Gal Metal demo, version 1.0.1 update now available in Japan
posted on 03.15.18 at 12:26 AM EST by (@salromano)
Try out the DMM Games-developed rhythm game.

Gal Metal

A downloadable demo for the DMM Games-developed rhythm game Gal Metal is now available for Switch via the Nintendo eShop in Japan.

The demo enables users to play the first chapter of the game’s story mode.

Additionally, DMM Games has released the version 1.0.1 update for Gal Metal, which includes the following changes:

  • Added setting to choose between two Joy-Con swing modes.
    • Current method, “Drum Mode”: A mode to play the game as if you are hitting drums.
    • New method, “Swing Mode”: A mode to play the game by simply swinging the Joy-Cons. This method is recommended for first-time players and those who find hitting drums difficult.
    • (“Swing Mode” will be the mode set at the start of the game.)
  • Added Joy-Con sensitivity settings for each swing mode. Sensitivity levels can be set between 1 and 20, and individually for each Joy-Con. (This can only be set when playing the game with Joy-Cons.)
    • (The initial sensitivity level will be 10.)
  • From the Practice screen, you can practice each song individually or in a group.
    • Solo Practice: Practice the rhythm patterns on your own and create new rhythms.
    • Group Practice: Repeatedly practice the selected song with the members of the Metal Club.
    • (The songs you can practice are the same as those unlocked in Free Play.)

Gal Metal is available now for Switch in Japan. Read more about the game here.

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