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Tales producer teases “a lot of surprise announcements”
posted on 03.21.13 at 05:08 PM EST by (@salromano)
"We’re planning on making this a Tales of filled year," says Baba.

Tales series producer Hideo Baba has said there will be a number of “surprise announcements” for the RPG franchise this year.

“We’re planning on making this a Tales of filled year,” said Baba on the PlayStation Blog, “so we have a lot of surprise announcements lined up — stay tuned!”

Baba also announced the coming availability of Tales of Graces F, launched last February, on PlayStation Network in North America next Tuesday, March 26. Publisher Namco Bandai will offer a Standard Edition for $34.99 and a Knight Edition, which includes over 10 downloadable add-ons, for $54.99.

And, of course, Tales of Xillia is due out on PlayStation 3 this summer. If you missed the latest video and screenshots, check it out here.

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  • MasterFarron

    so many good news these day’s!!!

  • Potionzmaster

    Next Tales of, by any chance? :3

    • Solomon_Kano

      Highly unlikely considering he was addressing us western fans. Xillia 2’s still gotta happen — unless the surprise is that both are being localized and released together. Which is unlikely.

      So… Hearts, Innocence, or some other remake/port.

      • Both being released together would be only valid excuse for them not having Japanese on the gigantic bluray discs. Literally takes almost no extra work. The audio files already exist, the subtitles already exist (or at least they should, unless this is one of the few Tales games that hates deaf people), so yeah. I still mad :(. But anyway, Xillia 2 being announced for overseas is probably the big one here.

      • Archvile78

        I remember Baba-San saying he wanted to try the approach of starting localisation on a new Tales game as soon as it was out in Japan. No clues whether the approach has been adopted since then but i can only think of ToX2 among those “surprises”

        • Solomon_Kano

          Interesting. Well, hopefully we’ll have the news come E3.

  • InternatlGamer3

    Tales of Hearts R localizing i want

  • Jontaku

    I also want a Tales of Hearts R localisation

  • Solomon_Kano

    Tales of Hearts and/or Innocence? I hope so.

  • PrinceHeir

    Tales of Xillia 2 :)

  • Archvile78

    Impress me Baba-San! I’m already glad for Xillia coming out this Summer, what else could be in store? o:

    If its a Tales on vita getting localised that will be a system seller for me.

  • マッシュー

    Hoping to hear about ToX2, among these “surprises” :3

  • 3DBudgie

    PS3 Vesperia?
    Xillia 2?

  • Bloodios

    Tales of The Abyss HD and Tales of Vesperia (now replaced QAA with 2xMSAA) being bundled into an exclusive HD dual-pack for the PlayStation 3, please!

    • AdamBoy64

      Oh my goodness. That would be…

    • ToA is a possibility, ToV is highly unlikely. MS paid NamBan to keep the enhanced, complete PS3 version Japan-exclusive. Thus I bought the Japanese version on amazon. The details of the deal are unknown but it seems to be permanent as timed exclusivity usually expires after 12 months. It’s been much longer already without any localization plans. Better brush up on your Japanese, my friend :P

      • Raiyu

        I believe the ToV-Microsoft thing was debunked quite a while ago. It’s more of NBJ not wanting it outside of Japan.

        • Why? It’s the complete edition. All the empty slots of the 360 version have been replaced by new characters and more voice acting was added. The new characters were integrated into the story to boot. Don’t forget all the bug fixes etc.
          Doesn’t make sense to me :P

          • Raiyu

            I don’t know man. It was in a Baba interview I read. He’s been requesting NBJ to give the go ahead to localize it but he’s been denied multiple times. He still asks them from time to time hoping they’ll change their mind.

            I think I read it a year ago when Xillia was announced for overseas release. I’m going to try and see if I can dig it up.

          • Raiyu

            I don’t know man. It was in a Baba interview I read. He’s been requesting NBJ to give the go ahead to localize it but he’s been denied multiple times. He still asks them from time to time hoping they’ll change their mind.

            I think I read it a year ago when Xillia was announced for overseas release. I’m going to try and see if I can dig it up.

