PlayStation Meeting 2013: "See the future" on February 20 - Gematsu
PlayStation Meeting 2013: “See the future” on February 20
posted on 01.31.13 at 06:12 PM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 reveal happening next month?

A teaser video published on Sony’s YouTube channel tonight teases you’ll “see the future” (of PlayStation?) on February 20 at 6pm EST.

A website link found in the video’s description reveals Sony is holding its third PlayStation Meeting event this year. At the last PlayStation Meeting, held in January 2011, we saw the announcement of PlayStation Vita.

That said, it’s possible we’ll be hearing about PlayStation 4 next month.

Watch the video below.

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  • Well that was a waste of money haha!

    • I wouldn’t think so cause PS2 was announced before E3 2000 in Japan. In fact PS2 at E3 2000 showed the potential power of the console and it was to be released a few months.

      Why do I get the Strong feeling that the PS4 will be SONY’s BIG console that sells just like the PS2.

      • A big console needs an epic intro… Like this one:


      • syaznifaiq

        Somehow i got the feeling that FFVSXIII is PS4 LAUNCH TITLE .

      • I meant the video its self, I’m excited over the ps4 :-) seems like a waste of money for them to make a commercial? just to say “February 20th..”

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    The Future of Sony’s face buttons! They’re very shiny now :) Back on topic would they show the PS4 this early, and not wait for E3?

    • I don’t see why not. Start building the hype before E3, show some games now, reveal more games then. Gives the console its own spotlight.

      • Exactly theres less time to mention about the console at E3 cause Everyone’ll know about it.They can focus on the Price and making it less than $599 for launch with Full BC, all PSN stuff transferred over from the PS3,PSP, and PS VITA to PS4.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        I dunno I thought maybe closer to E3 roll in with hype. Keep hype lol. But that’s why I’m not in this business. How long though after it is announced before we see a price tag?

        • I wish I had the answers. Could be on February 20. Could be they announce it February 20, then reveal the final price at E3. We’ll have to wait and see!

      • rockman29

        It’s going to be exciting to see just how much Sony is investing in games for PS4.

        How many titles from Sony first party, that’s going to be fun to find the answer to…. in due time, in due time…

      • Dean Winchester

        I agree. Nintendo waited too long to start hyping the Wii-U and its games; waited way to long to announce basic info like storage space, launch lineup and especially price and I think it bit them in the ass with less than stellar sales last holiday season.

        Still glad I got mine but I am incredibly stoked for a new Playstation console. Love both my Triples but have no qualms about buying the next big thing from them!

        (did I spell qualms right?$

        • Prodigy-X

          I agree too. Nintendo took way too long.

  • Oh well lets see if they can get me to buy a PS4 LOL

    • rockman29

      You need a Playstation to be certified a gamer, that’s just how it works dude.

      • Lame reply I will pretend I never read that. But yeah.. we shall see and I have no idea why you downed me I have wanted a PS4 ever since the PS3 came out lol. The world needs less people like you.

        • rockman29

          I didn’t down vote you lol, noob.

          Sarcastic web kids can’t take sarcasm, t3h irony.

        • Please stop accusing people of down voting you.

          I don’t like the downvote system, I understand why you get upset over down votes but accusing people doesn’t really help.


          • I don’t have freedom of speech on this site? how do you know that troll is not lying anyways? Why put him over me and kill my freedom over his? Mr Mod. I hope your answer is a good one because I have linked many people to this website and supported it… so .. do I have my freedom of speech or not? why did you jump in like that?

            • I actually gave you an up vote. I don’t know for sure who is giving you down votes. I can’t tell, nor can I remove down votes. I can only place one vote per comment, just like everyone else.

              I’m not demanding or telling you to do anything. I’m only suggesting that you don’t get so worked up about down votes. I get down voted too, it happens to all of us.

              I’m not trying to ‘kill your freedom’ or anything like that. I read basically all the comments, I see lots of down votes. I’ve expressed my disgust with the down vote system in the past, but I can’t change what Disqus does.

