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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announced for 3DS
posted on 01.08.13 at 06:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
3D Pokemon due out worldwide this October.

Nintendo has announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the first mainline handheld game to be set in a “breathtaking 3D world,” due out worldwide for 3DS in October.

The game features new starter Pokemon Chespin (grass), Fennekin (fire), and Froakie (water). New, still to be named legendary Pokemon are also in the game.

“The worldwide launch of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October allows players to begin their adventures at the same time,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company. “Now, Pokemon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokemon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately.”

“We brought Pokemon into an entirely new dimension and we’re incredibly excited to bring Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to fans,” said Junichi Masuda, video game director at Game Freak. “The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world.”

Watch the debut trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

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  • My 3DS is ready.

  • Linsey Pastoor

    will buy them both!

  • This will be awesome!!!!!!! Morphed into a fanboy when I saw this

  • Pokemon3DSLavar!


  • So happy! I love the fact that they remembered to go with Cellshade since the anime and classic games were ..well anime based. Looks amazing.

  • Zaziuma

    Pokémon is into chromosome territory now? Great naming guys.

    • With the evolution the series is taking the naming can be crap

    • No…
      The next one will be Z
      X, Y, and Z, as in a 3d plane.

      • Raiyu

        Actually in the Japanese logo there is a DNA helix in it. Fusion maybe?

        • Zaziuma

          I was actually just joking, but ha that’s cool.

    • They ran out of color.

  • YES!!! Always wanted 3rd person pokemon

    • Pokemon has always been 3rd person. I’m guessing you mean 3D. Even so, it’s pretty much the same thing only with the perspective shifted slightly. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the 3D models and assets either. Still, credit to them for doing something people actually wanted for a change. I can’t imagine a Pokémon adventure title working any other way on 3DS, though.

  • FlameEmperor

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!! October is too far away ;-;!!!! But the wait will be worth it in the end! Can’t wait for this!!!!

  • Pokemon3DSLavar!

    Very well!

  • Awesome, cant wait! That was an extremely inspirational and entertaining video! ^^

  • Added official screenshots.

    • Even though I watched it on their website Thank You for putting it up right away Keep up the good work!!!

      • Thanks! I appreciate the appreciation. =P

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Lol another one?

  • goodbye vita

  • Really excited for this. I hope Fennekin’s evolutions are good. I usually pick the fire type.

    • It will be my pick as well. Usually I go with the cute or cool one :D

      • Anime10121

        Agreed, Fennekin’s my pick this go round too! My first was a tie between Squirtle/Charmander, Gold/Silver was Cyndaquil, Black/White was Snivy, and looks like I’ll be going back to fire again this gen :)

        • I played Pokemon about ten years ago, my friend played Red and the other played Blue and I got Yellow so it only have Pikachu but it’s my most favorite Pokemon ever. I got Crystal in second gen and chose Cyndaquil. 3rd gen I got Ruby and choose Torchic. I haven’t played any Pokemon since then.

    • xMCXx

      So do I. :D
      It’s also cute.

  • Hyped!!! Fennekin I choose you!!!

  • FlameEmperor

    I’m so happy right now ;-;! Thank you nintendo <3! This is why I love you!! You too GameFreak!

  • I don’t have a 3DS but im going to go to the store and buy one along with Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance,Harvest Moon: A New Beginning,Kid Icarus: Uprising and I’m going to pre order the new Fire Emblem. :D Epicnesssssss.

    • I don’t have one, either, but I do own some 3DS games I plan on playing when I actually buy one, which, given this, the few games I own, and some of the other games out there, will be very soon.

      • Anime10121

        You mean you havent got a 3DS yet? Get one now, get one noooow (in hypnotizing voice), wait I dont even need to hypnotize ya, the thing has great games (just gotta wait for dem localization announcements)! But yeah Sal, I fully recommend it, get one, especially since they arent too expensive anymore :)

    • Dream Drop Distance is completely amazing.

      Just saying

      • Anime10121

        Yep, Still the best game I have for the thing. Though, hopefully Bravely Default: Flying Fairy gets released here, as that’s the only thing I can think of that may dethrone KH as my fave on the 3DS.

        • I definitely want Bravely Default, but no chance of it dethroning Dream Drop Distance for me. lol

  • Fennekin=best starter ever.

  • Raiyu

    I’m surprised they announced sixth generation so soon.

    Well I guess I’ll be sticking with the grass starter again as usual.

    • I’m certainly not surprised. People wanted a 3DS Pokémon game since Black and White was announced. The 3DS has now started to take off in Japan, so it makes sense. Oh, and also not forgetting the ka-ching $$$.

  • one of the best game for 3Ds, i feel it.

  • just shut up and take my money already

  • dart2087

    Finally a 3D Pokemon portable game!

  • Acidicsam

    …where’s my gen 3 remakes :(

  • Do want.

  • FaithlessMr

    So, I guess this will be my third Pokemon game then? After Red and Black. The only one which I believe (asides from Black/White) to actually introduce new features to the old Red/Blue formula, that actually manages to peak my interest anew.

    I’m actually excited about this, this could be really big!

    • Anime10121

      And it seems you picked the best entries in the series to try out (although Gold/Silver are still my faves so you unfortunately skipped out on those). Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Black/White are the only games I’ve liked, hopefully X/Y will be added to my list of the better games :D

      • FaithlessMr

        This announcement actually made me pick up Black again. I stopped in the amusement park gym or something?

  • After looking at this, I’m less hesitant to get a 3DS now…. Also, is X/Y referencing to position dimensions of XYZ?

