Narutimate Storm 3: Naruto and Sasuke gameplay - Gematsu
Narutimate Storm 3: Naruto and Sasuke gameplay
posted on 03.01.13 at 11:19 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Watch Naruto use Planetary Rasengan.

Namco Bandai has released two new gameplay videos of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, which is due out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next Tuesday, March 5 in North America and next Friday, March 8 in Europe. The clips feature Naruto and Sasuke in battle. Watch both below.

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  • ShinAsura

    Should prove to be an awesome ride, good thing I read some of the manga

  • Zuhri69

    Naruto, alternating between Kyubi mode and normal seemed a bit inefficient. But cool nonetheless.

  • Four more days. Can’t wait.

  • engelmann-g

    lol @ the butthurt in the Youtube comments.
    “We want we want wah wah”
    Ungrateful pricks.

    • TheFoolArcana

      You sound pretty butthurt yourself.

      • engelmann-g

        Yeah, butthurt about others being butthurt.

      • zakou

        You sound butthurt about someone being butthurt about others who are being butthurt. I guess that makes me x4 butthurt for pointing this out and being butthurt about it.

    • MrKappa

      To be fair they have reason to be upset. CC2 hasn’t been on their game ever since they stopped making real .hack games and this looks like another drop in the bucket. On the bright side they look to have picked back up with the new JoJo game.

      • engelmann-g

        That’s not true.
        Did you see the story mode?
        Best anime game ever in this regard, but is someone thankful?
        No, they rather whine.

        • MosquitoLemon

          You have a point. Nobody needs to make a good game based on a famous anime, because fans will buy it regardless. They should be happy there’s a quality product to begin with, and not like, ‘crappy action game w/VN attached.’

          • Agreed, CC2 may have yet to give anyone besides Japan a new .Hack game *coughLinkcough* but for what they have done with both Naruto and Jojo, it could’ve been a LOT worse.

            My only concern is any bonuses after the main story and exactly how far Storm 3 covers the rest of the chapters.

            But other than that, I look forward to playing the new one; multiple times.

        • MrKappa

          A fancy cinematic story mode that revolves around QTEs is nice and all but other than that it seems no one has any standards. The gameplay is still shallow as hell and even if they don’t do a story like Generations they also don’t put in work anywhere else.

          So sure you can give the story mode its props but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t criticize anything else.

          • engelmann-g

            You can criticize. The game isn’t perfect, of course.
            But I’m annoyed by people that basically say this game is the worst.

      • zakou

        No, Ultimate Ninja Storm series is the best anime adoptation fighting + story based game ever made.

        The story in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the “first time” ever story while fighting with cinematics is sometimes done better than in the original anime itself.

        Either you don’t know what you are talking about or asking for a perfect anime fighting adaptation game.

  • EspadaKiller

    EPIC, can’t wait!

  • Grabbing my copy today! Can’t wait :D

    • DichaTesoro

      Today? Friday? How? I want it now too! Stupid weekend and Monday.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Mom and Pop store in NY. Sorry, I’ve been playing it too much I didn’t get to respond.

  • big drew


  • Once Sauske activates Susanoo he doesn’t even have to do anything really special to win. I don’t think he even had to use the bow.

  • KurisuMakise

    CC2, looks like you did some amazing work here. Ugh, shame about not being able to grab this Day 1. The mind is willing, the wallet…is not.

  • PrinceHeir

    i might buy this game just for Cyberconnect2 :D

  • DichaTesoro

    Anyone know how far into the story the game goes? I’m picking up volume 60 later today so I should be somewhere in chapters 665 by the time the game releases. I really like the graphic novel and would be sad if it were spoiled.

    • DichaTesoro

      *chapters 565.