Anonymous;Code details The Ghost, Brain-machine Interface
posted on 03.25.16 at 07:44 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Juno Saionji is the world's strongest hacker.

Following last week’s introduction to Anonymous;Code characters Pollon, Momo, and Cross, and The Arecibo Message, this week, 5pb. introduces us to a character nicknamed “The Ghost” and the Brain-machine Interface.

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Juno Saionji


Nicknamed “The Ghost.” She always appears unexpectedly, and is the world’s strongest hacker who wields impossible to detect stealth power.

Brain-machine Interface


Technology that allows digital information to directly intervene on the brain’s neural network. By clipping an earring-shaped electrode to the top of your ear cartilage, digital data is allowed to enter your field of view. In the future year 2037, it has become a very common technology that protagonist Pollon and company use to collect information in real time or perform hacking.

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