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Nomura details January Square Enix conference
posted on 12.19.10 at 11:11 PM EST by (@salromano)

Nomura’s shared new details on the “Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier” event, set for January 18th, in the latest issue of Dengeki.

Last Monday, Square Enix delayed the conference from its original January 11th date, as well as announced a name change. The conference was originally known as the “Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference”. The reason for the delay, according to Nomura, is due to magazine publishing schedules. January 18th is a Tuesday, meaning Famitsu won’t leak until later that night.

Nomura’s said that the event’s shifted from being mostly a press event to a “premium event” for the fans. Its focus is video footage.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be there, of course. We’ll hear the Japanese voice of Noctis for the first time and witness a good deal of actual footage from the game. However, Nomura says that the footage we will see is from before the game’s visuals were given a significant boost.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix will also be at the event, the magazine’s confirmed. I believe Final Fantasy Agito XIII was confirmed prior to this update, as well.

Stay tuned. We’re t-minus 29 days and counting from the conference. Let’s hope they end up releasing all of that footage they reveal in HD on the PlayStation Store or to the press in North America.

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I have been waiting for this event. I wonder if Versus will still get worldwide release. I anxious to see footage and hopefully story details for Versus and Agito!

  • Falsate

    Hopefully the voice acting will be received decently by those attending.

  • please let it be Jun Fukuyama for Noctis. he fits perfectly with the character :D

    cannot wait for this :)

  • Acerba

    Well, now we know that the conference will also be streamed on Nico Video, but only 10,000 people will be able to view it. WHY, SQUARE ENIX, WHY?!

    • It’s cool. It’ll be filled with all 10,000.


    From a western gamer: FF 13 was a perfect visionary art masterwork from the heavens (I do want towns though). FF VERSUS 13 is one of my most anticipated titles of all time. Japanese voice track option PLEASE (even though FF 13 had beyond exceptional English voice-overs)…

  • PJoyce_83

    I don’t know what has happened to me, I just don’t care much these days for Square-Enix. I’ll be buying Verses XIII but i’m not hyped for it and that is very strange coming from me who has loved Final Fantasy games for so long. I never thought I would ever grow out of playing JRPGs, but it has happened and it is a sad time.

    • I hear you. It’s hard to be ‘hyped’ when we’ve still little-to-no information on it. I’m sure that after some concrete details let loose at the conference — maybe even a date or expected time frame — then your hype will begin to rise.

      You know, about the time when Famitsu will start doing its weekly/bi-weekly reveals of characters and information. Just like they did with Final Fantasy XIII.

      • Falsate

        The hype emanates from the atmosphere of the trailers (the dark feel as if some type of Dark Knight / Hitmen / Watchmen knockoff), Noctis’ aloof appearance, and other small bits revolving around the story.

        While all that’s more or less great, I’d like to see this in some actual form other than popping up talking about “Smooth development progression”.