Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain announced as Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain combined
posted on 03.27.13 at 02:21 PM EDT by (@salromano)
From Fox, two phantoms are born.

The Phantom Pain, announced at last year’s Video Game Awards as a new game by Moby Dick Studios, put together with the previously announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, is in fact Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain by Kojima Productions, studio boss Hideo Kojima revealed at his Game Developers Conference panel today.

Kojima entered the stage as Joakim Mogren, wearing bandages around his head, just as the man in The Phantom Pain trailer.

The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes put together is Metal Gear Solid V,” said Kojima.

A lengthy trailer was shown, featuring scenes of Snake in his Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain attire.

“The trailer itself is all real time. And since today our session is about the FOX Engine, I’d like to show you a little something that’s actually moving,” he added. “The Phantom Pain is an open-world game, but in the beginning, as an introduction and tutorial, it’s more of an on-rails game in order to understand the controls and system overall.

“The tutorial itself is a sequence where Snake wakes up from a coma after nine years and is all of a sudden attacked by an unknown enemy, and has to escape the hospital. So since he’s been in a coma for nine years, Snake has lost many of his movement capabilities. So you start off crawling, standing up to gain composure, and that’s the on-rails game we’re showing today. And everything’s running on PC right now.”

Kojima proceeded to show the gameplay demo, where Snake and the bandaged man named Ishmael attempt to escape the hospital. Watch it below.

“From thereon out, Snake will be able to walk free in the open world wherever he wants to,” concluded Kojima.

In a tweet following the event, Kojima attempted to clear any confusion that may still be surrounding the title.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is a prologue of Metal Gear Solid V,” he said. “Nine years after that event will be The Phantom Pain. Metal Gear Solid V is constructed with a prologue [Ground Zeroes] and the main game The Phantom Pain. The gameplay demo I presented today is the opening of The Phantom Pain, which is a tutorial that starts from crawling.”

To put it clearly: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a prologue called Ground Zeroes and a main game called The Phantom Pain.

In related news, it appears David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake since Metal Gear Solid, will not be reprising his role in Metal Gear Solid V.

Metal Gear Solid V is planned for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Visit the game’s official website here. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Bucketdeft

    gamespot link is broken

  • Bucketdeft
  • DarthBrian

    As a wise bird once said, “Oh, there’s a big surprise! That’s an incredible – I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die of not surprise”

    • Richard Tooth

      Are you sure the bird didn’t say “Bird is the word” :-)

  • ” And everything’s running on PC right now.”” “Metal Gear Solid V is planned for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360”

    Is there a reason why tihs isnt planned for PC if it’s already running on PC ? :|

    • Adol Christian

      A lot of console games are developed first on the PC. Just cause its developed on the PC doesn’t mean it will end up coming out for the PC

      • Bloodios

        Actually, aren’t all games have to be developed on PC?

      • I know this much, but they usually don’t show them actually running live on a PC, only deved on it.

    • I’m expecting petitions in 3….2…..1…..

      Edit: Already found one…

  • Bloodios

    And the secret is out!!!
    Well, more like affirming what we already knew about this elaborated trolling effort. Either way, I’m sure looking forward to playing this. Although I can’t help but think that it’ll be much better on upcoming consoles.

  • Kobracon

    Well played, Kojima. Well played

  • PrinceHeir

    Im worried about whether or not Ground Zero will be a short prologue, and MGS5 will be true full game of the two.

    either way im excited for both games, and definitely getting them on PS4!!!

  • Adol Christian

    Game looks too good for PS3 and Xbox 360 (that’s a good thing) :P I hope they release it for the PS4 too.

  • Is it one single game or two different games?

    • Sounds like it. I think the “two phantoms” referred to in that quote are MGS Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, while the real product is MGSV.

  • Potionzmaster

    Next-gen: now on current-gen!

    Seriously, this looks spectacular! _O_

  • capristrider

    Wow, an open world MGS game, can’t wait! It’s a shame David Hayter isn’t returning though. Day one!

  • Akimitsu

    I’m confused a bit. Is Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain the same game or are they two separate games that will combine to form Metal Gear Solid V?

  • Leon Keyv

    Oh man..i’m so hooked to the background song now!
    here a link to the song :

  • Fantasytales

    It’s just hard to believe that this is going to be an open game n it’s running in current Gen. I wonder if he has anything coming out for the next gen consoles.

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m sure the console versions will take a hit in graphics and maybe even frame rate. Hopefully there will be a PS4/Nextbox port that’s closer to the PC version.

      • Solomon_Kano

        If there’s a PC version. They’ve only announced it for PS3/360. It was running on PC for demo purposes and since that’s the development environment, but there’s yet to be mention of a PC version.

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    Nicely done Kojima, Nicely Done.

  • PrinceHeir

    so it’s actually one game!!!!

    this is gonna be one long game for sure!!!!!

  • Added the HD trailer from Konami’s YouTube and a link to the official site. This post should be done with its updates. Share with everyone you know!

