Next Tales of countdown update: 4 days - Gematsu
Next Tales of countdown update: 4 days
posted on 05.28.12 at 08:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
"The most important is not the form, right?"

The countdown site for Namco Bandai’s next Tales game has reached four days.

Today’s phrase reads: “Even if that’s the case…… appearances aren’t the most important thing, right?”

Next Tales of will be unveiled at the Tales of Festival in Yokohoma, Japan on June 2.

Previous updates:

  • 5 days – “…I’m gonna tell you something. There are things in this world that can’t be destroyed.”
  • 6 days – “Is a person not stronger if they have someone to protect?”
  • 7 days – “Continue to fight alone, and someday loneliness will swallow you.”
  • 8 days – “You’ll regret not staying here until your death!”
  • 9 days – “Erasing in secret, leaving nothing behind… That’s your guy’s specualty, isn’t it?”
  • 10 days – “The form of its capacity was seen. The depth of the next one is immeasurable.”
  • 11 days – “What we need is ‘choice.’ A ‘choice’ on which everything we have – our lives, our world – hinges.”
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  • Bobburt444

    Just noticed the ES looks like it’s glowing. Has it been like that before?

    • Sal Romano

      @Bobburt444: Nope, but if you look back at previous days, other characters have.

      • whiteferrero

        @Sal Romano: maybe if you collect the glowing characters and unscramble them you get the name of the game?

        • Bobburt444

          @whiteferrero: So I went back and looked. It appears only even days have a glowing character-

          10 .
          8 TTA?
          6 .
          4 ES

          • whiteferrero

            @Bobburt444: so right now we have tales of state.. lol. let’s see where it goes.

  • chinglee

    “Even if that’s the case…… appearances aren’t the most important thing, right?”

    The next phrase/character quote should be “Only ugly people say that…”

    and then “Why you gotta be like that bro?”

    and the final phrase/quote, “Well the girls ugly soooo I don’t think it’s worth destroying the world over that beastly thing”

  • Revorse

    I’m really liking these quotes. Day 5 and day 7 especially. Hopefully it’ll lead up to something nice.