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Rumor: PlayStation 4 to stream PS3 games
posted on 02.15.13 at 08:55 PM EST by (@salromano)
Gaikai to be PS4's backwards-compatibility.

PlayStation 4 will use Sony cloud gaming service Gaikai to stream PlayStation 3 titles over the internet, Wall Street Journal sources “familiar with the company’s plans” have said.

Microsoft also experimented with cloud gaming for its next generation Xbox, but has “questioned the costs” associated with building such a service, according to the source.

Additionally, the outlet reports that PlayStation 4 has “higher fidelity cameras for its ‘Move’ motion-sensing technology and touch-sensing pads on new controllers,” the latter of which we’ve seen in supposed leaked photos of the controller’s prototype.

The next Xbox will have its similar improvements. Its updated Kinect motion controller will be able to better identify, track, and hear players, says WSJ.

PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled on February 20.

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  • DesmaX

    Well, using stream for retrocompatibility doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
    But, please, compatible with PS2 games too

    • I’d rather have the games local to reduce latency.

      • DesmaX

        True, I’d rather have them too.

        But this seems better compared to the PS3 compartibility

  • Prodigy-X

    What about PS1 & PS2 as well?

    • There’s no technical reason they wouldn’t be able to.

  • Budgiecat

    So people get to rebuy the games they just already purchased and enjoy them with stuttering stream capability. Great.

    • Sevyne

      I don’t know where you see that that is the case. How about waiting to see what the plan is before claiming that the sky is falling?

      • DrForbidden

        Dude, we’re talking about Sony here…

        That’s almost a given.

        • Sevyne

          Eh? I’ve seen companies much worse than Sony.

          Even so, what is stopping everyone from just keeping their PS3s? Backwards compatibility really isn’t all that feasible anymore if they want to keep the price down. This could just be a simple alternative. Who knows? Jumping to conclusions is really a dumb thing to do though when REAL news is coming soon.

          • DrForbidden

            Well, we’re ALL speculating on rumours here… Budgiecat’s speculation isn’t really any worse or any better than others. I agree that native BC is probably impossible if price is the issue, I’m not disputing that. But let’s look at Sony’s history:

            Did we get to register our PSP UMD games on PSN and then get free digital copies of the PSP game for our Vita? No.

            For the PS2 games on PS3 that we can buy from PSN, can we register our PS2 game discs and get them for free? No.

            Now, I’m not saying that the logistics involved with either of those scenarios will be identical to what we will see with the PS4, but judging from the intent Sony has repeatedly shown in the past, the odds that users who want to use this BC-feature NOT having to pay something for it despite owning the original discs is very close to zero.

            • zakou

              As much i used to disagree with you (i think) You are 100% right, when i buy a Vita what will i do with all my UMD games? Throw them away? Seriously Wtf, they already screwd me over(read last post below). At this point you have to be a bias fanboy to even protect them.

              • Yeah, they should have used UMDs again in the Vita. It’s not like it wasn’t a great format or anything. /sarcasm

                It was best to do away with UMD for the quality of the Vita itself.

                It sucks, but it was the right decision going forward.

                Annnnd, keep your PSP. You know, the logical answer to your stupid question. The one option you seemed to forget exists.

                • zakou

                  Did i say anything about they using UMD’s for the VIta? I think in Japan those who have the UMD’s get a discount from PSN for the same games,

                  Telling others the VIta can play PSP games and leaving everyone out who bought the UMD’s is wrong. There are other ways to deal with it but you seem that the only way to play PSP games on UMD is to have UMD drive built in Vita.

                  Keep my psp yes but if you love sony so much are care for them then know this that i would have bought a vita long time ago if it was BC with my UMD disc, that is why im not buying one.

                  • That program wasn’t even supported by all publishers, not all PSP games are on PSN (and some will never be) so that program is hardly some magical solution that people outside of Japan have deluded themselves into thinking it is.

                    Besides, you’d switch tunes to “WHY DO I HAVE TO REBUY MY GAMES D:< ;_; D:<" if they did bring it here anyway.

                    The Vita can play PSP games, digital ones. It would require a UMD drive otherwise, which again would have made the Vita not much of an improvement over the PSP.

                    Short of an UMD drive attachment/add-on, which I'm sure you'd bitch about too, then it wasn't going to happen.

