Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is an RPG
posted on 01.24.13 at 12:34 AM EDT by (@salromano)
And that's about all we know, at this point.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct teaser, Atlus parent Index Holdings has issued a press release officially announcing Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for Wii U.

The notice reveals the collaboration between the Atlus brand and Nintendo series Fire Emblem will be a new RPG developed by Atlus in co-operation with Nintendo (Intelligent Systems, to be specific).

A release date was not announced.

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  • MrKappa

    So it won’t be a SRPG like the Fire Emblem games huh? This is something I really want to see if only to see the FE characters from the different games interacting.

    • Well, an SRPG is a type of RPG, so it’s possible. We’ll have to wait until game screens and details are unveiled to find out.

  • dart2087

    Yes! :D

  • I was surprised of new games only issued on Wii U,
    So we know that Wii U did not achieve great success like Ps3 and Xbox,Now Nintendo company pays them to work only for the sake of games Wii U,I do not hate Nintendo But is So shame When i see Bayonetta Just For Wii U,Information Bayonetta achieved great success in ْXbox360 And Ps3.


    • Sevyne

      Using Bayonetta as an example is just poor. Bayonetta 2 was scrapped because Sega refused to publish it. Why? Because it wasn’t a financial success, so no it didn’t achieve great success. If it wasn’t for Nintendo the sequel wouldn’t have been released at all.

      Also SMT X Fire Emblem can only be released on a Nintendo console because Fire Emblem belongs to Intelligent Systems which is owned by Nintendo.

      And those are the facts.

      Edit: Someone’s really mad that I posted the truth? Man that’s hilarious. I mean it’s not even my opinion. It’s hard facts.

      • Hey hey You
        excuse me Just Hold on ok ,i just say it’s my opinion.

        • Sevyne

          I’m talking about the downvote I got for simply stating the truth. My personal opinion is that Bayonetta is a fantastic game, but it sold poorly so to say it’s a success is really a stretch.

          Their are a number of reasons those games are Nintendo exclusives, and all of them eventually stem back to the fact that those games would not even exist if it weren’t for Nintendo.

          Not saying I like that they are exclusive, but it’s better than no game releasing at all, right?

          • YangTerlupakan

            I agree with u
            but i disagree when u say bayonetta is sold poorly
            1,9 million for new Action Game is bad for u???????? is good IMO
            maybe sega doesnt like sales from Infinite space or madworld so they just scrapped Bayonetta 2

          • Speedo Redempteur

            sega didn’t validate bayonneta 2 not because it sold poorly but because the relationship between sega and platinium was degraded thanks to the way sega handled bayonneta situation.
            At the same time sega was in a financial status and cancelled almost every project in their protfolio except the very high sellers( sonic , yakuza , football manager and so on.. )
            That’s the only reason why bayonneta 2 needs external support to survive

            • Sevyne

              Alright I’ll concede on that and say that maybe “poorly” wasn’t the right word, but not “good enough” for sega.

    • syaznifaiq

      “Now Nintendo company pays them to work only for the sake of games Wii U” U wrong. Nintendo “funding” them to make games for them, in other word they act as publisher … the one and only company who paid for exclusivity is M$

    • Bec66

      Why, all nintendo wants is for people to buy their system, so yes we’re going to get WiiU exclusives

  • Eclipse

    Well, I already expected that it would be an RPG of some sort (Probably an SRPG), but I’m more curious about the SMT characters that will be in this. All of the characters in the video were from SMT: I, II, III, if, and IV, so I wonder if there will be any characters from Megami Ibunroku? Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to hearing more details about this.

    • Bec66

      Maybe more characters wil be revealed later on (Crossing fingers for Yamato and Naoya)

      • Eclipse

        Nice. Those are some great choices. ^_^
        I guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait for more info (I’m hoping for Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV).

  • new_tradition

    If this WASN’T an RPG, I would’ve been surprised xD

  • shogunknight

    Of course it would be an rpg, its the type of rpg that matters now. I would have laughed and cried simultaneously if it was racing/fps

  • Pyrofrost

    I’m hoping it will be a traditional style RPG. I’m personally not fond of SRPG.
    I will buy it regardless though, because of MegaTen.

  • i already want this game so bad

  • good

    but a Regular RPG or SRPG?

  • KurisuMakise

    I was just happy to see Roy in the little “trailer” and felt content.

  • Depending on how this turns out I may buy the game to collect and may get a Wii U in a few years. Thats how I got Devil Survivor Overclocked. I bought a 3DS a year later with a massive price cut and christmas promotions :)

  • HeatPhoenix

    HEll yeah, Intelligent Systems, the home of Smash Bros. and the home of the e-reader and a lot of excellent coders.

  • fireemblembeast

    Development team is a no- brainer, but nice to hear it’s an RPG. :) I can’t wait to see more. And I wonder what kind of rpg it’ll be… Something different would be cool.

  • since ATLUS is co-developing I just know this game will be Amazing.
    ATLUS is a fantastic company that looks to innovate their titles, and having SMT x FE will be amazing.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for the announcements :D

    i wonder if this will be localized by nintendo or atlus?

    hope it’s Nintendo though, they would add dual audio just like upcoming Fire Emblem Awakening :)

  • I was actually worried that it would be a fighter like Street Fighter X Tekken type thing. We all know how loved Marth was from SSBM