            • It’s a bloody shame as ToV’s cast is quite memorable. Also: Loli pirates ^^^
              Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

            • It’s a bloody shame as ToV’s cast is quite memorable. Also: Loli pirates ^^^
              Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Elvick

        No. That MS thing was false. Fun how the media reported more on the false statement, then the retraction of said false statement. Thus, creating this constant feed of misinformation from gamers who are misinformed based on the original statement.

        • said “retraction” sounded more like NamBan covering their asses. Sorry for being suspicious after 7 years of MS buying timed exclusivity on third party games.

          • Elvick

            Um, no. Since it was said by… A COMMUNITY MANAGER.

            Of all people to believe… pa-lease. Back then, I was telling people not to by into the words of someone who wouldn’t know crap about contracts. But no one wanted to listen. Then she admitted she was wrong.

            Throw up a conspiracy if you want, but that’s stupid. Timed exclusive? Perhaps, but it would have lapsed already. The original statement basically said they had it indefinitely. MS wouldn’t pay to have Tales indefinitely exclusive. (and they didn’t, since it’s on PS3.) They CERTAINLY wouldn’t do it for the WEST where Tales is niche.

            • Well, as MS never gained a foothold in Japan they consequently never intended to block the PS3 release in Japan at all. It wouldn’t have had worked as the Tales fan-base is mostly on PlayStation anyways. They simply did not want to see a superior version of a game released on their platform see the light of the day on their competitor’s fledgling system in the west as it would make their system look inferior in comparison. The same logic applies to games spanning multiple discs. Exclusive games have no disc limit but multi-platform games might not span more than 3 discs and the licensing fees increase with each additional disc as it makes 360 look inferior to PS3.

              It doesn’t matter anyways as it most likely won’t be localized st all. Baba stated on multiple occasions already that he’s not interested in localizing older entries and instead focuses on newer releases.

              • Elvick

                Oh please. Many JRPGs were released after the fact on PS3 with more content thus a ‘superior version’ was released.

                So much for that.

                • And how many of those “superior version[s]” were also available on 360 and released in the west fully localized?

                  • kiri25

                    Well for starters there were not that many JRPG’s that were released on 360 to begin with, in fact ToV is the only multi JRPG on 360 with a superior version on PS3 that was never released in the west.

                    The other 2 JRPG’s were NB’s Eternal Sonata and SE’s Star Ocean 4, both of which had added bonuses not included in the 360 ver. and released in the west on PS3. Of course you can also find other examples of this outside of JRPG’s such as with tecmo’s Ninja gaiden 2 that was 360 exclusive only to be released a year later as sigma 2 with loads of new content on the ps3 in both the east and the west

                    • You’re quite correct my friend, but I was referring to Elvick’s insinuation that “Many JRPGs were released after the fact on PS3 with more content thus a ‘superior version’ was released.” ;)

                      The examples you provided released later AFAIK, when MS were more interested in Kinect and timed exclusive DLC instead of buying exclusivity on superior western PS3 versions of Japanese games also released on 360.

                    • kiri25

                      i could see what you mean by the exclusive DLC, but the examples i listed were released before kinect.

                      Eternal Sonata was an older JRPG released on PS3 not that long after ToV was released on 360.

                      As for Sigma 2 that was 2009 and Star Ocean 4 was feb of 2010. Kinect was released in Nov. of 2010, so i dont see how Kinect has anything to do with the examples i listed.

                    • my bad – I always lump them together as focusing on Kinect and buying exclusivity on DLC has caused me to be very wary of MS and their next console. call it a trauma If you want.

            • I want me some PS3 Vesperia quite a bit. I won’t blame the community manager though, she was just trying to do her job, but I’m sure she started looking for answers and got the run around, just like NB likes to give us, the fans.

              I’m always thinking, who’s call is it really? Who can make real decisions in this company? That’s the guy I want to find and have a long discussion with. He will accept my rage G Gundam style.

              And when this person finally says Vesperia is getting localized on the PS3 in the west, I will hit him with this !!! –


              He will have no choice but to applaud and make the call to get the localization rolling. I just know it!

              (Credit to whoever made that, so awesome. This is all how it plays out in my head by the way, which is to say — this will never happen.) XD

              • Kurisu Makise

                Well said, personally since NamBan is being rather…”cool” to Vita lately, I’d more expect Vesperia PS3 than Innocence R and Hearts R but I’d love for Baba-san to blow me away on every front. Then I would more than justify that image!