                    I love b/c and value it, that's why I'd be willing to buy a PS4 for up to $200 more if it had it. Because I know it would be a pain to do PS3 b/c in particular because of the cell and if rumors (and common sense) are any indication the PS4 won't have the cell at all. So I don't know how they'd ever do PS3 b/c short of something that would drive up the price a lot.

                    I don't want a future system to be handicapped for the sake of b/c though. And that's what would have happened with the Vita and UMDs.

                    • zakou

                      Oh at least You are using logic and not calling others “retards” now :3

                      I assure You that no tones would be switched, give me 50% discount and i will buy the game. Nice assumption though ^^

                      Sony could invent a tiny umd disc tray(that connects to vita/pc) a portable one that recognizes your VIta and the UMD that you bought and let you transfere that UMD iso/install it to your vita.

                      We live in 2013, the options are limitless, really just look at what MMO’s are doing or banks, i myself use a device just to log in to one MMORPG, it’s a device that sends numbers that require your confirmation.

                      DJ MAX game on PC years ago had a special USB that you connect to your pc to validate your game so that you dont download it pirated.

                      If a person like me who knows little about the technology and what we can do today knows that it is possible to validate your Vita device and the UMD that you bought then Sony should already have something like this out for us to use.

                      With todays technology we are no longer limited, the only limits we get are from the developers/publishers/companies who own the thing and want to sell/resell it as much as possible to suck as dry, this is their goal, or should i say this is any big corporations goal.

                  • The passport program, as I mentioned, is flawed and not a perfect solution that you think it is.


                    Not every publisher was on board, not every game is on PSN (and some never will be)…

                    Talking to a friggin’ wall…

                    And the Vita can play PSP games. Just because it doesn’t play UMDs, doesn’t mean it doesn’t play PSP games.

                    • zakou

                      I never said it was a perfect solution, they at least tried and some people got discounts. <- good enough for trying out "other options" i mentioned before other option too, there are ways but they would just cost sony money so fuck that xD it will never work, sony will never invest they rather people rebuy the games and yes you win.

                      (Tell sony to hire you)

                      Now about compatibilities xD it is all a lie actually you have no idea how many PS1 classics not on PSN work on the PSP without any modifications to them, you have to hack to see the truth, the hacked firmware does nothing to the emulation in the psp, it is as it was. Why i don't see these games on the PSN? Compatibility issues my ass. I do own every original game i play on hacked psp so no worries im not like that.

                      We are finally done, took long enough :3 but yes sure i will say that you are right and all that stuff, but i don't see the point in tell others that they are stupid or calling their logic retarded when they speak the truth ala being able to play NES on 3DS is no retarded logic nor lie.

                      Thanks again for this nice chat xD i hope none of you "downvoters" seriously internet people took anything to your heart and/or got mad.

                • Pekola

                  Yes, because everyone loves having to lug around two different handhelds around from one generation shift to the next. *eye-roll*

                  Only someone dense wouldn’t see the inconvenience of not having backwards compatibility from one console transitioning to the next. Even if you didn’t care for the older gen games, no one could argue that -not- having it is inconvenient for many, who either own an extensive library or would consider buying older games. Neither makes the move very appealing…

                  It’s not the consumer’s job to sell a product. And part of selling a system will require a fluid transition from one generation to the next. That’s a no-brainer.

                  Sony can say ‘oh well UMD’s aren’t very good’ or ‘PS3’s cell would cost too much’ but they can’t possibly expect the consumers to just be ‘derp, okay.’ because that’s really not on the consumer. It was a lack of foresight on Sony’s part.

                  Then again, I’m keeping my hopes up for Gakai. At the same time, I’m not expecting much, since Sony hasn’t inspired much trust in the BC department.

                  • Way to ignore my point!

                    • Pekola

                      Your exact point being? If I missed something, I apologize. But I am directly replying to your last comment.

                    • DrForbidden

                      He didn’t ignore your point. He pointed out the attraction of having a single machine that can do the work of two, in contrast to needing two machines. I don’t think anyone is contesting that the UMD format in itself is arse.

