Rumor: Another photo of the PS4 controller prototype - Gematsu
Rumor: Another photo of the PS4 controller prototype
posted on 02.15.13 at 11:40 AM EDT by (@salromano)
A clear look at the headphone jack at its base.

Following yesterday’s PlayStation 4 controller prototype leak from Destructoid (which both Kotaku and Eurogamer sources claim is legitimate), Digital Foundry has tweeted another photo of the supposed controller, clearly displaying a headphone jack at its base.

Thanks, VG247.

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  • Shadow

    I like the matte finish if anything, It won’t be a finger print magnet.

  • NCloud

    Just make it slimmer and its all good ;)

  • FeaturePreacher

    I wonder if the jack means Sony will include headsets with every console.

    • That’d be nice. That’s one thing 360 did that I wish Sony did with PS3.

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        I got no headset with my console :

    • AnthonyoRocker

      That would be great but I doubt it

    • drproton

      Sony already sells a PlayStation branded mic/earbuds combo for the Vita. It uses a 3.5mm mic/stereo jack like what that probably is.

      Even if they don’t pack one in, at least this way it will be more convenient than using bluetooth. Most bluetooth headsets aren’t comfortable and don’t sound very good. Plus this could be used for in-game audio as well.

    • I doubt it… Do you know why there are youtube videos of 12 yo kids screaming and swearing in CoD gameplay, don’t you? Just asking…

  • Prodigy-X

    Looks Amazing

  • Learii

    hm i wounder how the turbo controller for ps4 wil look like if they made it like that lol

  • gamelayer

    Looks fake to me.

    Badly rendered too.

  • Ritsujun

    ‘Touch the Touchpad to Start.’

  • Potionzmaster

    20th, y u no come sooner?!

    • it’s only 48 hours away., rising will keep me occupied for 24 hours i’m sure

  • Aldridge517

    It doesn’t look wireless, that sucks. Also I can’t imagine that it makes sense to put speakers on the controller, so those holes are probably a built-in microphone.

    • drproton

      It’s absolutely definitely wireless. And the Wii already has speakers in its controller. The grill is too large for a microphone.

      • Aldridge517

        Why does the Wiimote have speakers? That seems redundant, you already get sound from the tv o.O

        • drproton

          It’s just a gimmick, though an unobtrusive and fun one. You get different sound effects coming out of the controller than from the TV.

          Like the crack of a baseball bat or a cell phone ringing.

        • Budgiecat

          Games like Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Calling use it quite creatively (Kamen Rider has the announcer shout out the transformation technique when you change, and Calling has the ghost or people call you like its a cell phone)

    • As far as I know, most (if not all) devkits have controllers with cords. It’s more practical.

      • Aldridge517

        Well it is only a prototype. I guess even though this one doesn’t look wireless, it doesn’t mean the finished product can’t be. There’s still hope.

  • fqc

    I wonder if having the jack on a controller means Sony will drive the whole 3D TV+glasses thing so in local multiplayer both players can have their own audio and video while still looking at the same TV screen and playing from the same console.

  • The way the controller is placed almost makes it look different from the one in the photo the other day. I think its just a weird thing with the pictures.

    Don’t forget everyone, this is just a prototype controller for the dev kits. The final version will look better. We might get to see it next week!

    I didn’t post in the thread the other day, but I was surprised they included the dev kit in the picture though. That’s usually not a good thing to do.

  • LordKaiser

    Don’t like the analogs.

  • PrinceHeir


  • KurisuMakise

    I’m glad there’s a headset jack on the controller, along with the speakers, touchpad (is it supposed to be front and rear?), all I need to see now is the biometric feedback. I think that could be a #gamechanger lol.

  • I’m with it! they did good. the touch pad isn’t very big but it’s dual input so it’s essentially 2 to 3 more buttons. it still looks very dualshock, just smooth.And the analog sticks finally go inward. good job playstation