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Rumor: PS4 has 8 core CPU, 18 Compute Unit GPU
posted on 01.28.13 at 11:36 AM EST by (@salromano)
Latest rumors suggest GPU overpowers Durango's.

Following its next-gen Xbox leak (all rumors, of course), video game leaks website VGLeaks has posted what it claims are the specs for PlayStation 4, all “subject to change in the future by Sony.” Find the details below.

Liverpool SOC

  • Custom implementation of AMD Fusion APU Architecture (Accelerated Processing Unit)
  • Provides good performance with low power consumption
  • Integrated CPU and GPU
  • Considerably bigger and more powerful than AMD’s other APUs


  • Orbis contains eight Jaguar cores at 1.6 Ghz, arranged as two “clusters”
  • Each cluster contains 4 cores and a shared 2MB L2 cache
  • 256-bit SIMD operations, 128-bit SIMD ALU
  • SSE up to SSE4, as well as Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
  • One hardware thread per core
  • Decodes, executes and retires at up to two instructions/cycle
  • Out of order execution
  • Per-core dedicated L1-I and L1-D cache (32Kb each)
  • Two pipes per core yield 12,8 GFlops performance
  • 102.4 GFlops for system


  • GPU is based on AMD’s “R10XX” (Southern Islands) architecture
  • DirectX 11.1+ feature set
  • Liverpool is an enhanced version of the architecture
  • 18 Compute Units (CUs)
  • Hardware balanced at 14 CUs
  • Shared 512 KB of read/write L2 cache
  • 800 Mhz
  • 1.843 Tflops, 922 GigaOps/s
  • Dual shader engines
  • 18 texture units
  • 8 Render backends


  • 4 GB unified system memory, 176 GB/s
  • 3.5 available to games (estimate)


  • High speed Blu-ray drive
  • Single layer (25 GB) or dual layer (50 GB) discs
  • Partial constant angular velocity (PCAV)
  • Outer half of disc 6x (27 MB/s)
  • Inner half varies, 3.3x to 6x

Internal Mass Storage

  • One SKU at launch: 500 GB HDD
  • There may also be a flash drive SKU in the future


  • 1 Gb/s Ethernet
  • 802.11b/g/n WIFI
  • Bluetooth


  • Evolved DualShock controller
  • Dual Camera
  • Move controller


  • Audio Processor (ACP)
  • Video encode and decode (VCE/UVD) units
  • Display ScanOut Engine (DCE)
  • Zlib Decompression Hardware
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  • Gaara D.Dragon

    cores and stuff are nice but all i want is a good rpg at launch, like star ocean 5

    • Star Ocean is fine, but somehow I definitely prefer the battle system of Tales along with the art style and setting :P Even though both games used to come from the same developer, which explains the similarity in battle systems.

      To be honest, 2 series can sell me on a system. Tales and Kingdom Hearts. I bought a 3DS for Kingdom Hearts, never regretted it. Of course other awesome games like Professor Layton and Ace Attorney are there as well.

      • AnimusVox

        I like the Star Ocean series for their gameplay, but their stories (the more recent ones) have been slightly mediocre. Though Graces/Graces f reminded me of Star Ocean 4 a bit in terms of story and character.

    • Bloodios

      Personally, I would like to have Valkyrie Profile 3 and Agni’ Philosophy.

    • Star Ocean has been going downhill for years.

      -The first game on the Super Famicom (snes) was incredible for its time; voice acting on a cartridge-based rpg was just insane.

      -Star Ocean 2 on ps1 was a big game with a really flashy battle system and nice pre-rendered backgrounds. It wasnt revolutionary, but it was a nice game.
      -Star Ocean 3 on PS2 had some really bad issues both with its pacing and battle system. The story was also arguably a low point.
      -Star Ocean 4 I never played, but no one seems to like it. The characters take anime-cliche to a whole new level from what I’ve seen though.

      • no it hasnt and these specs are fake

      • zakou

        Lol you didn’t play it because -> “no one seems to like it” i loved SO4 and know people who love it so much they go for the platinum trophy and keep in mind SO4 has one of the hardest platinums to earn along there with White knight.

        I would love SO5, also the SO psp versions are way better than the original ones so the only thing about Star ocean for me i see as it is just getting better.

        SO3 being my favourite, SO4 was good, they imporved the already perfect battle system imo from SO3.

        Star Ocean the older it gets the more it let’s us so, there is a reason why you can go up to level 255, with so much hidden and side content in the games, with so much anime/otaku references, if You didn’t know Star Ocean and Tales of are basicly real “jrpgs” with the “J” refering to true Japanese colture like Anime/Otakus, Manga, and Jpop, etc. SO and Tale of give us manga references, jpop songs, anime in game, etc etc.

        Do not talk about SO just because you didn’t like it, yes you are free to say what you want but don’t forget to post “imo” in your comments and not “The story was also arguably a low point.” Because that isn’t true. Also what you said about SO4 was the most stupid thing i ever heard on the internet from someone that isn’t trolling.

    • xMCXx

      Another Valkyrie Chronicles for consoles and not handhelds, please….?

      • AnimusVox

        I hope for the same but with how bad the series sold I don’t expect SEGA to fund this series again. I hope I’m wrong though and SEGA will give it another chance.

