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Death end re;Quest details more story elements, Sumika Tokiwa and Lydia Nolan, system basics
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A basic introduction to the game's turn-based command battle system.

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Death end re;Quest with more details on the game’s story elements, profiles for characters Sumika Tokiwa and Lydia Nolan, and information about basic gameplay systems.

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Get the new details below.

■ Story

◆ Tips

Alice Code

“Alice Code” is a game engine developed by “Agur Company,” a global IT corporation. It is able to project the senses into virtual reality, and has astounding specifications found only in science fiction. It is also equipped with an artificial intelligence engine by which assigning non-player characters a simple profile make them capable of independent thought, enabling natural conversation with players. Its ability to create more realistic worlds was a big talking point when it was initially released, and game companies all over the world have picked up the engine for their own game development.

Engima Co.

The game development company where Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi work. While it does not have many employees, it is made up of a small number of exceptional talent that are professionals in each department. The studio’s main work consists of development for publisher companies, but with the release of the “Alice Code” game engine, it plans on the development of its own title called “World’s Odyssey.”

Sagami (City)

Located a short distance from the heart of the city, recent urban developments have led Sagami to become a cluster for the leading IT industries in Japan. Enigma, the game development company where Arata Mizunashi works, is located here. Due to its sudden urban developments, a typical residential area is also filling out a short distance from Sagami. And in this city, several rumors about a horrific “urban legend” have recently begun to spread…

■ Characters

Sumika Tokiwa (voiced by ???)

Death end re;Quest

Arata and Shina’s co-worker, and a programmer on a different development team from “World’s Odyssey.” In “World’s Odyssey,” Sumika learns that Shiina, who she treated like a younger sister, is imprisoned, and decides to help. She also has a side to her that is crazy for the occult.

Lydia Nolan (voiced by ???)

Death end re;Quest

A foreign woman and character designer. She is quite the otaku and wears flashy clothes. In addition to character design for games suitable for all ages, she also works on otome games and adult games. She lives faithfully in her desires and has no shame. She and Shina are the same age and were good friends.

■ System

◆ System Basics

Basic Battle Controls

Death end re;Quest

Death end re;Quest uses a turn-based command battle system.

Three party members can participate in battle, and you can switch out the characters in the rear (the reserve) during battle.

The turn order is decided based on each character’s speed.

When a character’s turn arrives, they can move freely around the field, cooperate with an ally, attack from outside of the enemy’s attack range, and more to advantageously proceed the battle.

Basic commands include:

  • Command – Select to use a “Tri-Act,” which enables you to select three actions.
  • Action – Select to use a “Command Set” configured before battle.
  • Change – Select to switch out with the characters set in the reserve.
  • Search – Select to view enemy and “Field Bug” status information.


Death end re;Quest

The “Tri-Act” system enables players to use three actions in one turn.

In addition to basic actions such as “attack,” “item,” and “guard,” you can freely select from many “skills” as well.

For example, by selecting “‘attack,’ ‘guard,’ and ‘guard’,” while you will attack, since you selected “guard” twice, they can be used at the same time with a greater effect than normal, enabling you to perform even greater strategic actions in a single turn.

Knock Bug System

Death end re;Quest

By setting skills with a “Knock Bug” effect in the Tri-Act in “Action” or “Command,” you can blow back the enemy.

By triggering a Knock Bug, in addition to dealing additional damage to the enemy, you can blast away the “bugs” that are parasitizing the field and hitting you with negative effects.

Also, if you blow away an enemy and they hit another enemy, the enemies that collide will receive additional damage. If the enemy instead collides with an ally, the ally will reciprocate by hitting back with a “Knock Blow.” Since Knock Blows have additional effects unique to each character, it will make the attack even more effective.

Death end re;Quest is currently in development for PlayStation 4. A release date has yet to be announced. It is currently only confirmed for release in Japan.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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