Sony Japan president: PS Vita sales have increased four-fold - Gematsu
Sony Japan president: PS Vita sales have increased four-fold
posted on 03.04.13 at 07:38 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sony handheld sees greater movement after recent price drop.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has said during a One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 presentation in Japan today that PlayStation Vita sales in the country have increased about four times the amount of units the platform was moving two weeks prior—before the system’s February 28 price drop

Two weeks ago, PS Vita was selling around 11,000 units in Japan. That could mean sales will be as high as 44,000 this week. But we can’t be sure which numbers Kawano is referring to. It’d be best to wait for Wednesday morning’s full sales breakdown.

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • fyi1191

    Thanks to Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.
    Check out it’s total sales.

    • It’s the 4th highest selling game at Tsutaya this past week. I wonder where it’ll land on the overall charts. For ref, Dynasty Warriors 8 is the highest selling game. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies is second, and MGR is third. PSO2 Vita is fifth.

      • GaySkull


        I can always rely on Gematsu unlike Siliconera.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I can help but keep laughing at this. If you don’t like the site thats fine but stop acting like a kid over it.

          • Really, Luna? You could have just ignored him and move on…

            • HeatPhoenix

              I honestly think Luna should take her own advice, this ain’t the first time.

              • Luna Kazemaru

                Thats funny coming from you

                • HeatPhoenix

                  You’re correct about that, most of the things I say are comedy gold.

                  • Luna Kazemaru


                    • HeatPhoenix

                      I seem to be in high demand these days. You’re not entirely my type though, I prefer submissive girls.

              • And it won’t be the last….

          • Sevyne

            I don’t see anything kidlike here. That site has a VERY clear bias against the Vita if you read the comments their own journalists post. They’re like some crazy pro-nintendo cult. How about some simple unbiased news please?

            • Luna Kazemaru

              How is being honest abiut vita’s poor sales and sonys shit marketing for it up to now being bias? Are you sure you aren’t? I even know it did pretty bad up to now how is stating that bias add to the fact you clearly haven’t seen the wii u news? They’ve reported on poor sales data for that as well so lets not play blind now

              • veegeen

                Ishaan tends to downplay Nintendo’s shortcomings and the Vita’s successes. When Monpiece sold 50,000, which is a fairly strong attach rate, and was in fact the game’s entire first shipment, he said that it wasn’t actually that good. He didn’t mention anything of Demon Gaze’s 80,000+ sales, and the promotions Kadokawa was having because of it. I’m not even going to start on his “The Playstation slaughter continues” comment in the Superbot article.

                • Luna Kazemaru

                  Ok I will agree slightly with the monpiece thing but that honestly has nothing to do with the Vita that has something to do with the game itself. As hot the slaughter comment that had to do with Sony just cutting superbot like that over PSAS added to the fact how they been treating publushers (like shit) I mean look what happen to zipper and liverpool

                • Noctis_nox

                  I agree with this 100%.
                  I remember when Project Mirai didn’t do any good saleswise. The damage control by Ishaan is really noticeable.

                  I also remember arguing with him about God eater 2. He said before that MH mulit-plat with Vita is a bad move because MH is a community based game so it will only do more harm than good but when it’s about GE 2 it’s a great move if it also release with the 3DS. I called him out for it.

                  OT: 44K is kinda weak. According to a reliable sources. 30K ice silver was initially shipped and it was sold-out and ice-silver wasn’t the only color out there.. It doesn’t makes sense.

                • Ishaan is also a complete ass, starting fights and banning anyone who replies

                  • He hasn’t banned me, and I’ve argued with his fanboyism many times.

                    I remember he tried to argue that Sony didn’t work with developers and Nintendo always did. Made no sense.

                    • veegeen

                      It mostly seemed to happen with DmC articles. He was really defensive about it for some reason.

                  • PrinceHeir

                    i agree.

                    that’s why i left last april 2012 and haven’t look back.

                    and wow it’s almost a year now huh O______O

                    the community there is good(Aoshi, Solomon Kano, z_merquise and many more)

                    such a shame the editors are such an ass.

                    can’t believe it hasn’t changed one bit since i left.

