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Square Enix reveals next-gen Final Fantasy tech demo
posted on 06.05.12 at 11:57 PM EST by (@salromano)
A Luminous Studio-based real-time display.

Square Enix introduced its next-generation engine Luminous Studio today with a Final Fantasy-inspired tech demo called Agni’s Philosophy.

The engine, in development internally at Square Enix, is able to depict high-quality, “real time computer graphics,” at the same level as “pre-rendered computer graphics,” according to Square. Characters are detailed to the point where they express “life-like humanity,” and are showcased through their “rich facial expressions, subtleties of their pupils and hair, and their brilliantly flowing garments.”

Agni’s Philosophy depicts a “life-changing encounter” for Agni, the tech demo’s protagonist, in near-futuristic world “where ancient magic and advanced science coexist.”

Watch it below. View stills from the movie at the gallery.

When you’re done watching, leave Square Enix your thoughts via this survey.

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  • hush404

    Oh boy! So they can continue to work on games that never get released! OH BOY OH BOY. :|

    • hush404

      @hush404: lol, JK :P This is actually f’n gorgeous.

    • HanPaul

      @hush404: hahah
      Spot on!
      We’re lucky if we even get just one game outta this engine xD
      Let’s hope it lasts.

  • RyoonZ

    Looks AMAZING
    Now this is what I called surprise
    And yes we all know this game came out next 6 years
    But still as a Square Enix fans I’m screaming out loud right now.

  • Rydak

    That’s awesome if it really puts games out in real time, but wow, mages versus the taliban?

  • rockman29

    Told you guys SE might be working on next gen… and FF VS XIII might make the move…. it wouldn’t be a bad thing if it means it could launch with new consoles.

    Glad to see new tech, looking forward to new consoles next E3.

    • KingOptimus111

      No it won’t, they already started full developement last September. Don’t you think if everything is finish except the developement process that by now they would have press footage at TGS 2012. I seriously don’t think they would keep Kingdom Heart fans waiting longer for Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m calling it now Versus XIII will be at TGS 2012 and will stay exclusive to PS3.

    • Aldridge517

      @rockman29: That would totally be a bad thing. There’s no reason why FF Versus XIII shouldn’t come out for this generation of consoles. They’ve had way more than enough time to get that game out.

      If they want to release KH3 for next gen than by all means, but they have no excuse for Versus.

      • KingOptimus111

        Well Said

  • FearMonkey

    Why wasn’t this at the Sony press conference? :p

    But seriously, it looks like pretty cool tech.

  • Nice tech demo for future games, but I still want FF Versus XIII to be released first.

  • leokiko

    I think Versus XIII will only be given a release date next year. I bet that we will see it by the end of 2013.

  • Rafi

    So this is why they always delayed FFXIII Versus, if that game will using this engine no matter what platform it gonna be awesome.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Rafi: versus is a mix of the crystal tools engine and this

  • Rafi

    Well now we have 4 awesome engine for future games:
    — Unreal 4 (epic games)
    — Fox Engine (kojima production)
    — Luminous (square-enix)
    — ASKA Engine (tri-ace)

    • ekka4shiki


      I’d like to add RED Engine on that list hehe

  • barklight

    Looks better than unreal engine 4 imo.

    • @barklight: The trailer looked more cool but I don’t know about the engine. I put money on Unreal 4 being easier to develop for.

      I am just happy that Japan is providing great engines. That will hopefully speed up development. I hope its easy to develop for so we can get damn games from Square Enix a lot faster.

    • Rafi

      Wait until Thursday night on GTTV to full reveal Unreal 4.

  • AdamBoy64

    Looks good.

    I do wonder what hardware they were running it on though.

  • vertical09

    I dont care how realistic it looks just make it good.

  • RyoonZ

    And the possible lead female character makes me happy.
    I need more character like Lightning, Aqua, etc.

  • vertical09

    Ok so finally watched the vid, and i gotta say.
    It looks TOO real, it takes out the feeling of it being a game.
    Granted it does look incredible, i want my GAME to look like a GAME not a movie.

    • 8201a

      @vertical09: Some of the animation looks a bit rushed to me.

  • Luccie85

    Cool Video with amazing CG but there is something is missing maybe this is just my feeling or SE is lost their creative. AK47 and a summoner with blinking magic that ridiculous. People at SE watch to much movies or fps sicker. They try so hard to please Western market. Let me tell you something people play because Final Fantasy touching story, free roaming, amazing battle system, challenging hidden boss and funny side quests not because of how beauty it is. This is just the beauty body with an empty soul not my FF that I use to play.

  • Zero

    FINALLY! People can finally shut the hell up. They can stop making up bullshit about how Square-Enix Japan is dead.

    I’ve been singing this song for years, this is what the delay has been! I’ve been saying over and over so many times, just to be ignored for the most part.

    This is why Versus has been delayed since 2006, this is why Kingdom Hearts 3 has not been released, this is why the JP studios have been silent and not released much for the current gen.

    Nomura-san has hinted at this for ages, all while fans virtually spit in his face, cursed his name, and blame him for everything.

