Square Enix teases “something different” for Agni’s Philosophy on “different platforms” in June next year
posted on 11.03.12 at 11:21 AM EST by (@salromano)
"It will not run only on PC!'

Something “different” around Agni’s Philosophy, Square Enix’s next generation, Luminous Studio-based tech demo, will be revealed around June of next year (E3, we take it), Square Enix worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has teased. And whatever it is, it will run on “different platforms.”

“So, around June of next year, there will indeed be something different around Agni’s Philosophy, which will be presented on, perhaps, different platforms than those which have been used before,” Merceron told FFDream.

Asked if that meant it wouldn’t be running on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Merceron teased, “I can tell you that it will not run only on PC!”

It is widely believed Sony and Microsoft will reveal their next generation consoles during or before next year’s E3.

Separately, Merceron touched a bit upon Final Fantasy Versus XIII. He said the team developing the title has “huge ambitions,” and that the moment it’s revealed, “people will be very happy to have been patient.”

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  • AuroraXIII

    -He said the team developing the title has “huge ambitions,” and that the moment it’s revealed, “people will be very happy to have been patient.”-

    I am so glad to hear this.

  • Potionzmaster

    Omg please, let Agni’s Philosophy be a next-gen FF, please! That tech-demo was amazing (not only the graphics, but also the setting, story and about everything else!)
    And even though the news about Versus is next to nothing, it sounds very promising indeed!

  • FaithlessMr

    “Something different” from Square Enix?

    Expect a FPS with Lightning and co.

    • Dirge of Lightning?

    • Dirge of Lightning?

    • Dirge of Lightning?

      • Potionzmaster

        Or maybe Dirge of WARRIAH GAHDESS

      • YangTerlupakan

         Dirge of cerberus is Third-Person Shooter not FPS

    • Tht sounds interesting. 

  • I just hope Agni’s Philosophy will become a game with or without Final Fantasy name.

    • Dean Winchester

      I predict that Agnis Philosophy will indeed become a game WITH or WITHOUT the Final Fantasy name. Yep.

      I also would like to inform everyone that water is wet and to alert everyone to this breaking news: the sky is blue.

      • He’s saying that he hopes it becomes an actual game. As far as anything’s concerned, it’s just a tech demo. Tech demos aren’t games.

        I’m not understanding the smart-aleck response here.

  • I really don’t want to pour the gasoline which starts a forest fire here, but I have to say it. If this guy really considers putting the fanbase through this long of a wait for Versus just a virtue of “patience”, I can hardly believe anything good he has to say about the game. Sorry guy, but the S.S. Patient sailed a few years back.

    You’re late, bro. Waaaaaaaaaaay late.

    • AuroraXIII

      By the sounds of “huge ambitions”, the game seems to have been legitimately improving over time. The wait will be worth it in my opinion. I want Versus to be the best it can be.

      • Versus confirmed for Playstation 4/Orbis launch title.

        I wouldn’t put it past them at this point, honestly.

        • AuroraXIII

          They’re not going to release it on a platform with a user base of only 500,000 at launch, instead of a platform with an install base of 70 million.

          • Oh, right… Because a company has never released a product on a console which had a lower fanbase for the product than the “appropriate” console for the product to get a higher fanbase :|

            *cough* Tatsunoko VS Capcom *cough*

            Yeah, cause we all know the Wii got more sales out of that game than the PS3 would have *rolls eyes*. Let’s not forget Bayonetta 2 for Wii U as opposed to PS3/360. Looks like your logic has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese, man.

            • AuroraXIII

              You think my logic has holes in it? Even more than Swiss cheese?


              Oh Jesus, where do I start…

              First off, I don’t know how the fuck Tatsunoko VS Capcom is supposed to be relevant at all to the discussion since:

              1) Tatsunoko was always planned for Wii. It never switched platforms during development like you think Versus will.

