Anonymous;Code details Pollon, Momo, Cross, and The Arecibo Message
posted on 03.18.16 at 01:45 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New details about Chiyomaru Studio's upcoming visual novel.

5pb. and Chiyomaru Studio have shared new details on the characters and story terminology for its upcoming visual novel Anonymous;Code.

Anonymous;Code is set in 2037 and revolves around an “Earth Simulator” created by the supercomputer “Gaia.” After humanity successfully recreates humanity on “another Earth” generated within the computer, the computer-made humanity soon created its own Earth Simulator, leading humanity to question its own existence.

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Pollon Takaoka


The protagonist. He belongs to the near future bike graper team “Crow,” which he formed with his partner Cross and their hacker comrades, and spends his days immersed in bike racing. His emotions precede his logic. He is simplistic, but by no means self-important, and has a personality unlike that of a hacker. However, in the moment of truth, he is considerably inspired and concentrated.

Momo Aizaki


The heroine. A mysterious girl that Pollon encounters. She is innocent and quiet, and especially kind to strangers, but she is somewhat robotic with her actions that seem to lack emotion.

Cross Yumikawa


A member pf the graper team “Crow.” Pollon’s best friend. He is manly and reliable, and an obliging person who meshes well with Pollon, who in contrast is the type to get carried away easily. He has a strong sense of justice and calls himself the “Chivalrous Thief Hacker.”

The Arecibo Message


A message sent into space via radio waves from the Areceibo Astronomical Observatory in 1974. It notes the existence and prosperity of mankind, and is said to be easily decipherable by a life form with a certain degree of science and technology. But this message, sent in order to discover life outside of Earth, becomes a key leading to the secrets of the world of Anonymous;Code.

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