Next Tales of countdown update: 1 day - Gematsu
Next Tales of countdown update: 1 day
posted on 05.31.12 at 12:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
What's everyone hoping for, then?

The Next Tales of countdown site has reached one day.

Today’s phrase reads: “So, what are you guys hoping for?”

Next Tales of will be unveiled at the Tales of Festival in Yokohoma, Japan on June 2.

Previous updates:

  • 2 days – “It would be nice to make memories like that once again.”
  • 3 days – “I want you to look ahead. Because every person has that power.”
  • 4 days – “Even if that’s the case…… appearances aren’t the most important thing, right?”
  • 5 days – “…I’m gonna tell you something. There are things in this world that can’t be destroyed.”
  • 6 days – “Is a person not stronger if they have someone to protect?”
  • 7 days – “Continue to fight alone, and someday loneliness will swallow you.”
  • 8 days – “You’ll regret not staying here until your death!”
  • 9 days – “Erasing in secret, leaving nothing behind… That’s your guy’s specualty, isn’t it?”
  • 10 days – “The form of its capacity was seen. The depth of the next one is immeasurable.”
  • 11 days – “What we need is ‘choice.’ A ‘choice’ on which everything we have – our lives, our world – hinges.”
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  • amost

    This feels like christmas eve…

    • AdamBoy64

      @amost: .. Yeah.
      Except we’ll be watching someone else get all the presents.

      • amost

        @AdamBoy64: I’m one of those lucky people with in-laws who live in Tokyo :) You can be sure I’ll be receiving that present eventually!

  • anime10121

    Im hoping for whatever it is to be localized!

    Now fulfill my hopes and desires Namdai:P

  • Zero

    Almost there.

  • Hinano


  • FaithlessMr

    Almost there everyone :)

  • InternatlGamer3

    I want this new NAMCO Tales title to be out for PS3. I also want Tales of Xillia localized for American release. I will buy day one before I get sent into Air Force Basic Training in 2013.

  • TheDarkCloud

    “So, what are you guys hoping for?”

    A US release ????

  • AdamBoy64

    It’ll be good to have the name revealed. That’ll be fun.
    I won’t get excited about it though unless it’s announced for localisation.

    I hope the European release of Graces F does well, so that Graces F sales reach their internal sales target. That’s what we gotta be hoping for
    (or better still, investing into).

    • FaithlessMr

      I got Abyss, so now I’m eagerly waiting for Graces F :D The biggest problem here was that NB took a long, long time to actually release the game in europe, and some of the potential interested gamers already imported their copies from the US. I hope that doesn’t have any bad impacts on the eventual sales.

      • Blaz

        It wont i promise you, i for one bough the USA edition and im going to buy the European special edition =)