              2) I’m talking about LAUNCH PLATFORMS. I said Versus would NOT release at PS4’s launch. Yet your “counter-example” of publishers making inappropriate moves like this was Tatsunoko, which released in 2010. Fours years after Wii launched. Dafuq? Care to remind me how Tatsunoko is supposed to be relevant?

              3) Capcom brought it to Wii because they wanted to tap into a larger, untouched user base and attract new fans instead of repeatedly tit-squeezing the same crowd. It’s called business. You got MvsC3. They got Tatsunoko. FUCKING DEAL WITH IT.

              I swear fanboys are the worst thing to grace gaming. You guys claim to not buy Nintendo platforms because they lack third-party software. But when Tatsunoko and Bayonetta 2 come along, all you do is just constantly whine and port-beg. Consoles won’t succeed if their entire library is multiplatform. Ever wonder why Vita has little to no killer software? Half its library is on PS3 and PSP.

              Now. Bayonetta 2. IT’S A FUCKING FIRST-PARTY GAME. Published and funded by Nintendo. Of course it’s coming to Wii U. Sega green lit it. Platinum designed it. Sega cancelled it. Nintendo saved it. Drill it in your head already. Bayonetta 2 would be dead if not for Nintendo. You should thank them. Not only that, Wii U is a superior console. Meaning Bayonetta 2 will result as an even better product than ever. THIS IS IDEAL. I would be glad it’s coming to Wii U even if Sega were still the publisher. I won’t even ask why you thought this was a legitimate counter-example. Versus is third-party, Square Enix can choose the most profitable platform. Bayonetta 2 is NOT third-party, its only choice is Wii U. Simple.

              Next, I have no fucking clue whether you’re trying to dispute my point or help prove it? On one hand you try to dispute it by stating examples of publishers releasing titles for inappropriate platforms. Okay, cool. Nevermind that they were utterly irrelevant. But then you help prove my point by implying that this sort strategy will bomb JUST LIKE MY WHOLE POINT. I said Square Enix won’t release Versus for PS4 since that would be inappropriate. Clearly you agree. Fantastic. That means my “flawed logic” is your flawed logic. Whose side are you even on, your own, or what?

              Finally, THERE ARE NO HOLES IN MY LOGIC. It’s not even logic. Just common sense. Do you actually believe Square Enix will spend seven to eight years developing an industry-shaking blockbuster just to release it on an unproven, emerging platform with only 500,000 users at most at launch? You’re out of your fucking mind. You’re so obnoxious, it’s not even human. Need I remind you the PS3 user base is 70 MILLION. Which platform do you think Versus will profit more on? Do the simple math. I don’t care what Capcom does. Your ace example had nothing to do with this situation anyway. My logic has no holes whatsoever.

              All I did was call you out on your fallacious remark.
              Little did I know that you would return it with even more bullshit.

              • Woah, Woah, woah… Calm down… We’re civilized people, right???

                But still, you can’t predict a platform’s launch number before it releases… Who knows if it’s 500,000, more or less…. But hey, predictions are the fun part on these kinds of conversations…

                “Consoles won’t succeed if their entire library is multiplatform. Ever wonder why Vita has little to no killer software? Half its library is on PS3 and PSP.”
                Though Microsoft seems to be doing fine with their library mostly being multiplatform with few first-party titles. *Cough* Marketing *Cough*

                Yes, what you said about Bayonetta 2 is true but what’s the motive of Nintendo getting this is beyond me… I mean, Ninty practically got the casual crowd on their clutches, but the hardcore crowd??? Not much… Seems like a risky gamble as Bayonetta 2 is embracing a new platform, leaving its old fans behind and going exclusive… Success depends on how Ninty gonna market it and hyping it… Same goes to Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge except the exclusive part…

                As to WiiU being superior, I’m not sure if you referring to the hardware or not so I’m gonna quote a line from someone I read reviews from; “Better hardware doesn’t mean a better game”

                I’m not against you or anything… Just felt like commenting…

  • Kazziyan

    So Agni’s Philosophy being somewhat of a game? good I want this.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I’m saddened that sony doesn’t try to secure Final Fantasy for the playstation. 

