Tales of Xillia U.S. release date set
posted on 04.05.13 at 04:09 PM EDT by (@salromano)
"Please look forward to more announcements."

Tales of Xillia, Namco Bandai’s 15th anniversary Tales RPG, will launch for PlayStation 3 on August 6 in North America, the publisher confirmed at a media event in New York yesterday. 

Additionally, speaking to Kotaku, Tales series producer Hideo Baba discussed the possibility of seeing PS Vita remakes Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R overseas. It’s not very likely.

“Unfortunately, at this present time we don’t have any plans to release any of the Vita titles,” Baba said. “One of the main reasons is, unfortunately the PlayStation Vita is doing relatively poorly in North America, so it’s one of those things that if the numbers increased considerably, then it’s something we could consider.”

Quizzed on his earlier statement that this would be a “Taleso of filled year,” he said “I can’t say much yet,” the producer answered, smiling, “but please look forward to more announcements.”

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  • Nervous here, but really happy as well!
    Am kinda trapped in Europe (possibily for the rest of my life), so A EU releasedate would really ease my mind. *lol*
    But I am happy that the US will get the game and thus hope that the european release isn’t too far off.

    Thank you for the news, now we know that the “Tales of” gamers have to watch the PSN Store frequently from 6th August onward. It would be nice, if Hideo Baba could keep his promise. So that all of the costumes will reach us this time. I still miss Miku Sophie and Toro Pascal in Graces F. xD

    • They usually release Tales games a half a year to 1,5 yeare after USA. They are horrible at porting there games, that said. You know that PS3 is region free right? Just buy it from the US.

  • That’s (Xilla release date) right around my Birthday. Very nice. =)

    Kinda a shame about the Vita games not getting localized… I’d think that bringing over more games to buy would = more people buying the Vita. I’m not blaming Baba or anything, I know it isn’t his call, but I don’t think not supporting the Vita with software is going to help things.

    • Archvile78

      Sony hates our money and doesn’t wanna price cut their Vita, their loss.

      • almostautumn

        Or they made a great system that is well worth its asking price.

        • Archvile78

          I wish i could agree. O:
          I’d buy a vita for tales in a heartbeat but bah.

        • kob

          Its a great system, but has a small library of games, and most of those wont get localized. People wont make games because of the small install base, and people wont buy it because of the lack of games. Either people need to buy systems and hope for games (hahaha) or Sony needs to drop the price to move units.

          • Budgiecat

            Also JPN developers need to let the PSP go and start working on Vita games…

            • Bloodios

              I agree. I love the system and all (owned a 1000, a 2000, and a 3000) but the support for it should seriously stops by December 12, 2014. It’s been long enough already.

          • Elvick

            That doesn’t even make sense.

            So, you laugh at people buying systems and hoping for games. Yet, the only option is for Sony to drop the price so people can then buy systems (for cheaper) and hope for games?

            Companies need to show some support and so do consumers. Whether that means people buying the system, or people who own a Vita buying games.

            I’d take a 5 million or w/e userbase if the attach rate is large enough. Who cares if you sell 100 million systems and then no one buys games?

          • kupomogli

            As both a Vita and 3DS owner, while the Vita may lack games, it’s got more quality titles than the 3DS does. That may soon change, but like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, I don’t comment on rumors and speculation. Speculation as a game might look great, but then once you have your hands on it, it might not be what you were expecting.

        • Budgiecat

          So y the price drop in Japan oh smarty pants…

          • almostautumn

            Different market. In particular I think the price drop has to do with how much smaller Japan’s market is, and how much quicker they can gauge it statistic wise, and also with the fact that in Japan videogames *mostly* follow a pattern of huge sales for the first two weeks but then go absolutely flat. With the Vita, and in respect to the devs making titles for the Vita, I think they understood that they couldn’t wait any longer for fans to adapt and adopt, and had to do what they could to both accomodate the market they could knowingly see themselves losing, as well retaining confidence for devs. to continue making builds for the system.
            It worked; sales are up, hugely, but that doesn’t mean it is a sound business plan; Sony did take a certain degree of damage from doing so, but those the damages undertook from price-cutting in Japan would be substantially larger if they were to cut the price in the west *in the form of investors and year-end estimates*

            Personally, the largest issue concerning the Vita in the west for me is the outrageous, and total BS, “Doomsday” journalism that surrounded the Vita in its few dry periods already. Major sites such as IGN and Gamespot absolutely blew these out of proportion, but even if they hadn’t the point is that they had all these articles titled “Is the Vita failing?” and just absolutely slammed the potential market still along the fence.
            The vita has a TON of excellent games for it already, and I’m not even referring to the Japanese exclusives. Thing is, people still don’t bother to comprehend the amount of time these games really will take up; they chalk it down to the fact they can’t fill a bookshelf up with games, but don’t see that the vast assortment of eclectic and brilliant titles available will surely bring them through to the next current of new and desirable titles.
            …got off track. point of this is; to cut the price in the west just yet is a bad move, because it isn’t deserved. The vita is a great handheld with great games and anyone who has grabbed one will tell you that very same thing. But! because of Sony’s mishandling of steady releases in the system’s first year as well as the reactionary journalism that is all the rage these days, it’s impossible to really “see” exactly what the hesitant consumer basis actually needs to turn them into actual consumers.