                • I can vouch for this… A long time ago, he tweeted a hate chart something along the lines of ‘PS fanbase>PS/Tales fanbase>Tales fanbase’… In some Nintendo related articles, he commented “Everyone, rejoice!” which he rarely does… And he likes staring Metroid’s ass….

                  I don’t remember any praise from him when it comes to Sony…. Funny that the ‘Rules’ from that site says “Have an open mind” and yet he himself doesn’t follow that… To be fair, that site used to be good in the past but now not anymore…

          • GaySkull

            Its more like… I like the people here, ladies and gentle-men, well behaved, civilized, fine and dandy, friendly, good sense of humor…

        • Likou

          Stop bitching about other site here.

      • Dragon24680

        And Senran Kagura sold more than 120,000!

        I think Kawano is being misinterpreted. If not, this its not a good number just after price-cut.

  • Man, cut the price over here, too, Sony!

    • Patience. It’ll happen, we just don’t know when (personally going with April). And they certainly won’t announce it way before the fact.

      • gold163

        There really aren’t any marketable titles that are coming out for the Vita outside of Japan in the foreseeable future, and we have heard nothing about actual development on Vita titles that the mainstream western demographic would be interested in purchasing.

        I for one don’t believe Sony would just randomly cut the price of the system. They’re probably selling at a loss as-is, and don’t want to afford to sell the existing stock for even less. They want to wait for a big release to get people to want to actively purchase a Vita, rather than purchasing one in retrospect for a game that’s already released. There is no marketing machine like the hype train.

        About the only title I can see that is getting a western release so soon is Soul Sacrifice. While it’s gotten good reviews, it remains to be seen whether it’ll perform well enough to justify heavy marketing in the west. The only other title I can think of down the line would be Killzone Mercenary. That’s Sony’s ace in the hole; they definitely would not want to botch that.

        If there is a good time for a Vita price drop it’ll probably be for Killzone, but that isn’t scheduled for release until September.

  • sherimae1324

    go vita go!

  • almostautumn

    For some reason I find this information incredibly sexy.

    • GaySkull

      Like me? XD

      • shogunknight


  • GaySkull

    Yuke, PS Vita ryu!

  • Lee

    Good. Props to the developers who take risks and make the Sony ecosystem running.

  • I hope its not temporary…

    • almostautumn

      No reason it should be; library is absolutely stacked at this point, so new owners will be more than happy for a long time, long enough for the next barrage of titles to come in, and long enough for them to show it off enough and get new customers as well.

      • That’s not how price drops work, sadly. There’s a big bump first week, large drop second week, and a continuing fall until the new “permanent” sales level is hit about 5-8 weeks after the drop. I suspect given how small the Vita’s boost was the new permanent level will still be well under 20K, likely nearer 15K.

    • Mar Mar

      This must be important since Adol spoke!!!

      But really Sony do have an unbelievable patience to wait that much to announce a discount for Vita.

      • Kurisu Makise

        There was good reason to be patient. Components getting cheaper, PSP swansong, PS3 still doing well, and early adopters buying software. Now that PS4 is on the way, it’s time to up the ante and let old dogs lie.

    • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)

      If you look at what happened after Persona 4 Golden and Project Diva F had a similar response such as this I see it being temporary

      Sony only announced a price drop, not new games for the VITA. Shinovi Versus was a planned release

    • rockman29

      PS Plus is the question, and the answer…

  • Highly doubt the sales sold 4 times since Sony love to exaggerate. Still with some new games actually being released for it I do expect around 30,000 or so.

    • sherimae1324

      still not convinced eh?wait untill wednesday when media create sales were shown and you will be surprised about the vita sales
      you dont know japan, and you dont know what they want ^_^

    • You expect it to be 3 times as much, but can’t see it managing another 10k?

      • shogunknight

        It would actually go above 10k, were talking about a price drop with shinovi versus and other titles. Sales would definitely pick up

  • ShinAsura(新阿修羅)

    Great news for fans in Japan and overseas that import.

    VITA needs to have great games on a consistent basis such as Persona 4 Golden, Project Diva f, Senran Kagura and even though it’s not released yet I’m sure Murumasa the Demon Blade will show great results .

