Discussionist: 1st Production expectations - Gematsu
Discussionist: 1st Production expectations
posted on 01.15.11 at 08:51 AM EST by (@salromano)

On Tuesday, January 18, Square Enix will hold their 1st Production Department Premier press conference, where we’ll see media blowouts for titles like Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3DS, and more.

Unannounced titles are expected to be present. Square recently trademarked the name Final Fantasy Type-0 in the European trademarks office, which — given the timing — might be one of the announcements. Square registered a domain name for a Final Fantasy XIII sequel last week, which might also signal a forthcoming announcement.  Nomura’s ‘don’t forget Lighting’ artwork from back in December supports the rumor.

Sequels and Type-0‘s or not, what are you expecting out of Square Enix’s press conference next week? Nothing but good? Nothing but bad? Release dates? A multiplatform Versus XIII? Kingdom Hearts III!? Let’s hear it.

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  • Noctis

    I cant wait for 18th
    plz SE we need consoles games not portable

  • Kurai Warrior

    Omg yes we need console game so fricken bad! And GOOD games, not half-a$sed ones.
    I mainly just want to see Versus XIII, I have been waiting for it since E3 of 2006. I want to know what this game is about and how it plays. It’s already ridiculous it has taken them this long to give a full reveal. I
    ‘m also hoping they don’t pull a multiplatform announcement, just leave it alone Square-Enix. If you are gonna have a game be multiplatform announce it multiplat from the very beginning, not 5 years after saying it’s exclusive.

    I’m also interested in the new games they announce, but mainly console titles. (If they announce any). I have been severely lacking RPG’s this gen. While this has caused me to branch out a lot more and try a lot of new games, a lot of which I love, my PS3 needs some RPG love.

    January 18th needs to hurry up and get here.

  • Revorse

    OH MAN!! Any info about FF will satisfy me. BUTT I REALLLY wanna hear about Type-0, FF XIII-2, and if they toss in some info about HD version/collections of the KH series and FFX, X-2, and XII

    • Noctis

      Fuck yeah
      an hd collection of ff 10 10-2 12 will be amazing

      • I’m always saying this. Seriously, if Square would release Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XII in HD on a blu-ray, I’d pay $60 for. I know $40 is the standard price for these collections, but I wouldn’t mind an extra $20.

        • Falsate

          Hell, I’d pay $100 for FFXII alone. I’ve seen the texture work in a PCSX2 Emulation Thread and every asset is finely detailed.

          About the 1PDP, I’m expecting Agito XIII to have a release date for Japan. Dead serious too. Versus XIII sounds like an utter mess regarding its production, but that’s expected when the same director and designer is apportioned across most of their AAA titles.

          • Speaking of emulators… serious question. If there are emulators that run PS2 games on a computer, then why is it so hard for Sony to patch in PS2 support for the newer PS3s?

            • Chainermike

              Simply because doing so would not be as profitable as releasing hd classics. Sad thing is the cost of the games is not even an issue to most ps2 game fans, it’s the number of games sony has released for it, which makes it all the more annoying >.<

        • whiteferrero

          Ahh, if they do decide to rerelease ff12, i wish they’d flesh out the story. Add like 2 hours worth of cutscenes or something. Even rework some of the present scenes. That would make it worth 20 bucks more…

          • Falsate

            It might as well be an official translation of the IZJS. Man, I’d run out and get me another PS3 just for it.

          • milramyah

            especially now that yasumi matsuno recently returned to square to work on tactics ogre!

  • zakou

    FFXIII-2 is all i need oh and versus

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I would like a full reveal of Versus and Agito and at least a release window. I would really love a Kingdom Hearts HD as far a FF HD collection Im only interested in X. A new rpg. I still have hope in a FF7 and FF8 remake. I want to know about XIII sequel.


    From a western gamer: FF 13 is a visionary art masterwork from a higher realm, one of the best games ever made (I do want towns though). I simply can’t wait for FF VERSUS 13. I REALLY REALLY WANT PROPER IN-ENGINE FOOTAGE & SCREENS, a WESTERN RELEASE DATE, JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION (even tho FF 13’s English voice-over dub was excellent), & a SPECIAL EDITION (with a proper full-sized artbook & unique game case with hand-drawn cover art). For other announcements, I only want PS3/360 games (using CRYSTAL ENGINE tech please!), & no western development outsourcing or ‘westernizing’ of games…


    From a western gamer: Oh yeah, I would LOVE a ‘FF 13 – 2’ & a ‘FF VII PS3/360 CRYSTAL TOOLS TECH HD REMAKE’. PLEASE…

  • Chaos Raiden

    Please announce that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released this year.