    It may mean the fall for both the PS and the FF series.

    I mean, both Sony (with their idiotic focus on shooters) and Square (trying on consoles that are not bringing sales) are barking under the wrong tree.

    • AuroraXIII

      [Comment removed]

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        How so ?

        • AuroraXIII

          [Comment removed]

          • Gaara D.Dragon

            I do believe that it was pre decided to release XIII on both consoles.

            That’s why they had announced Versus so early on, without really intending to release it. It was in order to ease both Sony and its fans that they still enjoyed some short of exclusive treatment.

            • I thought Versus was about Nomura being fed up with the original XIII and goes to make his own version of XIII, thus Versus XIII…

            • AuroraXIII

              [Comment removed]

    • Dean Winchester

      Sony is the only 1 of the 3 players that actually produces new IP.

      Lets not get excited. Sony will be just fine.

    • I think it meaning ‘the fall of PlayStation’ is a bit of an over exaggeration.

      Though, especially from a business perspective, I do believe Sony should have tried to secure at least some of the third-party franchises that made PlayStation 2 and PSone ‘PlayStation’ for PlayStation 3. Final Fantasy would be among those franchises. Mainline, at least. And in the beginning, they did. Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII were announced as ‘Only on PlayStation 3’. And then, well, I guess the money mobile rolled in for one of them. Or who knows? It could have been a genuine decision on Square Enix’s part. And if it was, then that means Sony didn’t make a great enough effort to keep it on a single format. That said, I wonder what’s keeping Versus XIII exclusive. Perhaps it’s Nomura’s supposed love for PlayStation? (I’ve heard he’s a huge PS3 “fanboy,” but I’ve never seen any actual evidence.) Maybe Sony’s slipped a few yen under Square Enix’s doormat? (Though, I believe Jack Tretton said a few years back that such practices are against their policies. Then again, that was a few years ago. Things could change.) Maybe… actually, that’s about it, I’m out of possibilities.

      • Sony do own some shares on Square Enix… Even if a title goes to a competitor’s platform, some of that profit goes to Sony…

        As to Nomura being a Playstation fanboy, I can’t find anything indicting that he is(No actual proof)… If he is one, Kingdom Hearts being in Nintendo handhelds isn’t helping at all…

        • AuroraXIII

          I wouldn’t call Nomura a fanboy.

          Rather, I think that single platform development is his philosophy.

          • Exactly… He’s a kind of guy who prefers on working one thing only instead of juggling between two things at once…

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        The “fall”, at least from the throne.

        Considering how many systems games like Mario and Halo push on their own, Sony without FF lost the only genuine system seller. 

        Their overall focus on shooters is at least stubborn. 

        This holiday season the PS3 could have easily surpassed the 360 but MS has Halo 4 ! On the other hand Sony released Starhawk, a legendary flop.

        • kiri25

          Wow have u ever heard of God of War, Uncharted, and Gran Turismo? Those three titles are considered major system sellers. Not to mention its other great IPs like LBP, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Resistance and the ton of jrpgs that are exclusive to Sony.

          Just because FF is no longer a Sony exclusive does not mean the fall of Sony, besides in terms of sells FF on ps3 out performs the 360 ver.

          Sony is actually the only console that does things right, unlike MS they know a system can’t last on one game alone and I fail to to see Sony huge push into FPS seeing as I can’t keep up with all the jrpgs coming out only for ps3.

          It is true that FF is a major title but it’s not something that will break Sony just because it went multi.

          • Dean Winchester

            Your logic and reason just handed that clown his uninformed trolling ass.

            Glad someone knows what they are talking about around here besides…..well, besides me ;)

      • xMCXx

         To be honest I don’t care for FF, anymore. It’s as good as dead.
        Now Kingdom Hearts 3 on the other hand…This has to be an exclusive!