                      And as for your points about the UMD passport: it’s obviously not perfect, but it’s better than the nothing that people outside of Japan got. Flawed as it was, Sony still launched it in Japan, and the Japanese got the option to get discounted digital copies for SOME PSP games. Nobody is claiming that it is a be-all-end-all magical solution, other than you yourself.

          • zakou

            BC on the PS3 works, there are PS2 games on the PSN, so the BC is there however they don’t “allow” us to play the games we payed for, they want us to pay “again” for the games that we already “own”

            And this isn’t bad? Go to hell xD I bought 60 GB PS3 and it had BC so i had no need for my PS2 and gave it away for someone in need, 4 years later my 60 GB got YLOD so i bought the slim and now im f***ed, all the PS2 games i have and no PS2 console xD never found the money to “again” buy a PS2 because so many games are coming out but i miss playing my PS2 games.

            • PS2 games on PSN have to undergo extra development to get working. It’s not b/c.

              With that retarded logic, the 3DS is capable of playing NES games.

              “WHERE DO MY CARTS GO? Durrrr”

              • zakou

                Umm I’m pretty sure that they don’t need any extra development other than a minor patch and to upload them to PSN.

                The graphics are the same, the source files are the same, the sound quality is the same, the resolution is the same, the engine is the same, so i have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

                That is like saying “The PS1 games on the PSN need super special development time -_-”

                And even if they needed a a simple patch then why not release for those who already have bought the PS2 games.

                Retarded logic? PS2 is the previous generation, what did the PS2 do when it came out? It was BC for PS1 games, what did PS3 do when it came out? it waas BC for PS2 games untill they wanted us to rebuy them.

                I am sorry sir but stop trolling and get your facts straight and your head out of sonys ass,

                Edit: Oh so you are saying that the 3ds can’t play NES games? Actually it can and there are other ways.

                The psp can play PS1 games and PS1 is a console and psp is a handheld but no you are right! the PS1 disc are to big to fit inside the PSP DUUR i can’t get my disc in the psp!!

                That’s it im done talking to you.

                • Raiyu

                  Actually no, what Elvic was right, they are changed so they can be made compatible with PS3. If it were as simple as a patch, we’d be seeing more PS2 games on PSN.

                  PS1 games are not even in the same league cause it didn’t run on elegant hardware and totally different architectures like PS2 or PS3 games, and PS1 afaik are software and not hardware emulated. Your right, PS3 used to be able to play PS2 games but they were either hardware emulated, which raised the price of the PS3 because of EE, or partial/software emulated which made many games unplayable. Just like there are a bunch of unplayable Xbox games that can’t be played on 360 even though its backwards compatible (software emulation) and the Wii U can’t play GC games.

                  This is the same situation, elegant hardware but more difficult to emulate without adding in extra costs (Cell, RSX, XDR), make more heat, and make the console bigger. Of course we can always software emulate it but there is no guarantee that all games will work.

                  • zakou

                    Source please, give me a source stating with facts to show how much work is done to make PS2 games run on the PS3, otherwise gtfo. And i don’t want a link where sony says “Oh we are making huge development to make PS2 games run on PS3”

                    Any company would say that so i need proof.

                    Also this isn’t the reason we don’t see many PS2 titles, for a PS2 title to be released on the PSN sony needs to contact the right owner and pay them for it to be released on the PSN as they take share for stuff that is released on PSN. NOT because its hard to make them run on the PS3.

                    It is almost like Tales of Vesperia, it’s not hard releasing it on the PS3 to the US/EU even the game is translated but it’s more complicated than that just release it, i feel like talking to kids so i should stop,

                    Whatever im done.

                    • Raiyu


                      So yes it does need extra work to get it working cause its not running off EE, its a different emulator all together. And games some games don’t even run the same like they would if the PS3 had real BC if you watch the videos in the link.

                      And I can ask the same of you, give me sources that its otherwise telling me that they don’t. Cause from my standpoint it seems like your paranoid and think Sony are out to get you.

                    • zakou

                      …None of this stops Sony from using the software emulator for us to play our own PS2 games on the PS3

                      I would have to buy a new 60GB PS3 and make my own screenshots, you would be surprised how good the games looked on the PS3 60GB EU on software with enough updates.

