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Pokemon X and Y legendary Pokemon revealed
posted on 01.09.13 at 09:14 AM EST by (@salromano)
Meet Xerneas and Yveltal. Both appeared in yesterday's trailer.

Nintendo has shared first details on the new legendary Pokemon shown in yesterday’s trailer for Pokemon X and Y. Specifically, their names.

Xerneas: ZURR-nee-us

Yveltal: ee-VELL-tall

View high-res screenshots of both Pokemon at the gallery.

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  • Ragiacrus

    they are both Y-shaped, where is the X legendary pokemon? I like Xerneas better than Yveltal

    • The X in his eye.

    • Pretty sure that if you look at Xerneas from the sky, he’ll be X-shaped

    • Look at the blue part of Xerneas…

    • Ragiacrus

      haha you guys are right! It evaded me when I first read the article, makes sense too since their names are indicative of which game they will be in. Pokemon X = Xerneas, Pokemon Y = Yveltal , thanks guys! ;D

  • xMCXx

    Weird names. Wonder what they’re based on besides the letters X and Y.

    • D.Rex

      Male (Y) and Female (X) possibly, and possibly what new_tradition said.

    • obviously xerneas is some kind of dear but yveltal is a vermilion bird altered in a few ways like other conceptiosn of vermilion birds like zhuqaiomon

      • xMCXx

        I meant the names. ;)

    • I bet ya Xerneas is based off of the Spirit of the Forest XD

  • dngn

    Xerneas looks a little like the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke. I much prefer its design over Yveltal’s.

    • Deanna Larkin Watson

      Exactly what I came here to say. :)

  • new_tradition

    I read somewhere that XYZ are 3D planes or something, hence the name for the first official 3DS game. If they ever come up with a legendary Z pokemon, it might have one heck of an anatomy xD

  • PrinceHeir