The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki tiny gameplay photo
posted on 01.08.13 at 08:09 AM EST by (@salromano)
A secret meeting between Falcom and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Want to see what The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki looks like while you play it? Have your first, rather tiny glimpse below.

The above photograph was posted on developer Falcom’s Twitter account today. It shows Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo in a meeting of utmost secrecy with Sony Computer Entertainment, presumably to show them the game.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki is due for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Japan this year. Find a full set of details here.

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  • Mar Mar

    Lighting looks quite good. Look at the road!!!!

    ….. Now where did the Tsundere go…..

  • KurisuMakise

    Meeting with SCE eh? Curious…

  • Ramza Beoulve

    this is looking great i want to play it now XD

  • Eclipse

    This is one of my most anticipated games, so even seeing that tiny glimpse has me very excited~!

  • would rather play this game than the OVERRATED, and Overrespected but not that good COD anyday.

  • YangTerlupakan

    wow the guy in the bottom left is holding artbook sen no kiseki O_O ????

  • PrinceHeir

    i love this!!!!

  • Yeabuddy

    OMG I remember playing this game! on the psp! Time to reunite!!