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        Sal Romano, I would like to have meaningful conversation on why you banned my KingOptimusOrigins111 and KingOptimusAscend111 accounts. Before you banned this account I would like to say I’m sorry if I broke the guidelines and disobeyed your rules for this site. I would like to have another chance to do the right thing and follow your guidelines and rules. I understand you, Zero, and FaithlessMr have given me chances after chances after chances and I have pretty much squandered it and I feel like that was disrespectful of me so I’m truly sorry for that.

        It’s just that I’m a huge PlayStation fan so when I see someone making fun of PlayStation or saying a PlayStation third party exclusive will go multiplat I get upset so, in the heat of the moment I become fanboy and try to defend PlayStation without realizing to flag the person or wait for you guys to come and say something.

        Again I’m sorry and I probably don’t deserve another chance but I feel like If you give me another chance I can do better and follow your guidelines and rules a lot better. Can you please unbanned my KingOptimusOrigins111 & KingOptimusAscend111 accounts please?

    • YangTerlupakan

      why FF??? why not MonHun??????

      monster hunter is like pokemon for PSP but now is not anymore, i believe MH can save vita, only in dream.

  • “I can tell you that it will not run only on PC!” = “We already got the dev kits from Sony and Microsoft and we are misinterpreting on what we say until next gen arrives.”

    There…. I decoded it for you all…

    “the title has “huge ambitions,” and that the moment it’s revealed, “people will be very happy to have been patient.”

    If it’s about being multiplatform, I doubt “most” people will be happy to hear that… Nevertheless, that’s the only reason I can think of that it took so long to finish it…

  • demolish


  • i dont Care What Square Enix bring in the future

    So Please Square Enix Just Focus On Final Fantasy Versus XIII


  • Haters gonna hate.

    I am curious wht Agni Philosophy will ended up as…..  At least its multi console so ppl can get it on any platform they like lol.

    I shall patiently wait for FFvsXIII announcement…and see how the “fans” will nitpick stuff to hate it.

    • Noctionus

       “I shall patiently wait for FFvsXIII announcement…and see how the
      “fans” will nitpick stuff to hate it.”

      I am curious what “fans” you’re talking about.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       nit picking is hip now days dude.

      • Sevyne

        I hear ass kissing is too.

        For everyone who “nitpicks” their are just the same of people who blindly defend something like it gave birth to them, fed them, and housed them for a lifetime.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           If you are implying I’m ass kissing you are sadly mistaken I just don’t accpet this new ‘trend’ about whining about things to you get what you want. Let alone when whiners try and find small issues just to try and push their case (I.E the crying over DmC aswell)

          • Sevyne

            I’m not saying you are, but I guess I could have detailed it a little more. Reading it again now, it does kind of come off that way doesn’t it? I’m simply stating that the trend goes both ways. Both ends are getting worse and worse.

            Oh, the DMC crying is pretty bad, but developers opened the floodgates to that nonsense in my opinion. Look at what crying accomplished when Cole from Infamous was changed for Infamous 2. They changed him back. I don’t agree with people doing it, but these companies really are giving in to the nonsense and it kind of encourages the people to go on and on and on.

    • Sevyne

      Don’t you worry about Agni’s Philosophy. People are intrigued by it so if anything is made based on it, it won’t come out until 2027. Though, “Final Fantasy XIII-12: Great Grandma Lightning, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” will be out before it.

      Oh and yes, I’m totally hating. Still doesn’t stop me from being interested in seeing what they want to do with it though.

  • hush404

    I hope this bit of vagueness means new consoles for E3. 

  • marc arial

    Actually, the only thing I can think of, that would cause Versus XIII to take that long, is making it open-world.  Now THAT would be awesome.

  • Bloodios

    The team developing the title has “huge ambitions,” and that the moment
    it’s revealed, “people will be very happy to have been patient.”

    My guess:
    On top of being an open world game with multiple memorable endings, its characters will also has rich, unique, and memorable personalities. The game also has the native resolution of 1080p and runs at a constant 60fps. The game will have a mini game about high-speed airship racing. Lastly, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will feature a gallery mode where high quality, interactive characters’ models which consists of approximately one million polygons will be rendered in real-time (similar to Forza 4’s AutoVista .)