              All I’m saying is, just because someone responds to you, that doesn’t mean they down voted you. If it really bothers you, then just ask them about it kindly. Please.

          • Its 3 on one and one of you is a Mod. What ever still got my 9 lives not even a scratch.

        • Dean Winchester

          It is now my personal mission to downvote every comment I come across posted by you.

          So sick of you lashing out at anyone and everyone who responds to your comments b/c you immediately assume that the person who is responding to you is the same person who downvoted you.

          In 99% of instances the person downvoting you wont take the time to respond to you as its much easier to “hit and run” than it is to engage someone.

          Consider me that 1% who will downvote you and tell you I’m doing it.

          Ive even seen you being beligerent with Sal who FREAKING RUNS GEMATSU accusing him of downvoting you simply b/c he tried to engage in conversation with you in a very reasonable fashion.

          Sadly you cant reason with someone who is unreasonable and while I despise the downvoting system myself b/c trolls use it as a lazy form of totally anonymous trolling……just know that at least one downvote on everyone of your comments from now on is from me. Dean Winchester.

          If I could wrap them in a bow I’d freakin do it.

          • Don’t believe we have ever had a conversation … who are you? and why are you stalking me? I am a friendly user and I have every right to reply just like anyone here… you just reply to me right? I also have that right too… unless gematsu has something personal against me, their average user.

  • ShinAsura

    Pretty sure this is the Apple type show that was rumored they would be doing so the press can get an unbarred look at the PS4

  • PrinceHeir

    PS4!!!! please!

  • paperclichepixel

    Black Dooooommmmm!!!

  • Potionzmaster

    It’s happening :D *wildly flaps hands in the air*


  • DarthBrian

    I’m excited! :D

  • Solomon_Kano

    Excite! Excite! Excite!

    I always like hearing new consoles announced. I can’t wait to see what games they use to show off what it can do.

  • Prodigy-X

    My Body Is Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finalshoryuken

    After what Nintendo showed us what they will be doing in 2013 and beyond, I became a believer! (Noted: I always was a Nintendo fan, it was just a love/hate relationship) Hope Sony gives me the same feeling!

  • From what I’m hearing as I went onto the VGLeaks website. On person Commented saying they were a SONY Insider and that the PS4 will have Full BC, and use the Cell Processor but an upgraded version which would be smart as long as its easier to develop for.

  • Raiyu

    5 days before Destination Playstation too, maybe we’ll see even more games there ;)

    The 20th can’t come fast enough

    • rockman29

      Destination is Feb 25 to 28.

      Gonna be crazy with two events so close, can only be for one reason baby :)

  • AS long as you own one of the current Gen. consoles you are a Gamer.
    I own 17 Video Game consoles from the Atari 2600 to Wii,360, and my Primary console of use PS3.

    • Dean Winchester

      I havent counted my consoles in a while but between console and handhelds I own over 30 and about 700 games between them.
      Been collecting for a long time!

  • I hope they have at least one ace RPG lined up. =)

    • veruses

      The Legend of Dragoon remake?…. It wouldn’t hurt.

    • Raiyu

      Persona 5

    • Wild Arms 6… If they need a good one…

    • zakou

      The games that will make me buy a PS4 day one is either one of: a new Final Fantasy PS4 game, a new MGS game, a new Xenosaga game, Dark Cloud 3, or even a Valkyrie Profile 3 ;D

    • Potionzmaster

      Indeed! A Final Fantasy (Agni, or maybe Versus) would be fantastic, and Persona 5 would be great as well :)
      Ugh, the wait is killing me!

    • KurisuMakise

      The ideal would be to cover a wide stretch of genre’s both in launch and launch months to set the tone for buyers. However, when you said RPG are we referring to a WRPG or A JRPG or either is fine?

  • Elvick

    I want it. Whatever it is.

  • rockman29

    The funniest part about this is EVERYONE will say they are not done with their PS3 and don’t want next gen…

    Until next gen comes and everyone jumps on the bandwagon lol.

