Narutimate Storm 3: Itachi and Nagato gameplay - Gematsu
Narutimate Storm 3: Itachi and Nagato gameplay
posted on 03.02.13 at 12:26 PM EST by (@salromano)
Watch Itachi perform an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.

Following up on yesterday’s Naruto and Sasuke gameplay videos for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Namco Bandai has today released footage of Itachi and Nagato in action. Watch it below.

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  • I don’t follow neither the manga or the anime, but I have to admit that this game looks simply awesome.

    • PrinceHeir


      man being tempted to get this just for cyberconnect2!

      but i’ll save that for JoJo!!

  • DichaTesoro

    Nagato! Will he get his Akatsuki outfit?

  • Revorse

    Nagato can fight? I thought the reason he used Pein was because he couldn’t.

    • Possible spoiler here. This is Nagato after he has been revived by the Edo Tensei.

      • Revorse

        Nah, I know that. I guess I just forgot he knew how to fight.

        • He used the six paths mostly because Hanzo crippled his legs in battle. As a bonus, it allowed him to lead from the shadows, and keep his real body safe from harm. The pain stuff was just fueled by his fire for revenge, which Tobi mostly convinced him of. That the world was stuck on a cycle of death and pain, etc.

          He used people that played a role in his or Jiraiya’s life for the Six Paths. With Yahiko as the leader.

          (I’m sure you know all of this.) ^^

          • Revorse

            Lol. I knew it. Thanks for the refresher though. Much easier than tracking down older chapters of the manga. Hanzo’s the dude with the metal can in his mouth, right? Gave the Sannin their title?

  • DarthBrian

    Why did the Nagato trailer still have Itachi as player 1? o_O

  • Whats with the whole edo kage thing in youtube?

    • Souter

      Are you talking about the petition? It’s to get the edo kages playable in the game as they basically said they where in trailer 6.

      • engelmann-g

        They didn’t.
        We just fucking assumed it, but they never said that the Edo Kage, Kin/Ginkaku or the 7 Swordsmen were playable.
        So, you can’t blame them for it.

        • Souter

          With Kin/Ginkaku & the 7 Swordsmen I never expected them to be playable tbh even no I think they should be =p, but the edo kages look playable by the way they showed them off in the trailer and the scan for them. Plus normally if you fight them in a normal fight it means there playable

  • Bacon

    Can’t decide if I want this because naruto has gotton boring to me now, but 80 characters is tempting. I much prefer the jojo game riht now instead.

    • Souter

      If you played generations then it’s only 16 new characters.

  • engelmann-g

    You can say what you want: Those Ultimates look mind-blowingly awesome.^^

  • Locksus

    So basically the characters’ combos have been exactly the same in 3 Storm games now? hmh…

    • The sad thing is theres a second itachi with the SAME moveset. Only Jutsu and ultimate jutsu are different. And they wasted 2 slots for that. Same goes for CHOJI, KILLERBEE and GAARA

      • engelmann-g

        Killerbee has a new moveset.

        • Its almost the same. They just changed the combo ending

    • engelmann-g

      Why would they change? There’s nothing wrong with the movesets.

  • zakou

    Getting this day 1, skipped generations for this game.

  • John

    What’s Narutimate?

    • It’s just a quick way to say – Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.