    • Bec66

      Personally I’d rather an HD version of a tales game we never got like say tales of rebirth.

    • AdamBoy64

      Though I don’t think they’d do much with Tales of the Abyss… they re-released it only a year and a half ago.

  • fireemblembeast

    Xillia 2 and Hearts R please! :9
    I hope for Vesperia PS3 too…
    And he probably means games, but I still have to say it- PLEASE DUAL AUDIO~
    And if those games are released, I hope they come out this year, instead of simply being announced this year! Today’s a great day…

  • nice.

    • fireemblembeast

      Well Graces f retail version is available for $40 now anyways…

  • fireemblembeast

    If he announces Hearts R by May, then I know what system I want for my birthday!

  • Angel wing

    Tales of Vita please

    • An original Vita title would certainly be refreshing after all the ports. The ports have been stellar so far, so I have high expectations of an original PSV title.

      • Kurisu Makise

        Agreed, new Tales of for PS Vita from one team and a Mothership for PS4, would be an excellent way to go. Though honestly, a good, solid, true Remake of Phantasia would make me swoon or even Symphonia and Abyss HD I’d take that on Vita any day.

  • LordKaiser

    Innocence and Hearts R for the west plz.

  • As long as the surprises = more Tales of games getting localized — Then I’ll be quite happy.

  • DarthBrian

    Vesperia PS3 please! :)

  • Elvick

    I want Innocence R and Hearts R. D:< I wouldn't turn down Vesperia PS3 though. :P

    They already said Xillia 2 would be determined by how well Xillia does. So, I doubt it's related to that.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Tales of WiiU!

  • orenji

    Tales of Symphonia hd please

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes. That game could really use a remake.

      It’s a fantastic game, but it’s just aged horribly. The visuals are terrible.

      A remade Symphonia on the Vesperia engine, perhaps add a few extra bits and pieces here and there, that would be brilliant.

  • Rafael Martines

    Tales of Xillia with japanese audio? o/

  • Raoni Marques

    Innocence R, Hearts R and Xillia 2 for the west, please, please, please, please, pretty please.

  • cruizd

    I would love to see Versperia given the English treatment for PS3, and a port of Symphonia 2 as a Move exclusive title.
    I doubt anyone would agree on the latter…

    • AdamBoy64

      Well, there’s a ToS2 fan here. Really good game.
      I’m not sure what they could change in it.

      I guess they could flesh it out a lot more – like flesh out the characters playing abilities (eg. levelling up, equipment), add to the storyline, add a world map.

      Lolz… it’s not going to happen, but it’d be great.
      Really enjoy the game. Emil and Marta are great Tales characters.

  • HarryHodd

    Tales of Xillia LE and Tales of Xillia 2 announcement please.

  • Wow things are startin to look good for us tales-fan
    hope they keep this drive goin for all Tales games to come XD

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    Tales of vesperia HD on vita please.

    • AdamBoy64

      Okay. That would be an insta-buy for Vita.

  • Ritsujun


  • Watahashi

    Considering this was on the US Playstation blog, I’m definitely thinking a Xillia 2 announcement once Xillia’s been out for a while, and probably one or both of the Vita titles as well. Can’t wait.

  • Tales of Xillia 2.
    Tales of Innocence R.
    Tales of Hearts R.
    In English!

    I love you Baba-san!

  • fireemblembeast

    Baba-san, you delicious S.O.B.
    Milla in the pic is my new wallpaper~
    I hope there’s some good LE for Xillia X3

  • fyi1191

    I hope it’s not Tales of Xillia 3.

  • MTK

    I have a feeling that graces is going to be free sometime before xillia come out for ps+ members, if not xillia will when xillia-2 comes out.

  • Adurna012

    Symphonia R please!

  • Anyone thinking about a Ps4 Tales?. Ok, it seems too early, but they did it with PsV.

  • Tetsu

    Tales of Phantasia Vita Remake! :D

    …I can dream can’t I? lol

  • Prodigy-X

    Tales Of Xiillia 3, A real original Tales game for PS Vita, all Tales game for PS Vita localized for America & Europe coming 2013/2014.