    Yeah, not counting on that happening…

    But that aside, I hope Agni’s Philosophy will become a real game. After all, the tech demo did feature a very interesting setting, in my opinions, so I would like see how that turns out.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      My take is that FF Versus is simply not delayed, because it was never meant to be released earlier.

      The only reason they announced it back in 2006 (apart from creating hype) was to comfort Sony and its fans for taking FF XIII on both platforms.

      Just like the similarly different FF IX and FF XII both released at the very end of their respective generations, Versus was always kept as Square’s typical trump card for the end of this generation.

      XIII-2, XIV PS3 version and HD remasters of FF X and KH were unlikely to have been last minute decisions but carefully planned which means it’s doubtful whether there was ever a launch window for Versus at some earlier point.

  • E3 2013 will be the biggest ever!

    • Bloodios

       I hope so, too. Most of all, I sincerely hope that the Last Guardian will show up this time. That, along with Rockstar’s Agent and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (but perhaps Lightning Returns will take its spot, and I’ll have to wait till TGS…)

      •  I really do hope Lightning Returns will be on hold to show off Versus. If I was SE I would bring out Versus first because happy fans will buy LR after VS any day.

      • new_tradition

        I actually suspect we might see Lightning Returns released before E3, let alone revealed *rubs chin*

        • Kazziyan

          hm unless you’re joking, impossible. They won’t skip E3 or TGS which are the biggest events to show it.

          Also, I don’t see them not releasing it in the same time frame as XIII and XIII-2.

          • new_tradition

            Haha, I was being serious truthfully. I kind of expect another 1st Production show, or maybe a glimpse at Jump Festa. But I agree: if LR doesn’t appear in either, then E3 would be the next big show. 

            The way I see it, S-E already had started work on LR before FFXIII-2 was released, so I can kind of see it possible for LR to be out in less than 2 years *shrugs*

            • Kazziyan

              OH yeah, I think the same thing. Ever since those XIII-3 website rumors hit, right? made sense since key people weren’t even on XIII-2.

              I see what you mean now. I can see it hitting like September/October. But you know, I think TGS– aside from Jump Festa is the only major game event in Japan? so would suck if they miss it rihgt? xD

              Would be nice if they showed Versus, LR and heck even Agni at each event.

  • PrinceHeir

    i want to see Agni’s Philosophy turn into a game!!!!

    that would be sick!!!

    • AuroraXIII

      Starring Lightning.

      /I kid.

      • PrinceHeir

        we already have Lightning Returns :D

        so i think there’s enough Lightning to last for a generation :)

  • new_tradition

    Interesting that an actual title might come about from Agni’s Philosophy after-all. Hopefully we’ll finally see a release date for Versus at E3 (or before!) with whatever Agni might turn out to be. 

    On a related note, I would love to see Sony and Microsoft try to out do eachother at the same event with their next gen announcements xD

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PS3 Exclusive and will remain a PS3 Exclusive upon Worldwide release since Tetsuya Nomura likes to develop his games on 1 console. 

    •  Square Enix has not stated anything like that. Google FF Versus 13 old models VS new models you can see how much the graphics have changed its FFXIII all over again the game vanishes and re appears looking different. My vote is that its going multi plat since they gave 360 users both XIII and XIII-2 also Lightning returns is going to be on 360 why would they not give dedicated 360 players a game simply because of some fanboy BS? that comment has to be the worst one I have ever read on this site.

      • AuroraXIII

        Since Julien Merceron said the Versus team have “huge ambitions”, it’s very likely that the amount of game content won’t fit on the 9GB Xbox 360 game disc. MGS4 for example used the entire 50GB dual-layer PS3 blu-ray disc. With FFXIII, they managed to fit it on three discs because the actual game assets were only 6GB in total, and the rest of the space was used for storing the CG scenes spread across three discs. Even then, Square Enix had to compress the CG on the Xbox 360 version into 720p, whereas the PS3 could fit everything uncompressed 1080p on one Blu-ray disc. But since Versus seems to be massive in game volume, it won’t be possible for multiple 360 DVDs to hold it all and the CG especially considering that it will be open world, so they can’t split the game assets either like they did with the linear FFXIII.

