONY will finally give us what we want cause honestly it’d be dumb if PS4 could play PS1,PS2, and PS4 games but not PS3.

    I’m only saying this cause later PS3 models could play only PS1,and PS3 games but not PS2 games which have had many in a SERIOUS Uproar.