                      Just hook the PS3 with hdmi and full hd tv and your PS2 games look amazing,

                      Minor changes are made to make the games run on the new software emulator for games of PSN to play (the PS2 games)

                      I mean really you have 95% ready game on your shelf and all you would need is a patch so that it can be played on the PS3, i don’t care if it’s a new emulator or old, just let me play my games i payed so much money for, how many PS3’s and PS2’s do i have to go through?

                      I understand the HD classics where the PS2 games “have actual changed made to them” not to mention some additions and trophies.

                      But a simple 99% identical game on the PSN?

                      Also the funny fact is that even the HD classics dont need “THAT” much of a work, you basicly have all the core files you need, i mean the developer has the, they have the source/core files, music, graphics, code, art they have everything all they need to do is upscale the games and few tweaks here and there.

                      It is not like you are getting a new game, the story is there, the characters, the world, everything is done.

                    • Raiyu

                      You’re making it seem like its really simple thing to do when its really not. You’re not taking into account compatibility issues, whether a game will work, whether a game will have bugs, crash the system, or will work but will be unplayable. If they could enable it to read PS2 discs, whats to say one of your PS2 games won’t end up destroying your PS3? At least this way, its guaranteed to work cause its been tested and its made to be able to run on PS3 hardware instead of PS2 hardware.

                      Anyways, I’m done talking about. You can believe what you want.

                    • zakou

                      Bugs are in every game, PS3 games crash my PS3, compatibility patches are made for the PS3 every month / used to be made.

                      PS3 is not perfect nor are the PSN/PS2 games they can also crash your PS3, i has happened.

                      I never said it is simple, it is just 5 thousand more times simpler to port a game that is already been made, or to make it work on emulators, did you know that the PC could emulate PS2 games in 1080p years ago? And nobody from sony or any experts were invloved.

                      Bugs, Glitches, freezes are in full retail games, some games are released broken (aka Skyrim PS3) that freeze, massivly frame drop, i am well aware of compatiblity issues more than you think and possibly more than you.

                      We are done talking yes, just know this. 99% of companies in this world care only about the money and not you, they don’t give a shit about you, as long as you provide them with money, they will even use the media to lie and make you belive things that might be far from truth, this has been happening since the 80s with Nintendo/Sega being rivals and Sega lying about bunch of things so that kids will belive how Sega is “better”.

                      It was fun talking to you xD no hard feelings.

                    • DrForbidden

                      Dude, while I agree that Elvick’s ‘just keep your psp’ mentality is short-sighted, what Raiyu brought up about PS2 software emulation is largely correct. PS2 BC in the early PS3 was done via hardware, which is why it worked for virtually all games of compatible region. Software emulation is problematic and many PS2 games need additional work to play on PS3. A recent example that comes to mind is Ghostlight attempting to bring Digital Devil Saga to PSN in PAL regions.

                    • zakou

                      I had no problem with my 60GB EU PS3, every PS2 game i wanted to play worked… Sure there might have been games that i didn’t have and they maybe didnt work? But isn’t “something” better than “nothing”?

                      Or would you guys rather have nothing? And from what of i know the PS3 Software emulator in EU PS3 had constant updates and the games looked sharper with time, and updates had more compatibility support, did any of you own a 60GB EU PS3? Seems like all you says is that “emulation” is problematic,

                    • DrForbidden

                      Sorry, what I wrote wasn’t very clear. I had actually meant to say that because the current PS3s do not have any sort of emulation software, and the ’emulation’ had to be done by the developers to convert the PS2 games into a version that can run on the PS3. This extra work is very difficult, making the ’emulations’ problematic, and that is why there are so few PS2 games on PSN. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word ’emulation’ in this context…

                      In any cased, there has never been a FULL software emulator. Even your Eu 60GB only has ‘partial software emulation’. There are still hardware pieces in the PS3 that contribute towards making the PS3 able to smoothly run PS2 games. These hardware are not present in any of the PS3 models released after that due to cost reduction, resulting in no native PS2 BC.

    • ShinAsura

      That happened with getting psp games for the vita but only Japan got the discount.

      Sony isn’t dumb though, they’ll figure out something that will benefit the consumer

      • DrForbidden

        Nah. They’ll figure out something that will benefit Sony. They’re a business, and that’s only natural.

  • DarthBrian

    It’s the future!!!!!!