        • Bloodios

          Huge as it might be, I don’t see it going pass 25GB, especially since Nomura has already stated that the cutscenes’s ratio is going to be 7(real-time) : 3(CG). So as it is, it might have chance for a Xbox 360 version to emerge. All they really need to do is downgrade the quality of the CG cutscenes and game data can still be distributed over three discs. Sure, disc-swapping will be expected, and it will be quite a chore (having to constantly swap discs) with the game being an open world, but for folks who have the mean to install the game, it won’t make much of different. So, it’s possible to have a Xbox 360 version. It will probably be inferior to its PS3 counterpart, but it isn’t impossible.

          • Willgaea

             Nomura wants Versus to be a ps3 only game. I still think the game should be on all consoles so they make more money.

        •  Ever heard of a Hard drive? The 360 has one and its 2012 so yeah.

          • AuroraXIII

            Oh, so they didn’t have those in 2008 when Metal Gear Solid 4 released? That’s news to me.

            By the way, installs are meant to improve loading, not free up disc space. That’s not even possible.

            Also, how would you install game content that can’t even fit on the disc in the first place?

            • Rezar

              True the 360 installs is to improve load times. However if a game is multiplatform I have to get the 360 version because I hate mandatory installs.

              • AuroraXIII

                Just remember that FFXIII on 360 required an 18.8GB install, whereas the PS3 version didn’t require one at all. It all depends on how well a game is optimised for a specific platform.

                • Rezar

                  This is true. Regardless I will find something to delete off of my Slim PS3 when Versus XIII or any other PS3 exclusives that come out.

            • Well I totally forgot how this mess started but yeah I say Multi plat all the way for VS and Wii U cant Run Agni unless scaled down. I am don thnx for the convo xD

    •  09 models look PS3 exclusive but the newer 2011 models look multiplat worthy.

      • AuroraXIII

        The conversion between Noctis and Stella in the 2009 trailer was pre-rendered. It wasn’t real-time, it wasn’t CG, just pre-rendered via the game engine. In the 2011 trailer it was changed into real-time. But since it wasn’t a scene the player should control, Nomura confirmed that it will be changed back into pre-rendered next time we see it:

        TL;DR there is still no evidence that it’s multiplatform.

        • Well duh they stated that since the first time they showed it that was not my point I know it was real time its not CG None of them. My point was that the team decided to use the Luminous engine for the game instead of the original one which I think was the Crystal Tools used for the original FFXIII. The 360 could not handle the 09 version of the game so they had to go back, cut it and make sure that the game is still worthy.. to me its like they re built the game from ground up and than added more. Lots of games have gone through this.

          • AuroraXIII

            “09 models look PS3 exclusive”

            But we never saw the character models in 2009! How can you compare?

            We haven’t seen the game run on Luminous lighting either.

            •  Hmm did I really get the names mess up? %$#@ !! lol ok if so I admit defeat on that one. Taking it like a man BUT! I still stand my ground and say it will go multi plat or that it at least should.

              • AuroraXIII

                Personally I don’t mind it coming to Wii U at all. Unlike the 360, it could easily run it and Wii U has large disc storage like PS3.

          • If I’m not mistaken, Versus XIII is using a custom engine consists of Crystal Tools, Luminous studio for its lighting and an unknown engine for the gameplay…

            Now that I think about it, it needs some serious processing power to do all that….

            • Kazziyan

              It’s called the BLACK Engine, I believe.

  • They’ll be very happy to have been patient. Hmm do they mean the “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” will be an open World game that features numerous amounts of Innovation that we Japan fans have been wanting. Could this be the game to Finally get Japan out of its Gaming Slump,and once again as a World Leader in Gaming and Innovation like back then. I sure as hell hope so. 

