Next Tales of countdown update: 7 days - Gematsu
Next Tales of countdown update: 7 days
posted on 05.25.12 at 02:50 PM EST by (@salromano)
Fight with a team, not in solitude.

There are 7 days left on the countdown clock for Namco Bandai’s next Tales game.

Today’s new phrase on the site reads: “Continue to fight alone, and someday loneliness will swallow you.”

Next Tales of will be unveiled on June 2 at the Tales of Festival in Yokohoma, Japan.

Previous updates:

  • 8 days – “You’ll regret not staying here until your death!”
  • 9 days – “Erasing in secret, leaving nothing behind… That’s your guy’s specualty, isn’t it?”
  • 10 days – “The form of its capacity was seen. The depth of the next one is immeasurable.”
  • 11 days – “What we need is ‘choice.’ A ‘choice’ on which everything we have – our lives, our world – hinges.”
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  • anime10121

    Game sounds great so far! Cant wait to find out more info about it and who’s doing character designs next week during the Tales of Festival!

  • InternatlGamer3

    Sounds to me like since they’re mentioning choice. Namco is looking to once again break the JRPG mold like they did with TALES OF XILLIA.
    more innovation, and creativity is what Japanese dev’s need. I want JAPANESE GAME DEV’S to succeed once more like back in the 90’s when I was a kid.