    Well, haters, what do you have to say now? Do you finally believe the man? you finally believe people like me? People who decided to try and research and figure out what the hell was going on? Who believed that the company in Japan cared about the fans, and was working hard?

    I’m sorry, that was not directed at any one person, but I really needed to get that off my chest.

    Moving on…

    About the tech demo- Pretty cool, I doubt this turns into an actual project, but we finally get to see the next-generation engine from Luminous Studio.

    I think now that they are showing it to the public, means that it is nearly complete, or possibly… already functional for current gen games.

    (And no! The next FF is not going to be like this. Do you remember the tech demo that had Final Fantasy 7 on it? This is kinda the same thing. Just a tech demo showing the engine off.)

    About Versus 13-

    This is the engine that will be powering the game. I don’t think it will be pushed back to PS4 or whatever they call the next console.

    Like I hoped, they have made a new engine that will be ready for the next gen consoles, but can be utilized with the current consoles. Quite a bit like Unreal Engine, they will have to work with the hardware limitations, but this is proof that Versus could be almost complete.

    I fully expect to see Versus at TGS now, and perhaps before that, at the Square-Enix members event they have every year in Japan. I believe that event takes place late July or early August.

    It is always very closed doors, but everything is leaked quickly. Time to get excited! The long waiting is almost over!

    My guess is Versus is coming out in Japan this holiday, and at the latest early 2013 for PS3. Hopefully, this means the game will launch in the west around the same date. (I’m going to guess it releases in the west around the same time 13-2 released this year.)

    About keeping this engine development cryptic –

    If only they would have been more open with the fans, and communicated better. I hope this is a lesson to the JP branch at SE. Be more open with the fans! Times have changed, all this cryptic bullshit, and smoke and mirrors crap is outdated. This is the internet era! You need to communicate with the fans! All the fans! Help them understand that it takes time, and explain to them what is in the works.

    About future console games from the Japanese Studios –

    Now they have the engine to make new HD console games. Finally! I think during this long process, the teams had more free time to work on side projects. Like the portable spin offs and mobile games. They also had time to do all the work they could on future console games. Kingdom Hearts 3 for example. I think they have the story stuff etc. completed, they have it all ready to roll, and now that the engine is nearly complete, we should start to see more soon!

    I’m so glad this day has finally come.

    /zero out

    • Hinano

      @Zero: Actually, about it not being a game. They had a survey for feedback on the tech demo and asked mostly about Agni (the female protagonist) if you liked the world, etc.

      I think if the feedback is good, this’ll probably be the base of their next game, majorly tweaked.

      • Zero


        Indeed. I did take the survey after typing up that comment, you are correct.

        It could possibly become a project, it depends on the feedback obviously.

        If it does happen, I would very interested to see exactly what kind of game it would end up being.


    Every aspect of this is simply too perfect to describe in mere words. PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO AN ACTUAL GAME. PLEASE.

  • SINCaliber

    Another game that’ll not be released until 6+ years been passed. Great! I’m so hyped!!! :D

    • Zero


      Did you read? Not a game.

      • SINCaliber

        @Zero: Can’t read sarcasm? I thought the triple exclamation and the emote were hint enough but I guess I was wrong.

        • Zero


          I see it, but I’m just not feeling it here. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt.

          For that, I apologize.

  • Adam Meadows

    I’m skeptical about these demos. It looks fantastic – but how much of this will actually transfer to next-generation consoles?

    This may be what the engine is capable of. But will the hardware step up to the plate?

  • Awesome Hell,
    But…What about FFVX ? Forget it ?!

  • whiteferrero

    awesome coke commercial.

  • ekka4shiki

    I believe, one of the problem of Square Enix this gen is engine. Crystal Tools take long time to develop, and the development of said engine is not that smooth. Obviously, it affect the game development too. And how many game using Crystal Tools again? Only few. Not too productive.

    If this tech demo is any indication of the new engine development going well then I’m happy. Of course i don’t for sure, just being optimist here :D

  • Locksus

    Aww yeah, if this games will looks like this in 2013 or -14, I wonder what they will look like in ten years.

  • InternatlGamer3

    Where the Fuck is “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” for PS3. I want that game more than FFXV on PS4.

    • Zero


      They are using a mixture of crystal tools and this next-generation engine from Luminous studio to make Versus.

      Now that they have revealed the engine to the public, we should see lots more from versus soon.

      I said above TGS, but perhaps before that even. The wait is almost over buddy.

  • Hinano

    Can’t wait for a game using most of these (especially the delicious Agni) besides the militia stuff!

    Luminous engine looks awesome.

  • This is amazing, the engine and the concept, of course it need feel adjusts on characthers and some little things, but if this turn into FF15 I will be so happy

  • milramyah

    the lighting is amazing. i’m glad they’re using the lighting engine for versus.
    might have been my computer but it seemed to blur a little when there were too many particles on the screen
    it would be nice if they had quantic dream’s engine for facial animation but hey decent enough

    • milramyah

      @milramyah: (and i’m just being idealistic on the facial animation. i don’t think square could realistically take quantic dream’s engine)