    • Lele Mett

      The game will have a traversable world map similar to those in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. However, the world map of Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be in accurate scale to the characters like the world of Final Fantasy XII. Nomura has also mentioned that the world map is truly vast and that it would take a long time to traverse from one end to the other by foot; thus, the game will feature various forms of transportation such as cars, chocobos and airships. There will also be a new real-time lighting system in place for a day/night cycle on the world map. You can also take pics with Noct’s phone!!!(pointless)

      Sound good now? The game sounds like its going to be a great game HOWEVER The story line seems generic to me. I think the game will end up like FF 12.  An outstanding game but a boring set of characters and story

      Nomura appointed Jun Akiyama to be the event director due to his experience directing the event scenes in Final Fantasy XII. Tetsuya Nomura believes the characters in Final Fantasy XII felt like real people rather than the fictional characters you would normally associate with the Final Fantasy series.But…no one really liked those characters so…we’ll see how this turns out.

  • I will translate for you all the video with subtitles  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aK2atufrPYs

  • AzureFlame24

    Square Enix please stop teasing us.

  • vertical09

    FFvXIII Is going to get killed by it’s own company and  fanbase. 
    Both sides are just overhyping the hell out of it =P

    • Bloodios

       But if it lives up the hype though, Square will definitely get the best of it.
      Hmmm… all of a sudden this feels like a gamble…

  • OMG! How many haters in this page…

  • DragonSix

    Pretty much a confirmation that Versus is now a next-gen game. Hopefully it’ll come to PC/Steam too, I would upgrade for that game.

  • RedWolfe

    I have a feeling that FFvsXIII is going to end up like the original FFXIII…

    Bare in mind that FFXIII began its development on a console of a previous generation, as well, and seeing as how “ambitious” it’s been talked up to be, I wouldn’t be surprised at all (nor disappointed) if it didn’t release within the current generation. With the engine used to demonstrate Agni’s Philosophy, SE has already shown that they’re gearing up for the next generation.

    There are more than enough games releasing in the future to keep my mind off of vsXIII until it’s good and ready (on top of the fact that I find it hard to care about a game I know next to nothing about).

  • Bobo Fango

    Agni’s Philosophy on iOS and Android

  • Raiyu

    Man, I love next gen rumors, speculation, and teasing about hardware and games. I get all giddy thinking about it. These next few months are going to be so exciting and I can’t wait to see Agni’s Philosophy running on next-gen hardware.

  • Learii

    ps vita?

  • EspadaKiller

    Would love to see Agni’s Philosophy being represented as a true real game instead of just a showcase of their new engine! The characters and world setting looks really good! Wasted if it’s not a video game.

    In any case guys, Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive and honestly I won’t be surprised if this game goes multiplatform. It’s Square-Enix anyway, I bet Nomura can’t do anything about it if S-E insists.

    And there might be a slight chance Versus XIII appearing on PS4 instead…just imagine if it’s one of the launch titles for PS4. Damn.

  • Lele Mett

    “huge ambitions” for Versus XIII…like the “huge ambitions” for XIII? Honestly Versus doesn’t look like its going to be “huge” to me. Just another Final Fantasy. I mean the story is already generic( Its like Lord of Rings in the City). But hey, it might be great. I just highly doubt it. Highly. I’m kind of just worried about the story. 

    • YangTerlupakan

      every story from movie, game, novel, or manga sometime is similar each other

      you say VersusXIII generic, is not even released how u can judgment like that??? to be honest NO MORE HEROES and Kill Bill story is generic too!!!!!

      • Lele Mett

        Well have you read up on the story?Theres is enough info for me to say its generic.

        The story focuses on Noctis Lucis Caelum, the prince of a dynasty which rules a city state that has the LAST remaining crystal. After the crystal is stolen by an invading nation, a global conflict ensues with all other nations wishing to gain it for themselves. Against this backdrop of a WORLD AT WAR, Noctis and his closest friends embark on an epic journey to try and get the crystal back. However, Noctis soon begins to feel the presence of another person inside him that has other plans.(Nomura)

        The event scenes where Noctis is talking to his alter ego will have Noctis talking to himself, similar to how it’s done with Gollm in The Lord of the Rings films. When Noctis is speaking, his eyes will be their regular blue color. When his alter ego is speaking, his eyes will turn crimson red. The changing of eye color will be used to allow the player to more easily distinguish if Noctis or his alter ego is speaking as stated by Nomura.

