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Death end re;Quest details Natsuo Munakata and Rin Asukaze, Flash Idea System
posted on 10.17.17 at 12:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Learn new skills in a "flash."

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Death end re;Quest with details on characters Natsuo Munakata and Rin Asukaze, and the “Flash Idea System.”

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Get the new details below.

■ Characters

Natsuo Munakata (voiced by ???)

Death end re;Quest

A former employee of the company Agur. He is currently starting up a private business. Since he was the lead contact person for Enigma, which uses Agur’s Alice Code game engine, he is an acquaintance of Arata and cooperates with him.

Rin Asukaze (voiced by ???)

Death end re;Quest

The secretary to the president of the Enigma company. She relays the intentions of the president in his stead, as he does not appear himself. Contrary to her appearance, she is quite old. She is generally shy and does not say more than necessary. She delivers messages from the president and so on, but for some reason when Arata is in a pinch, she gallantly appears to save him.

■ System

◆ Battle

Flash Idea System

Death end re;Quest

Obtain new skills in a “flash.”

The Flash Idea System is a system in which you can come up with another skill by combining specific techniques in the Tri-Act. An abundance of skills are being prepared for Death end re;Quest, but all of these skills can be learned through the Flash Idea System.

For example, even if you are of a low level, by clearing a specific combination, there is a chance you will learn a powerful skill. However, since powerful skills consume a lot of SP (Skill Points), if you are of a low level, there may be situations where you cannot use the skill because you do not have enough SP.

Explore different combinations of skills to learn every skill!

Death end re;Quest is currently in development for PlayStation 4. A release date has yet to be announced. It is currently only confirmed for release in Japan.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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