  • Richard Tooth

    Does he have some kind of shrapnel in his head, at the end of the trailer? Looks like it. Plus I didn’t know big boss had a prophetic arm! :0

  • PrinceHeir

    Sal can you offer the 720p HD version of konami’s channel as download?? :D

  • uhawww

    The Fox Engine presentation was really damn impressive.
    The original Ground Zeroes trailer running in day time instead of a rainy night was amazing.

    • Yeah, the original “PHANTOM PAIN” trailers looked graphically bad to me, worse than MSG4 but the engine demos looked amazing. haven’t seen the new gameplay footage yet though.

  • dam looks good

  • I shortened the URL, if you already liked this on FB, do me the solid of liking it again. =)

  • Super excited!

    I do wish for a PS4 version, though…

  • Freesun4

    It’s Big Boss. The Ground Zeroes trailer and all those Snake Eater memories are the proof. Big Boss was in a coma twice in the series. This hospital’s unusual look makes me think the scene of the 9 years is a dream.

  • Prodigy-X

    OMG, Can’t Wait

  • Redichi24

    Wait this could run on xbox 360?
    I thought gears of war 3 was the max graphics for it since it was lagging everynow and then. When a new map or checkpoint came on lol!

  • Tac-Mex

    Another game that doesn’t come to the Wii U, lol,

  • Added official screenshots.

  • Okay, hopefully my last edit. Added in an explanation from Kojima about GZ and TPP.

  • マッシュー

    Sounds really interesting but I never played a past MGS game ): Probably would be too behind on information that I should know.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Dood, jump in! If you’ve got a PS3, you can get all the games in the series for around $50 total. If you own a 360, you can get all but two games.

      • マッシュー

        Should I start with the HD collection and then pick up MGS4 after? There are so many games on the wiki lol

        • Solomon_Kano

          Get MGS1 on PSN then get the HD collection.

          The recommended order you should play the series would be MGS3 > MGS Peace Walker > Metal Gear 1* > Metal Gear 2* > MGS1 > MGS2 > MGS4.

          You can play them in release order and still get the story, but that’s the order in which they take place. Actually, yea, go by release order. Makes the story more rewarding. So play 1-4, then PW. MG/MG2 can be played after PW or you can just watch them/read about them.

          2, 3, and Peace Walker are in the HD collection; MGS1 is on PSN; and MGS4 can be gotten for very cheap.

          *Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 are playable from MGS3’s main menu when you get the HD collection.

          Hope that helps, and I hope you enjoy the series!

          • マッシュー

            Wow, thanks both of you. Very detailed. MG1 and 2 being offered at the MGS3 menu is really nice! I found MGS4 on Amazon for cheap, so I think I’ll get MGS1 after I’m done with Tomb Raider. I’ve been missing out. Story-heavy + stealth gameplay is like a dream for me ^^

            • Solomon_Kano

              As a note, the more recent you get with each game (as in from the oldest to the newest) the gameplay opens up in terms of your options. Metal Gear and MG2 are the most stealth heavy, but from MGS1 on the series pretty much let’s you choose your playstyle. Have fun!

              • マッシュー

                You guys have been helpful! MGS fans are sure nice, haha. I have a lot of games to play and it’s exciting lol

                • Solomon_Kano

                  I think it’s only right that we try to get more people into a series this awesome. Somebody else got me into it, so I’m just trying to keep it going. I really do hope you enjoy the series. Let me know if you ever need help in Peace Walker when you get it. I’ll be around Gematsu and/or Siliconera.

                  • マッシュー

                    Alright man, ill let you know~ I love this comment service, you can transcend sites haha.

        • Anime10121

          Id recommend playing em in order of release (otherwise, certain things in the games would be spoiled), i.e MGS1 (PSN), then move on to the HD Collection with MGS2, then 3, and then MGS4, and finally Peace Walker.

          1-4 are VERY story oriented (though dont get me wrong, 2 and 3 have PLENTY of gameplay too, and 4 has the most refined gameplay, albeit much shorter compared to previous entries). Peace Walker on the other hand is a very gameplay centric entry, with smaller amounts of cutscenes and longer gameplay bursts, still a good game, but imo, not as strong as previous entries. Weird, but I actually liked Porable OPS more than Peace Walker (most people feel the opposite, especially since PO wasnt directed by Kojima), and I’d recommend playing that one too, preferably after 3).

    • Anime10121

      OK listen to me carefully, you see Solomon_Kano’s reply? DO EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS! I’m no fan of shooters, but Metal Gear Solid is freaking AMAZING, if you’re a fan of story telling in your games at all, you will miss out on one of the most amazing franchises of ALL TIME by not experiencing the MGS series!

      • マッシュー

        Thanks guys. Ill check it out. My PS3 could always use more amazing storytelling (;

  • Okay, totally the last edit now. YouTube upload I cut of the gameplay. HD, and what not.

  • No David Hayter voice. ported to 360 straight away. Me thinks it won’t have that specialness to it anymore.