      • I actually bought the Vita last month. It’s pretty awesome. I think they should make the $199 price cut, which they did in Japan, apply in the west as well. They also need to greatly reduce the memory card prices. (I bought my Vita via ebay bundle.)

        It also pays off big time to have PS Plus if you buy the Vita. Lots of free content to play on it right away. I just think it needs more games, especially here in the west. Which sorta goes back to what I posted above. Software is key.

        • Elvick

          Because buying a used Vita totally helps. May as well just have waited. They will drop the price. Not sure why people keep acting like they never will and in 2489 a Vita will still be $249.99. :/

      • OverlordZetta

        If it cost any less they’d be giving it away for what you get. The real issue is people need to step up and make games for it so people will buy the thing regardless of the price.

        • Archvile78

          which is exactly the problem here, idc for what the platform do outside of giving me good games to play on it and looking at the library i can almost count on 2 hands the amount of games that interest me. (not including import)

      • Elvick

        They’ll cut the price. :/ Just not before their plans. If you think otherwise, you’re silly and should just dance in the rain.

        • Archvile78

          Oh i know they will…eventually! -dance in the rain anyway-

    • almostautumn

      Near my b-day also; 9 days prior, so I think I’ll wait and just give some carefully placed sentences around those willing to drop $60 for me :P

      And I agree about the Vita sentiment, but I don’t think it’s nessecarily wrong to be a bit upset about their choice of argument. I mean, did Persona 4: Golden really blow its own brains out by not going PSN, or should Gravity Rush have been delivered for the already established PS3? No, and the reason is that the titles are just really great additions to the Vita’s library, with specific benefits as handheld titles, and just games that consumers will cherish. Without them, if they had played the safe route, the Vita really would be a sadder place, but it really shouldn’t be, because it’s a great system that deserves the great games that are coming for it.
      I mean, I get it; maybe they really can’t afford to *potentially* go negative with a release, but still— giving an answer like that is the very same reactionary argument that is met with all new things, be it art or inventions or technology; but of course things advance, as we know, and things succeed, and things become staples of success because people are willing to take chances with them.
      Again, not bashing them; we are getting Xillia finally, but I do think it’s ridiculous that they think two exclusives that fans have been dying for, which now have an updated, better release, are just still going to play only behind the Eastern fence. But so be it, I guess.

      • Budgiecat

        The difference is those Tales games are already Vita games.
        So all they have to do is localize. And market correctly (something many Japanese publishers seem to now suck at doing in the West (they were great at it in the 90s)

    • When you know even Xseed/Aksys/etc takes the risk to localize little games…

      • Yeah, and they usually do pretty well with those smaller more niche titles. Dear publishers – Not every game needs a triple digit marketing plan to be successful.

    • Kurisu Makise

      The bad news just keeps on coming in, first BRS, now no ToI and ToR…add that to the fact Namco Bandai skipped the PS Vita release for One Piece also…guess there’s no point in counting on NB on Vita either.

      • It’s one of the things I don’t like about NB here in the west. It’s most certainly on my crappy things Namco-Bandai does/has done in the west list.

        • Kurisu Makise

          I thought they were heading for a good streak what with localizing Project X Zone but…geez I dunno. PSN is so convenient, I just can’t see a point in skipping titles. How much could a localization for either game cost plus any fees to ol Sony for royalty/PSN? Goodness, time for Sony to just open the checkbook and publish Japanese games themselves. The value of being able to sell these titles for a good while to come could push what used to be a ceiling of 100-150k at retail to much higher numbers over time (especially if the price is right).

      • OverlordZetta

        Honestly wish that Tecmo Koei could have done something about One Piece. They’ve been absolutely great for the Vita and that was just a jerk move to them, because you know that they would have at least given us a PSN release of the thing.

        • Kurisu Makise

          Tecmo Koei’s gotten me to open my wallet a good deal in a short span, so they’ve got my favouritism for now. Of course they just develop it and that’s about it so =(

    • My birthday is exactly on August 6th LOL

      • Nice. Mine is August 2nd.