  • Aldridge517

    Okay, so much to say about this:
    1. Nintendo has obviously run out of color schemes.
    2. They aren’t seriously calling this a “breathtaking 3D world”. COMPARED TO WHAT?! Certainly not Uncharted. Certainly not Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD.
    3. I used to dream about if Pokemon was ever made into a 3D game instead of 2D, but I stopped following the series years ago so this news is like a childhood dream come true that I don’t even care about anymore

    Anyway I think a 3D pokemon game is a good idea and wish Nintendo the best. I just won’t be playing it.

    • xMCXx

      Why would you even compare this to a PS3 game….?

      • Aldridge517

        They called their game a “breathtaking 3D world”, not me. I’m simply pointing out an obvious exaggeration because I think it’s funny. The statement they made is open-ended and therefore open to comparison from anything, even a PC game.

        • FlameEmperor

          Oh you played the game already to know what the whole new region looks like o-o? Didn’t know. Breathtaking 3D world for a HANDHELD SYSTEM. You can’t compare a 3DS game to a PC or Ps3……..

          • Aldridge517

            “Oh you played the game already to know what the whole new region looks like o-o? Didn’t know.”

            Dafuq is this comment? Do I sense snark? You saw the exact same trailer I did, you know it wasn’t breathtaking, I don’t understand why I have to explain this. Is it because I compared it to Uncharted? I already clarified that “breathtaking 3D world” is an open-ended statement.

            If you don’t know what an open-ended statement is, or you didn’t read the entirety of the comment you’re replying to… meh

            • FlameEmperor

              I’m just saying you can go compare a handheld game to a console or PC game. Yea it’s open-ended statement but it’s also quite foolish to do so. And if you bothered to read what was written in the video it said “Game footage not final”.

              • Aldridge517

                PS Vita is compared to PS3 all the time, but w/e I’m over it.
                “Game footage not final”, what is that suppose to mean? Are you imply that the final game is going to live up to the hype of the trailer? Lol

                • FlameEmperor

                  It means they’re still working on the game. And the reason VITA is compared to the Ps3 is because Sony said it’s a a Portable Home Console.

  • Himiko

    Mei & Touka were better female designs. But other than that it looks really nice. Also, Froakie ftw.

    RIP 2D.

  • dead_bones

    FROAKIE LOOKS AWESOME!!!! Been a water starter since red/blue. Can’t wait for this!!!

  • xMCXx

    Yes, finally!
    And it’s nice of them to include the names of those new starters in different languages! :D

    • Oh, right, so JP names if anyone’s interested:

      – Chespin: Harimaron
      – Fennekin: Fokko
      – Froakie: Keromatsu

  • DarthBrian

    Looks like I can finally get a 3DS. Been waiting for them to put a real Pokemon game on it to get one.

    However, I am a bit underwhelmed at the graphics. I’m sure the 3DS is capable of better than that. We’ll see I guess. :p

    And add me to the list of Fennekin starters. I generally start with fire types as well.

    • Himiko

      You have to account for how many models which is well over 500-600 and animations. So I think it’s pretty much a big feat enough to achieve that!

    • xMCXx

      I think they look good.
      Don’t know what the 3DS is capable of exactly, but it’s not that much. xD

  • The battles look pretty good, but the worl exploring looks like shit, it looks like the wii miis somehow got into the pokemon world -.-

  • I was just hoping for a remake of Ruby and Sapphire before a
    6th generation but nevertheless I will anticipate it! I hope you
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  • new_tradition

    I haven’t played Pokemon since Silver for the GBC. Wonder if I should get this or wait for a coloured entry…Or is Nintendo done with colours?

    • Watch them just start naming Pokemon games using the entire alphabet.

  • Fennekan?

    does da name come from Fennec Foxez?

    • xMCXx

      Well, duh. : P

  • KurisuMakise

    …FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for Pokemon to get to a 3D era for as long as I remember, yet I’m not quite satisfied. The walk/run animations look a bit clumsy, the celshading is nice though and I like that the camera perspective is mostly the same as the old ones. The Naming is eh… but this could be a system seller for me and I’ve largely ignored Pokemon for awhile now.

  • Niyari

    damnit, now i HAVE to pick up a 3DS this year.

  • fireemblembeast

    Its about timemy 3ds has a pokemon game! :/ ehhh… that main character guy looks too much like gen 5 male main. Who’s the female one? the blonde girl at 1:02? I wish they would show, since I will be using her. Anyways, looks awesome and looking forward to it! :)

  • MosquitoLemon

    Graphics look gorgeous

  • Eclipse

    I have to say… I’m quite excited for this. Seeing that trailer really made me feel that excitement I had for this series back in the 90’s. The last game I played in the Pokemon series was Diamond, so I have a lot of catching up to do~

    It looks like I’ll definitely be importing this.

  • PrinceHeir

    no Pokemon Gray :P

  • I suppose its time for me to try a new Pokemon game again. :)

    I haven’t played anything Pokemon related since Diamond & Pearl. I enjoyed Pearl (version I played) but I kinda got “tired” of the formula towards the end. I suppose I was just burned out on the level grind of it all? Not sure.

    I’ve thought about trying Black & White, but I didn’t have a DS of any kind until recently. What do you all think? Should I give Black & White a go? The sequels too?

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    So, Ninty/ Game Freak ran out of colors, it seems, as somebody pointed out on EG already ^^. While I’m really excited for a proper 3DS Pokemon game I am disappointed with the visuals. This looks moderately better than the predecessors on DS. I have seen much better on 3DS, Biohazard Revelations comes to mind.

    Well, shoot it, game’s gonna be hours of addictive kidnapping (catching Pokemon actually equals kidnapping them ^^) fun anyways so the bland graphics are probably the only thing to criticize.

  • Budgiecat

    Why do they still insist on making crap graphics? Even Digimon Adventure for PSP has better graphics