        Thats sounds generic enough, besides generic is not always bad…and your right every story is similar to another. As for the NO MORE HEROES and Kill Bill thing…don’t care. I’m not trying to pick a fight i’m just hoping that the story won’t be so gerneric that its predictable.

  • I would love Agni Philosphy to become the next FFXV

    hopefully the cast of characters aren’t as bad as FFXIII and we get back to the good ol’ final fantasy with world map, side quests, amazing stories , rpg-like battle system. Also get rid of the AK-47s… 

    • Lele Mett

      Heh..you didn’t like the abttle system in XIII? It wasn’t to bad to me. O_0

      • It’s something not RPG-like. I have mixed feeling about it. 

        At the same time, it feel kinda awkward to access only 1 character and leave everything to AI – can’t say I like that. But the difficulty in accessing Paradigm, take turn to switch and deliver successful strategy to beat the enemy is quite amusing.

        Conclusion: Amusing, but somehow not enjoying.

    • Another female lead in FF series? Count me in. 

      Forget about sword user, let magic user shine more. Summoner? Even better. Need some to outclass Garnet and Yuna anyway, lol.

      • Kazziyan

        That avatar, lmao Gintoki

    •  agree except fer da AK-47

      dere is nothin’ wrong wit havin’ guns in RPGs.

      • Raiyu

        in a Final Fantasy game there is

        •  Barret, dat is all

        • Sevyne

           No there isn’t. A few of them have them and nothing is wrong with that.

          • Raiyu

            Doesn’t mean they belong in there. 

            • Bloodios

               That’s a matter of opinions…

              • Raiyu

                Of course it is. I never said otherwise.

                • Sevyne

                  You sure made it sound like you were stating a fact though and not an opinion.

                  There is nothing wrong with it. Liking it or not liking it is one thing, but you basically called it wrong to exist.

        • KingNigma

          There has been guns in almost every FF since VI. You act like having them would turn it into Call of Duty.

          • Raiyu

            No wonder IV is my favorite FF then.

            And I’m not acting like anything, all I said is I have a problem with guns in Final Fantasy game. Its as simple as that.

    • Kazziyan

      A lot of those are already in XIII-2 and even XIII, lol. But about the RPG-Like Battle system, that I don’t see happening anymore with the way Versus, LR, Type-0 have and will be. Though what defines a rpg-like battle system, really?

      • D3Seeker

        Those aren’t on the main series, They aren’t obligated to use the typical rpg battle system. You should know this. Now if you would have said based off XIIIs direction then yes, that seems to be the case.

        • Kazziyan

          That doesn’t matter.

    • Ludakriss

      xDDDDD AK-47s oh you. Nah but seriously, 13 was bad. 

    • Bloodios

      Oh, come now, guns and people being gunned to death in Final Fantasy is already yesterday news. If they were already there in previous titles, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be any in Agni’s Philosophy… Or perhaps you just don’t like real guns?

  • Ace

    Who wants to bet that Agni’s Philosophy cums out before Versus XIII? 

    • The Black Rabbit

      i wouldn’t mind, i really don’t care about Versus :/ 
      if it comes, yay. 
      if it doesn’t? *SHRUG* 
      but i hope it comes out to make you guys happy XD

    • The Black Rabbit

      i wouldn’t mind, i really don’t care about Versus :/ 
      if it comes, yay. 
      if it doesn’t? *SHRUG* 
      but i hope it comes out to make you guys happy XD

  • Budgiecat

    cmon give us FF Versus XIII already or I’ll activate my stand and Za Warudo

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Can’t wait so see it running exclusively on PS3.