    New tech is exciting, it’s undeniable :)

    • DrForbidden

      As long as it’s affordable to you, yeah, it’s exciting. PS3 adoption didn’t reach profitable levels until Sony did price drops and such.

      • Dean Winchester

        Ive been there day 1 for every system both handheld and console since the PS1 sans the N64. I despised that rhino tooth controller and its lack of worthwhile games for my tastes.

        That said, the GC, Wii, DS, 3DS,GBA, GBASP, 3DSXL and the Wii-U were all day 1 purchases and only the 3DS and Wii I regretted getting at launch.

        This hobby is awesome and new tech is always an exciting time. The 360’s successor will be the first console since the N64 I will avoid completely at launch but will truly be the first console I NEVER buy.

        Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice…….

        • DrForbidden

          I’m curious: you had a very bad experience with the X360?

      • Elvick

        Um no. That’s not how it went at all…

        Profits didn’t get to a good point, until manufacturing costs went down. Dropping the price didn’t do anything to help them get profit for awhile, all it did was push the hardware.

        Price drops, despite them continuing to lose money, was just something they were aware was necessary to do to keep selling at a pace that would keep them going through this generation.

        • DrForbidden

          Uhh, I think you were confused by my wording. I meant to say Sony didn’t see profits from PS3 sales until they dropped the price to a level the consumer mass market was comfortable with. I didn’t meant to imply that dropping the price made each PS3 unit profitable to Sony.

          In a situation where manufacturing costs went down, but Sony kept selling at the original launch prices, do you honestly think Sony would be turning a profit even then? Sure, they might make a profit per unit sold, but with low adoption rates due to the price, Sony would be on the losing side of the console war.

          All the factors are related. Manufacturing costs going down allowed Sony to sell cheaper PS3s, even if it is still at a loss. Cheaper PS3s meant more people would buy them. More people buying PS3s translate into more PS3 games sold overall. More PS3s sold also tended to encourage further sales as friends will influence friends to buy.

  • rockman29
    • I know Pachter tends to get over excited and jump the gun on these types of things. This time, I think he is probably right.

    • I don’t really care for anything that analysts say because they’re wrong the majority of the time and when they’re right, it’s because their prediction was obvious. And this, this is obvious. =P

      • rockman29

        yea the best thing about it is simply that we don’t know yet, just makes it more exciting

        i think we might just get a very basic rundown and maybe a glimpse of ps4 to whet our appetite, and only at the very end

        i think Vita was done in a similar announcement, and i think they threw the spec sheet at us

  • bebestorm117

    Im very interested in the next playstation console… Hopefully there will be strong 3rd party support and it would be nice if Sony work hard to get some 3rd party exclusives back.

  • LordKaiser

    I don’t expect anything impressive anymore unless Kojima is there and reveals Zone of the Enders 3 and more footage of ground Zeroes or Nomura shows more Versus XIII…. Well dreams are free.

  • zakou

    lol @ people getting so worked up over “voting system” voting system is like rating games, you don’t know how good game is by it’s rating number but by playing it yourself.

    Same goes with posters/users here, who cares about the stupid voting system that anyone can abuse, change ip/mac and start going on a devote rampage as it happened before.

    You know someone by their username and what they post and eventually you have an idea who that person is or how he/she/it can respot to certain things and not how many votes they get.

    Either way, back to the topic… I really hope it is the Playstation 4 ^^ but i don’t like the “other” rumor that pops out once in a while stating that the PS4 won’t be much powerfull than the PS3.

    Inb4 someone calls me a graphic whore no stop, i just want the tradition to carry on, from PS1 the next PS system was almost 10x more powerfull than the previous one and i want that to continue as we actually do need more power, looking at how more and more frames drop in games.

    TL;DR: Yeah im excited for the PS4 but i’m even more excited for the games :D

  • YangTerlupakan

    but how about Versus & The last guardian???????????????????