  • That’s fine as an option, but I want to be able to use my existing discs. Its fine if there’s some sort of backwards compatibility module I have to buy for it to work just so long as I can keep it all on one console.

  • ShinAsura

    Don’t see why it’s a rumor, they spent $385 millllllion dollars on acquiring Gakai

  • lame

  • I’m not going to retire my PS3, not anytime soon.

    With that said, I hope if this rumor is true that it works kinda like this.

    I simply insert the games disc into my PS4 or whatever they call it, then I connect to the cloud service and start playing. I suppose the disc would register and link to my account or something.

    I’d rather the console have bc, but that would likely raise the price quite a bit. I don’t want the price to be really high, I’d like to think Sony doesn’t either.

    • rockman29

      Completely agree this is how it should be done. Read disc, play cloud, simple.

      Though I hope it doesn’t tie it to our accounts/PS4/Cloud service. Just read the disc for one time access, allow me to play cloud.

      After I take out the disc/close game, I have to put it back in to play cloud.

      None of this registering crap, it’s a physical disc, keep it that way.

      • I’d love it if they do that. I just expect them to do some kind of registration thing. Hopefully not.

    • MrRobbyM

      Same. Heck, my PS2 still hasn’t retired.

    • Raiyu

      I always love your level-headed and reasonable replies.

    • You know, I could actually see this cloud service going to replace BC… Think about it, put a PS1/PS2/PS3 disc into the PS4, the PS4 reads the disc, sends the disc code/data to the server, server acknowledges and stream using old games stored on the server, the player gets to play his old games…. Sony doesn’t have to spend anything major on porting the old games to the new system or including a BC feature in it which saves them and us from an expensive price tag…..

      It’s a win-win situation and a brilliant idea as well… The only thing holding back is the user’s bandwidth…

      • And all the extra server equipment Sony would need to keep around and run from here unto eternity.

    • PrinceHeir

      freaking agree :D

      still keeping my PS2, PS3, and PSP!!

      same with Wii(GC BC FTW!!)

  • Raiyu

    Well this will be certainly interesting.

  • Pekola

    This worries me. Seeing as there’s still games coming out for the PS3. Lightning Returns, Tales of Xillia, Kingdom Hearts HD Remix and so on.

    Nevermind the fact that streaming through the internet will probably suck if you don’t have a very good connection.

  • DrForbidden

    If true, this settles the issue of whether there will be native PS3 BC on the PS4…

  • Angel wing

    Can I do that with my Vita too ?

    • ShinAsura

      Will be interesting if they bring Gakai to Vita

    • shogunknight

      Maybe, would be great for Vita

  • Sounds good this will lower the cost of the system and anyone who can’t do cloud gaming can simply keep their PS3 system.

    This will work out for them in the end.

  • I want a ‘Legacy’ Edition of the PS4, that has full b/c. I’d be willing to pay an extra $200 (tops) over the regular PS4 price for just full PlayStation console b/c.

    Sadly, I know that won’t happen.

    • Sevyne

      It would be interesting to see them do a limited run on something like that. I’m curious how many would sell. I know a few people would be interested in it.

      • I know a few that would as well. In a perfect world… *dreams*

    • LordKaiser

      That will be the only way I would buy it. else I’ll wait till it cost $200 or less.

  • shogunknight

    If true, this is really good news. Having this feature would surely buy time for people waiting for next gen titles. It might also be where PSN plus users and people who bought their ps3 titles digitally have more advantage, I hope the feature also includes PS1 and PS2 titles. That would really help

  • GaySkull

    Gaikai can stream all the PlayStation 1,2,3,PSP and PS Vita games I can’t afford to buy for one subscription payment on my PS3 or PS Vita or smartphone or PC or tablet???

    Shut Up and Take My Money… now!

  • Guest

    Hey Sony!

  • I would be down for Ultra HD collections of choice games that we all loved from this generation.

  • PrinceHeir

    want my BC :P

  • TimesTicking

    How does streaming games work?
    I understand movies and all but wouldn’t games be a bit more different?
    Can someone tell me how this works?

  • Dunno if anybody noticed, but…

    With Gaikai, SONY will be able not only stream PSX/2/3 but also PSP/VITA and even PC games from companies that have a contract with Gaikai such as EA and SQUAREENIX… So we’re in the land of gods, guys!