    It’s not rocket science, people buy the system for the games, and or price point. US saw a similar response during the Black Friday event

  • MrKappa

    It took Sony long enough to do this, people have been saying for the longest time that the Vita would start selling better with a price drop. Now if only they would give NA one…

    It also wouldn’t hurt to drop the prices on their overpriced memory cards.

    • Except, people were only doing that because they wanted a 3DS situation. Where they drastically undercut the price and gave out free crap to people for it.

      Which was never a reasonable thing to expect. Only thing they should have dropped last year was the memory card prices. System is fine and we’ll see a price drop in NA sometime this year anyway, which is what I kept telling people last year while they were whining about a drop from March to October.

      • almostautumn

        I agree. I don’t think the system is too expensive, because I think the system is absolutely worth it’s price tag. The thing that isn’t is the memory cards, because they’re just a pretty standard attachment that don’t actually offer anything. I mean, for real; I’m going to drop over $80 dollars on something that has no actual application/fun-factor to me? It’s bloody insane, and while Sony may have done that exclusive memory-card to bank money, they sure as hell alienated an extreme amount of potential customers.
        I really wish it would just go. I mean, make the thing available for Sandisc and the like to make, and just leave it at that. They’ll offer cheap alternatives, and those (lunatics) who want 1st party have the extravagently priced Sony model to support. Seriously though, that memory card is the most outrageously stupid thing Sony could have possibly done.

        • I agree. I’m still rocking my terrible 4GB that came with my First Edition bundle and it’s really getting annoying.

          But I refuse, REFUSE, to buy a memory card at their current prices. And I feel like anything but the “best” (highest) card will be worth buying.

          *sigh* It was bad that they were priced so high. It’s even worse they didn’t do any sales on the memory cards during Black Friday and other times where it would have made sense to do.

          They’re being stubborn with something that, on it’s own, is completely useless to everyone. D:<

          • shogunknight

            It will come down, just like all the other memory cards did. We just have to wait, a while….they should make a price drop for the vita overseas soon

            • gold163

              I’m slightly more skeptical. Sony loves exerting control over their proprietary brands. The cost of the older lower-end memory sticks came down midway through the PSP’s lifetime, but larger amounts of storage remained expensive.

              Now that Sony seems to be banking the bus on digital distribution being first-class citizen to physical media, it’s imperative that they provide Vita owners with an affordable storage solution, but knowing Sony, they will be stubborn to drop prices unless a gaping market failure necessitates it. And actually, most Vita owners probably won’t need that much storage if sales of physical games go up again (which they won’t, most likely, but time will tell).

              I doubt Sony will drop the price of the Vita overseas “soon”. To be honest, there’s really no reason to — a lot of the popular Vita titles are staying in Japan, where the demographic is. We’ll probably have to wait at least until the holiday season, at which point there *should* be new big-name games to entice prospective western customers. And if we want a storage price drop? Probably even longer than that. 4GB is probably “enough” to hold over most Vita owners (or at least, the intended demographic) from Sony’s point of view.

    • GaySkull

      because Sony is one tough-assed, stone faced, immovable tough guy!

  • After seeing this, I’m not surprised…
    The links says for itself…(I know it’s Gamefaqs but still..)

    What I’m really surprised is that Senran Kagura VS managed to beat Burst in the opening week… That is according to this article:

    If that is the case, one has to wonder how many Vitas has been shipped now that retailers have announced sellouts…

    • sherimae1324

      i cant believe you are relying on gamefaqs when gematsu is much more reliable to it ten-fold
      plus we know gamefaqs are the worst when it comes to fanboys,trolls and damage control

      • I know, I know… I also can’t believe myself using GameFaqs(tbf, it can’t be compared to NeoGaf) but the source links the OP provided says for itself…

        • sherimae1324

          dont worry i understand, we just have to wait till wednesday raiu-chan, media create sales will speak for itself actually im more worried about the wii u it will be left behind and vita haters will do a damage control and wiiussurance lol ^_^

          • No kidding… I don’t recalled many WiiU games being released and Nintendo’s February release schedule looked bare-bones… Hopefully, it will pick itself up after March or so….

            Wiiussurance? lol… That’s a first time I’ve heard of it….. An upvote for coming up with words like that….