        Go August Birthdays! =D

        • AWESOME! Mine is August 5th.
          Go go lions!

          • wade010

            3rd August, Sup :P

        • kupomogli

          December here, yo! August, August, August, August, December, August, August….

      • DichaTesoro

        Mine’s August 9th so if I’m broke for some reason, I’ll let someone know what I really want. Goodness, hadn’t been online much of the day and when I saw the article title I
        screamed. Two of my cats got scared and my brother was laughing at me.

      • Commander Keen

        August 16th. I may have it legally changed.

    • Kayoss860

      Woot it’s coming out near my birthday too. Feb 2014.

    • Elvick

      It’s around my birthday too. :3 August 2nd~

      • Really? That’s also my birthday. =)

    • Sony should definitely be helping these developers bring the games over.

  • Rafael Martines

    Nice, one detail remaining to make this game “Must Buy” for me :D

  • DesmaX

    Well, it would be really weird if Namco didn’t publish One Piece 2 on the Vita, but published the Tales games on it

    • OverlordZetta

      They didn’t even MAKE One Piece though. They just strolled on in and said screw you.

      • Budgiecat

        It’s cause they own the license. Same with Gundam. For instance, they don’t own the license to Fist of the North Star (not sure who does since Ganbarion was also able to use it for Jump! Ultimate Stars and there are several SegaSammy HnK games too) so Koei was able to publish and develop that one.
        Just like how Capcom developed the Gundam VS games but Bandai still got to publish it.

    • Elvick

      Their complete lack of basic support is contributing to the lack of sales. The least they can do is bring the Vita version of a game they are already localizing. I mean come on.

      Why would consumers want to buy a system where that happens? I’m happy with my Vita and the games that actually come over, but there are more that I want that are trapped in Japan due to stupidity of companies.

      If they showed some support, then PSP owners who were happy would feel more compelled to buy a Vita (especially when the price drop occurs). Until then, there’s really no reason to trust that this situation with derpy publishers will change just by buying a system.

  • Tenshiken

    With so many awesome PS3 games coming out towards the end of the year, I don’t feel so bad about not being able to buy a PS4 yet.

    • Budgiecat

      The only Sony console I bought at launch was the PS1.

  • Raoni Marques

    Was hoping it would come around june/july, but I’m still glad we’re getting it at all! Can’t wait now!

  • Adol Christin

    YES! “numbers increased considerably, then it’s something we could consider” come on NA/EU price drop :)

    • saran

      …did you even read the article?

      • Adol Christin

        Hence the please. I guess I could have written it better. Got a bit excited. Will correct it.

  • Archvile78

    I’ve been waiting for this a loooooong time! Can’t wait.

  • Jontaku

    So i’m guessing 9th for Europe.

    • On averatge tales game release +6 months to 1,5 year after USA.

  • Revorse

    Meh. I wanna care a lot. But I just don’t anymore. I will pick it up. Just not excited like I used to be.

    • fireemblembeast

      *sigh* I feel you, brother(/sister)…

    • wade010

      I’m in the same boat, this game should have released December 2012, they shouldn’t make us wait over a year for new title, and a title that was released 2 years ago at that…

  • Sony ! Hurry and cut the price !

  • Raiyu

    Too far away :(

  • Tetsu

    August? Of all months :(
    Dragon’s Crown, Killer is Dead and now Xillia. Going to be an AMAZING month, but I have to choose which games lol.

    • Budgiecat

      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

      • Tetsu

        seriously? that TOO?! My wallet! lol.

  • fireemblembeast

    …..Hm. This is kind of bittersweet. It’s almost 2 years after the JP release and near the end of summer, but everyone was hoping for June/July…Oh well…At least we know the date now. But I’m still pretty pissed off.
    Also, it’s too bad about those Vita Tales…I mean, they could try one of the Vita games if they won’t do both, and as a PSN title! You have to spend money to make money, as they say.
    But this long gap between release dates is annoying the hell out of me. I mean, we’ll have been hyped for how long by August??? Uhh…3 years? I just wanna be hyped for this, but I’m just tired of it. Such a great series, such uber-slow localization, and they won’t even “apologize” for it by giving us ALL the DLC or some DA DLC.

    • almostautumn

      Pretty nuts how much of a habit that has become this gen. Versus 13, Last Guardian, Battleblock Theatre, Dragon’s Dogma, Witch and the Hundred Knights, etc: etc:. Why this keeps happening I don’t know. What you wrote, how you cannot re-instate the hype you first felt, is not a singular thing; I know many people that have lost interest for a game because of early press/extensive delays, and then just waited for the game to go bargain bin because they genuinely didn’t care anymore to have it at release.
      It’s a bad practice; I really would rather haven’t a clue about a game then be led into a waiting period upwards of 6 months. At this point, I seriously think I’ll buy Versus 13 used when it comes out just to be a dick.