  • whiteferrero

    I’m a big SquareEnix fan, and I’m waiting on Agito because it’s looking pretty epic. But I do hope they announce something different. Something a bit more creative, something out of their comfort zone.

  • milramyah

    i wonder if there will be anything on that rumored fortress game.

  • Didn’t think this was too news worthy what with the conference on Tuesday morning and all, but Square’s trademarked three new ‘Type’ names.

    Type-1 – http://tmview.europa.eu/tmview/details.html?id=009655994&itemIndex=1&totalResults=62&page=0&pageSize=15&officeCode=EM
    Type-2 – http://tmview.europa.eu/tmview/details.html?id=009656075&itemIndex=2&totalResults=62&page=0&pageSize=15&officeCode=EM
    Type-3 – http://tmview.europa.eu/tmview/details.html?id=009656091&itemIndex=3&totalResults=62&page=0&pageSize=15&officeCode=EM

    I just remembered that Square’s Japan studio is currently working alongside an American dev on a “large scale project” said to be “a top class title that targets overseas core gamers”. The name Final Fantasy Type-0 does have a western/eastern ring to it. East being Final Fantasy, west being Type-0.

    • Falsate

      I don’t believe those are anything else but Square Enix registering fonts and its types for some perhaps distant project.

      • I think they’re pulling a Namco and registering distractions. For the uninformed, the Tales of Xillia trademark was registered in Japan alongside two other names: Tales of Faithus and Tales of Zestia. Namco usually does this for every new Tales games they produce.

        • Falsate

          I am so glad I was wrong! My precious Agito XIII has received some bitter footage. I cannot wait for Summer 2011. :D

  • PJ_1983

    I’d love an announcement for Final Fantasy X, X-2 & XII HD Collection. I really want to play X & XII again so badly.

  • whiteferrero

    whew. I’m getting kinda nervous now that it’s almost here…

  • Zero

    Hmmmmm, my predictions?

    1. Final Fantasy Versus 13 gets some new trailers and stuff, but they still keep it very much behind closed doors.
    2. Instead they remind us of Agito, and how its going to come out this year in Japan, also other PSP games.
    3. New Dragon Quest Games of some kind on portables.
    4. Odd Focus on American Games from Eidos Studio Branch.
    5. Stupid Cell Phone games.

    That’s probably what will happen, this is what I would like to see happen.

    1. They shock the world with Chrono Trigger 2 and Final Fantasy VII 2, both coming to PS3/360 in 2012.
    2. The next Dragon Quest game is coming to PS3/360.
    3. New innovative RPGs for PS3 and 360.
    4. They announce they have purchased the Tales Franchise from Namco, and all Tales games are coming to America and Europe! (LOL)

    • I wouldn’t want anybody obtaining the Tales franchise from Namco. Their developers take good care of the games — all we need is someone to obtain a license to localize the games. And if that were the case, I’d much rather it be Atlus.

      • Zero

        I agree Sal, the last one was a joke. :)

  • Update on the streaming tomorrow. The conference begins at 4am EST on January 18. Live streaming will begin two hours later. To check your local time, use this link: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_JP.aspx?y=2011&mo=1&d=18&h=18&mn=0

    The Japanese time on the link is when the conference begins, not the livestream. So whatever you get, be sure to add two hours.

    Finally, we’ll put up a ‘livestream of the livestream’ that we’ve found sometime tonight, so that it’s ready to watch. You’d normally have to be a member of Square-Enix members Japan and have to have been chosen by Square-Enix to watch the stream.

    I expect most news will get out before the livestream, but whatever trailers and video footage is shown most likely won’t hit the net for a good week or two. Maybe more.

    • Falsate

      I’ll be watching it directly since I received a Ticket Number as well. I do believe there was a fairly high chance for people to get in, but the registration process might have been a hindrance.

      • It was annoying, that’s for sure. I registered and received a number, so I’m good. But I don’t want all those unable to do so to miss out.

        • Falsate

          This will be great. Agito Agito Agito XIII… yes, feel the hype. :P

    • Zero

      Keep in mind, Square-Enix is awful about secrecy, chances they black out the trailers and only give sound on that live stream is high.

      It happened when I watched the TGS Sony stream, hopefully not this time, but It might.

  • Yuri4prez

    All ot these mentioned so far would be amazing, but we must come back to reality now.

    They will probably just teas us some more with VXIII, show us 3rd Birthday, and more crap cell phone games/portables that the fans are not asking for.

    –Back to Wonderland–


  • L0v3rboi04

    Hmmmm I am really excitied about this. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and Kingdom Hearts fan I just want a release on Versus and to know there making Kingdom Hearts 3! I’m pretty sure theres going to be a release on versus for 2012 and my idea on Final Fantasy 13-2……wel I’m not for it and I’m not against it. I have grown to love this website keep doing a good job!