            • sherimae1324

              its because that rayman legends was delayed again wii u owners should be playing that great game by now i feel sad for them
              and i dont know why there are no releases from nintendo this month and next month, do they expect that third-party will fill the gap, well thats bad cuz rayman got delayed again

              • I doubt one game could make a difference… Considering that Rayman Legends is now a multiplaform release, potential buyers or Rayman fans don’t have a reason to get a WiiU now… I agree that WiiU owners should be playing it by now…

                There’s supposed to be Crysis 3 coming for the WiiU… Almost there but canceled, unfortunately…. That’s because due to an unhealthy relationship between EA and Nintendo.. It could be related to EA’s origin so who knows… If this goes on, the WiiU is like the Wii all over again in terms of third party support…

                • sherimae1324

                  yeah its really a bad thing considering or supposedly its a “next-gen console”
                  well diehard nintendo fans will always say “we buy the wii u for exclusives”, i hope they know by now that a constant release of ” quality” third party game (not shovelwares or lazy ports) will benefit the wii u
                  besides nintendo cant release first party titles every month just to prevent software drought, can they?

                  • wii u will do even better than vita very soon

                  • How I define “next gen” for me is the features… It’s to provide something new like how 2D moves into 3D, having external devices interacting and so on…. My definitions would be roughly the same as Hideo Kojima’s…

                    Knowing Nintendo, they don’t push their first parties to the point of releasing a game every month… So no, third parties are essentials in filling the gaps…

      • HeatPhoenix

        Why rip on GameFaqs when the board does have reliable sources in the opening post…?

  • I think there is a misunderstanding, if he says 4 times the amount of the 2 precedents weeks, that doesnt mean 44k, but 19k(in 2 weeks) x 4 = 76k.

    • Hmm… you could be right.

      • Its the most logic solution, what’s the point of talking about 2 weeks when he could simply say ” 4 times the amount of units in one week ”

        ( also, i dont think he would talk about it if it was only 44k )

    • How about waiting to see the true charts, everyone ? :p

      It’s still better than usual, that’s already a good news, dont wait too much and you’ll be pleasantly surprised every time :)

  • HeatPhoenix

    From 1 to 4!

  • shogunknight

    Good! Strive to be better and attain the best of games. Also dont forget us eh?

  • They can thank this to Senran Kagura =) haha, at least partially.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Its still sold out in major stores in tokyo from what i hear

  • hush404

    lol, no wai! It sells after a price drop? What? :P Hope they see the move beneficial and announce price drops for other regions as well.

  • Good for vita.

    ds and psp made me game last gen

    3DS is pulling its weight. LETS GO VITA (I am touching myself as I type this)

  • Good for vita.

    ds and psp made me game last gen

    3DS is pulling its weight. LETS GO VITA (I am touching myself as I type this)

    • GaySkull

      Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
      made the PS Vita = Perv’s System Vita…lol!

      Edit: Oh, just you wait for the Sorceress and Amazon from Dragon’s Crown
      PS Vita’s main design criteria was the ability to touch jumblies.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Even from the Vita’s lowest (around 8-9k, I think) this would still have it in the 40k range. And Soul Sacrifice isn’t even out yet. Nice.

    With the software coming in this first half of the year I think we can safely look forward to Vita selling steadily at 30k+ from here on.

  • It is suprising to browse the Library of Psvita games and see a ton of games that are not even mentioned in the states coming out in Japan. They have a lot of rpgs that we will never see.

    • Warboss Aohd

      i dunno, da library here is still pretty small, if dey iz smart (which dey might not be), dey are gonna have to increase da library somehow, and JRPGs might be one o’ da few optionz dey got.

  • Jonathon Tsamantanis

    It was only a matter of time, now that people see indeed Sony is supporting there handheld, Those who waited a year to get there price cut well jump on in, the gaming is nice and warm.

  • Warboss Aohd

    oh look at dat, decreasin’ da price actually increases salez, who knew? /sarcasm.

    Sony o’ Europe an’ America……ya might wanna lower da price now.

  • Because of you, all the “journalist ” in the world reported that wrong translation.

    Literally, Hiroshi said ” If you compare to a 2 week period, PS Vita system sales have become 4 times.”

  • PrinceHeir

    congrats Vita :D