      • ShinAsura

        SEGA won’t publish it, will have to be someone else

    • dead_bones

      Or Resonance of Fate 2, or and Final Fantasy Tactics in PS4 graphics(no sprites).

  • NCloud

    18 Texture Units as opposed to stock AMD 7850′s 64? And 8 ROPs as opposed to 32 ROPs? PS3 and X360 have 8 ROPs. VGLeaks has knowingly or unknowingly got those details wrong or PS4 is nowhere near as powerful as it is
    being cracked up to be.

    • noname

      multiply by 4
      8 backends x 4 rops per backend = 32 rops
      18 tu x 4 = 72 texture units

      something something amd

  • I’d be okay putting 500-600$ for that, but if they really launch with a screen on the controller, that number drop to 100-200$. If I wanted a wii U/PS vita, I,d have brought a wii U/PS vita, I didn’t.

    • I’m happy with a traditional controller. Until something like virtual reality (Oculus Rift) takes off I don’t feel there’s a serious need for a replacement to what we have now.

  • pukarnrana

    don’t believe any of this, vgleaks pulled this out of their butt. anyone who has some pc knowledge will tell u there are some major problems in the specs listed. a 8 core cpu running at 1.6gh…

    • rockman29

      The 8 core Jaguar CPU (basically two Jaguars glued together) at 1.6 GHz is basically a shoe in.

    • vgleaks, unlike vgchartz, is actually considered quite reliable.

      • pukarnrana

        still doesnt change the fact the specs are allover the place. if is true, the playstation 4 will be long outdated before it comes out.

  • pukarnrana

    also if this true, u can kiss ps3 bc goodbye

    • rockman29

      There was never going to be BC.

      x86_64 is the future for consoles. It makes more sense to change the system now than try to support legacy and make the whole future difficult for BC later with PS5.

      • Yea until a standardized architecture is used for consoles backwards compatibility will always be a struggle from one generation to the next. And with hardware only getting more complex as time goes on, now’s as good of time as any to make the switch.

        That said, Sony does have a patent on backward compatibility enabling modules, so maybe they’ll do something with that.

    • ShinAsura

      That was already confirmed ages ago and if you haven’t remembered, they purchased GAKAI for BC streaming

  • It seems like this will have a 4Gigs ram at 176GB/s as opposed to Xbox’s 8Gigs at 68GB/s. so Size or speed? any opinions from pros’ out there?

    • rockman29

      Read this:

      TL;DR more bandwidth is better for performance.

      • well let’s hope devs won’t complain about 3.5Gb not being enough.

        • shogunknight

          The sad thing is, devs would always complain, its a way to prove to the world they can always do better

        • Skerj

          I can see that happening now, hello to another generation of Lens of Truth fanboy comparison wars. :(

  • It seems like Sony has finally acknowledged the Kinect’s ability to sense 3d spaces. it’ll be interesting to see how Sony will go up against Kinect with their “Dual Camera” peripheral thing, which i assume is a 3D version of PSeye.

  • so? graphics really dont matter all that much

    And these specs use big words, but they arent all that great, although I think the entire story is bs

  • So Now i Have 2 Say GoodBye Ps3(You Made Me So Happy All the last Years) :(

    • AnimusVox

      You don’t have to say goodbye, just keep her. I still own my PS2 and it works like a champ, I plan on doing the same with my PS3

      • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

        Same here. Not saying good-bye to my faithful lady anytime soon =)

  • shogunknight

    Dual camera? Whats that for, getting curious even though its a rumor.

    • zakou

      So they can turn on the camera and spy on us in secret, twice the much!

      • shogunknight

        Hahaha, seriously no

  • I sort of wish it would come standard with an SSD because of the performance benefits that would give to developers if they used it for data caching like the hdd on ps3. At the very least hopefully they let people put in their own ssd instead of having to buy special overpriced ones (like what MS does with 360).

    • Bloodios

      I am hoping that the Momentus XT would become the PS4’s default HDD.

  • devovit

    just let them compete, its good for the customers

  • Rumors …rumors everywhere ..don’t bother believing these until official word is out.

  • Did someone say Jaguar Jaguar JAAAAGGGUUUUUAAAARRRR!!!!

  • LordKaiser

    It’s very hard to be impressed by those specs.

  • EspadaKiller

    99% sure that these specs are fake, leaked consoles specs are always fake zzz

  • PrinceHeir

    either way can’t wait for PS4!!!!

  • Seems fake to notice DirectX is in it…

  • Prodigy-X

    Sounds like its going to be powerful.

  • ShinAsura

    One sku, i’m surprised. IGN asked for that, interesting but still rumors

    I’m keen on waiting for the flash drive sku

    So I wonder does the 3.5 GIG estimate to games mean my chat will still lag with only 500 MEGs available? I’d rather games use 3GIG and leave 1GIG for the XMB or whatever they’re using

  • almostautumn

    Rumor: I won’t have enough money for this

  • KurisuMakise

    Specs are good now about this “evolved dualshock” and uh…no rumours of backwards compatibility? Welp, stay with me 60GB, stay with me.

  • i though Sony using NVidia… :))