  • DuskTaker7

    This looks incredible. Now I see the reference Kojima did some time ago about silent hill and Fox Engine (that hospital part ).
    So, if those 2 are the same game, does it means that Project Ogre is something different? I remember Kojima saying that Ogre is not a MGS game

  • DuskTaker7

    This looks incredible. Now I see the reference Kojima did some time ago about silent hill and Fox Engine (that hospital part ).
    So, if those 2 are the same game, does it means that Project Ogre is something different? I remember Kojima saying that Ogre is not a MGS game

    • Solomon_Kano

      He hinted before that Project Ogre and Ground Zeroes were the same thing, though he never confirmed it. Now that we have this trailer though, I believe MGS5 is Project Ogre. Kojima said that Project Ogre had a real ogre in it and that wasn’t just a figurative title. Well, at the end of the trailer Big Boss has horns growing from his forehead. So I’m thinking he’s turning into an ogre.

  • Michael Garling

    ‘Diamond Dogs’ = weird Bowie reference.

    Also, check out that screenshot – his left hand is now using the same tech as that lame villain dude from Peace Walker, so clearly this is after the prologue sequence. Snake himself though, looks somewhat youthful again (ie. Ground Zeroes age, rather than the scraggly look in TPP).

    Anyway, my boner is ready. The Hayter thing is weird, it’d make more sense if it was Patrick Doyle as the voice, instead it sounds like some generic Nolan North-type.

    Also, KIEFER!?

    • Solomon_Kano

      I’m going to be so hype if that’s Keifer Sutherland. Originally, The Phantom Pain trailer had some of his placeholder dialog from Call of Duty: World at War, but now it sounds like KojiPro’s got the real deal!

      As for Big Boss, did he speak in the gameplay footage? Because he doesn’t talk at all during the trailer. Just Kaz, the doctor, and Ishmael.

      • Michael Garling

        Yeah, Boss talks during the gameplay footage a couple of times. That’s also him talking at the end of the trailer, while we see him on the bike.

        Still really confused by that damn horn. Feels like Kojima’s answered some questions, and raised many, many more today.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, that horn is tripping me out. I need Kojima to just come out and tell us if this is Project Ogre or not. My thinking is that Boss is turning into an ogre, since Kojima said Project Ogre has a literal ogre in it, but I guess we’ll see. Certainly interesting though.

  • xMCXx

    Consider my mind fucked.
    Also, a man named Ishmael? And a whale?
    And these are two games? Or one?
    Don’t quite get it…

    • Michael Garling

      One game.

      • xMCXx

        Oh, cool, thanks.
        That’s all a little bit unneccessary confusing, but that’s Kojima for ya! xD

    • Solomon_Kano

      MGS5: The Phantom Pain, like 4 and PW, appears to be organized into chapters. The prologue chapter’s title is Ground Zeroes.

    • Freesun4

      The whale must be Big Boss’ mind playing tricks with him. Or maybe Psycho Mantis.

  • DrForbidden

    No David Hayter… that’s sad.

    Was hoping for a Vita MGS game to save the Vita, but doesn’t look like it’s happening now. Oh well.

    This game will probably be the PS3’s swansong. Talk about going out with a bang…

    • I agree. I think it all looks fantastic, but no Hayter Snake voice was kinda weird. I’m going to have to get used to that change.

      • Freesun4

        I think it was necessary considering how forced he sounded in Peace Walker. Almost as if Big Boss was going to cough in every scene.

        • Oh? I haven’t got the chance to play Peace Walker yet. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when I play it.

  • DrForbidden

    Wow, I just realised we’d be looking at Ishmael’s butt crack throughout the tutorial level… o_0

    • Freesun4

      Maybe he is another of Akiba’s relatives and will surprise us.

      • jeb

        0_o please tell me diarrhea isn’t inheritable

    • Tetsu

      It’s not Metal Gear without some man ass!

  • Freesun4

    Master Miller in the hospital looks so hilarious with those sunglasses. Guess he will never remove them.

  • Kobracon

    This is how I see the voice change; MGSV either tells the story of how Big Boss came to be the Big Boss we saw at the end of MGSV (who also wasn’t voiced by David Hayter) or he is already assumed to be that Big Boss.

    Either way, the voice change is to differentiate that this is probably where he stops being the Snake we all know, and start becoming the villain that was Big Boss in the MG games.

  • Ah man… I woke up, watched this with a smile on my face then watching the base I built from MGSPW gets destroyed right in front of my eyes…

    The game is pleasant to watch but Kojima, you better hurry up and release the darn game already… My blood won’t stop boiling….

  • Tetsu

    Master Miller!

    But who is V? “V has come to” so he’s…awake. hmmmm

  • kairock

    why no david hayter? i hope david or kojima’s just messin with us. thats just… sad.

    as sad as NOT asking kevin conroy to portray batman in arkham games, or any of the animated films.

  • xMCXx

    That Big Boss lost an arm is kinda new, isn’t it?

    • Freesun4

      What bugs me that when he falls KO in the helicopter he has his two arms.

  • Michael Garling

    Wait, what the hell is up with that horn on Snake’s head in the last shot?

  • Michael Garling

    Some Konami honcho just reported to Joystiq that they are indeed separate games. Will certainly wait for absolute confirmation, but his statements seemed pretty clear cut – we’ll only get a complete experience if we buy both titles. Thanks for double dipping, Koji.