Shironeko New Project details Guild and Blacksmith facilities
posted on 12.16.18 at 06:23 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New concept art of the 2020-due Switch action RPG.

Colopl debuted new information and concept art for Shironeko New Project, its July-announced action RPG for Switch based on the popular smartphone game, at Colopl Fes 2018.

Here is the concept art and details:

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Flying Island

For the second update on the game, here is a look at the whale-type flying island that appeared in the announcement trailer. This is a bird’s-eye view of the island. In addition to the park-like man-made part of the island’s surface, there are also ponds and other features.

Shironeko New Project

The Inside of the Flying Island

The inside of the whale’s abdomen is a vast living space. As you progress through the game, various facilities will appear along the stone-paved road in its center, and the island will bustle with people.

Shironeko New Project

Shironeko New Project

Facility #1: The Guild

The Guild is where players will manage quests. Players will come here to accept quests, then head off to adventure.

Shironeko New Project

Facility #2. Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is where players can purchase and strengthen weapons and armor.

Shironeko New Project

In addition to the Shironeko New Project update, Colopl also announced a Shironeko TV anime, which will debut in 2020—the same year that Shironeko New Project is due out in Japan.

View the above concept art in high-resolution at the gallery.

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