Media Create Sales: 2/18/13 – 2/24/13
posted on 02.27.13 at 08:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Metal Gear Rising tops the charts.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is on top on this week’s Media Create sales chart. The Platinum Games-developed Metal Gear spin-off sold over 308,000 units in Japan its opening week. Also new and in the top five is Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic for 3DS. The Namco Bandai-developed anime to game adaption moved over 29,000.

Find the full sales chart below.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [PS3] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Konami, 02/21/13) – 308,681 (New)
  2. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden (Square Enix, 02/07/13) – 75,427 (1,088,341)
  3. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 74,438 (2,666,040)
  4. [3DS] Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Namco Bandai, 02/21/13) – 29,402 (New)
  5. [PSP] Toaru Majutsu no Kagaku no Gun Sou Katsugeki (Namco Bandai, 02/21/13) – 13,894 (New)
  6. [Wii] Taiko Drum Master Wii Super Wonderful Edition (Namco Bandai, 11/29/12) – 9,825 (406,050)
  7. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, 07/28/12) – 9,664 (1,932,156)
  8. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) (Capcom, 11/15/12) – 8,230 (235,465)
  9. [3DS] Fantasy Life (Level-5, 12/27/12) – 5,870 (236,341)
  10. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Chibi Dragon and the Mysterious Orb (Namco Bandai, 07/12/12) – 5,799 (429,163)
  11. [3DS] Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo, 12/06/12) – 5,157 (530,100)
  12. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/01/11) – 4,892 (1,983,148)
  13. [Wii U] Tank! Tank! Tank! (Namco Bandai, 02/21/13) – 4,714 (New)
  14. [3DS] Run For Money: Flee From the Strongest Hunters in History (Namco Bandai, 07/05/12) – 4,682 (432,111
  15. [3DS] Inazuma Eleven Go 2 Chrono Stone Neppu / Raimei (Level-5, 12/13/12) – 4,443 (423,998)
  16. [Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U (Nintendo, 12/08/12) – 4,333 (470,790)
  17. [PS3] Call of Duty: Black Ops II Dubbed Edition (Square Enix, 12/20/12) – 3,703 (132,643)
  18. [PSP] Grisaia no Kajitsu: La Fruit de la Grisaia (Prototype, 02/21/13) – 3,700 (New)
  19. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 (Pokemon, 06/23/12) – 3,639 (2,969,695)
  20. [PSP] Desert Kingdom Portable (Idea Factory, 02/21/13) – 3,194 (New)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. 3DS LL – 49,317 (66,139)
  2. 3DS – 25,412 (31,832)
  3. PlayStation 3 – 18,529 (16,934)
  4. PlayStation Vita – 11,456 (8,044)
  5. Wii U – 9,633 (10,744)
  6. PSP – 8,981 (10,501)
  7. Wii – 1,317 (1,655)
  8. Xbox 360 – 473 (506)


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  • uhawww

    Hats off to Platinum Games on Revengeance. The game is an absolute blast to play. Hopefully this success sees them continuing to bear the torch for fast-paced action gameplay.

  • EspadaKiller

    So happy that Rising did so well. What a amazing game and the sales are well deserved as well! Platinum Games FTW!

  • shogunknight

    The game is worth the sales, well done platinum games and let the sales of Metal Gear keep on Rising

  • 1st place? Nanomachines, son!!!

  • Kobracon

    Glad Platinum Games got some much deserved recognition! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail (SERIOUSLY! I am literally SHAKING coz its been a week and it usually takes play-asia at least 2 weeks to get here!)

  • i m glad to see vita’s sales

  • Solomon_Kano

    Wow! Isn’t this Platinum’s biggest opening? This makes me happy to see, especially after Anarchy Reigns did so poorly.

    • z_merquise

      Well, Anarchy Reigns seems like a game that won’t be a huge seller (as much as I hate to say it, since I like the game so much). Arcade-styled beat-em-ups like Anarchy is very niche.

      That and Sega doesn’t seem to care so much about the game. It had a non-existing marketing and promotion from them.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I figured it wouldn’t do big numbers, but that 13k opening that it had in Japan was absurdly low. I know Sega didn’t push it in the US, but did they ignore it in Japan as well?

    • PrinceHeir

      bought both games Day 1!!!!!

      Platiunm member for LIFE!!!

      • Solomon_Kano

        Nice. I still need Rising, but I got AR day 1.

  • syaznifaiq

    i hope Capcom learn their lesson in DMC , no need to westernized game of whatever , just make a good game and the game will sell like hot cakes

    • MosquitoLemon

      DmC is a good game! Though I suppose they did destroy the brand, which I always thought was about awesome gameplay. Turns out it was about hair, campy cutscenes, and outdated graphics engines?

      But seriously, for everything DmC lacks in difficulty (which the majority of gamers don’t like, despite what internet tough guys want to say), it makes up for in spectacular gameplay. I’ve only played the demo of Revengeance, but it feels great. It might even be better (at least fresher?) than DmC, but please don’t use sales numbers to judge the quality of a game.

  • rockman29

    Good news is…

    Vita price cut hasn’t even hit yet.

  • Nothing can stop the 3DS…. NOTHING.

    • almostautumn

      Except for region-lock.
      But I guess Japanese gamers don’t have to worry about that— lucky bastards.

  • Freesun4

    I heard this is the fastest selling action game since Devil May Cry 1. Holy [email protected]!

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Vita sales are up. Everyone must be getting ready for Senran Kagura!

  • And thus proves that Platinum, despite what the pro-DmC crowd says, can sell their game on their own merits. Add to the fact that Kojima did the right thing to let the true masters of hack n’ slash do what they do best so that he can focus on MGS side of his franchise.

    • MosquitoLemon

      How exactly? I have nothing against Revengeance whatsoever, but I really doubt this game would have done as well without the backing of either Kojima/Metal Gear/Konami, or all three.

      God Hand and Okami were brilliant games, yet they were commercial flops. I’m glad Platinum was able to attach their awesome ideas to a product that will sell.

  • Heistt

    The Clover curse has been lifted!

    Glad to see a Platinum game on top for once, though I kind of feel it’s mostly because of the Metal Gear brand.

  • Those numbers are impressive for a PS3 title in Japan! Congrats PG and Kojima. ^^

    Edit: Fixed.

  • z_merquise

    I’m happy that Metal Gear Rising not only had positive reception but great sales as well.

    Platinum Games really deserved it. I really hope that this would really help give the developers more recognition in the future.

  • PrinceHeir

    Metal Gear Rising on top!!!!!!