  • fireemblembeast

    I SWEAR if Project X zone comes out first-
    I mean come on it was announced like 1 or 2 months ago for here, and Xillia was announced last summer, so Xillia should come first! >:O
    Well, I guess this late release gives me more than enough time to start and finish TOtA and finish 2nd playthroughs of TOGf and TOS…

    • fireemblembeast

      Well, what do you know, it DOES come out earlier! Project X Zone was announced like 2.5 months ago and it comes out in June, and its a crossover title that’s not even part of a series! Meanwhile we have to wait until August for Xillia, which was announced like last July! Life is unfair. Namco Bandai needs to prioritize!

  • Tac-Mex

    I hope they release the sequel here too.

  • Fantasytales

    I am happy that we have date, but sad that is so far away. I’ve been waiting for this since it got announce for japan, so i guess 5 months should be nothing lol!

  • OverlordZetta

    I seriously doubt Vita sales had anything to do with us not getting them. I’d believe that if there wasn’t a long-freaking-history of us not getting games on systems that were doing fine.

    And I’m guessing now that the “Tales filled year” is going to be for Japan, seeing as we’re getting kicked in the nads for the Vita titles.
    Think I’m gonna pass on Xillia after this. No sense in giving support to a company that clearly doesn’t want it.

  • Budgiecat

    Before the JPN price drop, Vita was selling better in the U.S. then it was in Japan.

    Now that the price drop happened (which was recently), Vita sales have increased in Japan.


    • Elvick

      Because it’s been out in Japan longer. It’ll drop when they have their plans for it.

  • Well thats its ill be playin The Last of Us tell then
    day one ill be pulling an all-nighter
    hell i may take work off so i can have some time to recover XD

  • new_tradition

    I might preorder this despite my huge backlog. I want the sequel to come over, so I assume it’ll be dependent on how well Xillia sells early on.

  • Jake

    A blond Tifa?

  • Jaylesse


  • Chris

    i wonder if they will also have the pre-order bonus costumes of cless and stahn…? hope they do, because i paid full price on pre-order, and even if they don’t, i will still enjoy this!!

  • Learii

    august 6th huh good i was afried is be out i june or july hehe

  • wade010

    I’m sick and tired of all these long waits for a new(old) tales game to get localized.
    Please include an English text option in the Japanese releases. you’ll get an extra 100-200k sales from savvy jrpg fans. everyones happy.

    • châu nguyễn

      Localization =/= Translation
      Translation =/= Localization

  • Elvick

    Of course the Vita isn’t doing that well in North America. Barely any Japanese company that made the PSP is supporting the fucking thing. So people who loved the PSP, will not see support like the PSP and not bother upgrading or go elsewhere.

    SE is doing barely anything, it’s a miracle the Vita versions of FFX/X-2 still exists. Namco Bandai doesn’t even bother with a Vita version of games they localize on PS3. And the vast majority of their games, including Tales, are still in Japan and will remain there. Capcom… lolcapcom.

    Idiots. Get on the ground floor and you’ll get more support than when you piggy back later.

    Also… let’s not kid ourselves. It’s Tales. This is just an excuse to continue what they’ve always done. Not localize games. We didn’t get any DS Tales games and the DS was hardly a failure.

  • guess i’ll get ni no kuni august 6th

  • PrinceHeir

    “So why not offer options for both English and Japanese voices?” I asked.

    “We’ve definitely heard this feedback from a lot of our fans across the world,” Baba said. “I can’t promise anything at the moment, but we’re definitely looking at the option. I can’t say which title it might be in the future, but hopefully, eventually, we might have that option available in one of our titles.”

    ohh this is nice :)

    i like that Baba-san :D

    please reconsider!!!!!!

  • Nightcore34

    Yesss, finally a release date, gotta save up now.

  • rasler

    at least bring over tales of vesperia ps3…FFS the game is already translated how difficult can it be to release it

  • A shame it won’t be coming out earlier. Well glad at least we finally have a date. Hope the EU date is about the same time.

  • it CAN’T be that hard to have dual audio… can take a DVD from 1995 that has 3 language tracks… and 10 different subtitle languages….

  • LordKaiser

    Already reserved with $28 I got on credit.

  • talesoffan

    Still waiting for the announcement of a LE so I can pre-order the crap out of it.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    Dont care

  • Maybe sales would increase if they actually did what customers want

  • Heavenly_King

    Hopefully Xseed will localize the Vita games.

  • rapgon

    come on support Vita i know that Vita will rise when SS arrives