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Microsoft Vancouver becomes Black Tusk Studios
posted on 11.29.12 at 09:32 AM EST by (@salromano)
Apparently developing 'big new IP space shooter' for next-gen.

Microsoft has renamed its Vancouver studio, Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver, to Black Tusk Studios.

The studio, which is “dedicated to creating immersive, AAA games” that “push the limits” of Microsoft hardware, are currently developing “Microsoft’s next big entertainment franchise.”

According to internet snoop Superannuation, it is apparently “some big new IP space shooter” along the lines of Gears of War or Halo. The lead designer of Crysis 2 is on the project. Last we heard, Black Tusk were working on an triple-A shooter for Kinect. Also according to Superannuation, Kinect has been dropped from the shooter, and it’s since gone next-gen.

Visit Black Tusk Studios’ official website here.

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  • Locksus

    Ooo? It is quite surprising to hear that they’re developing a space shooter as MS already has the Halo franchise. Well, it could of course have some RPG elements similar to the ME series but we’ll not know for now. 
    It has potential to be a refreshing new IP. 

  • zakou


    “No Thank You”

  • While it’s refreshing to see a new IP but…

    /sees “some big new IP space shooter”

    Unfortunately, the refreshment didn’t last long it seems…

    •  if nothin’ else, at least it ain’t a Modern FPS.

      • ‘Space’ shooter = High Tech Space Equipment = Modern?

        Don’t we already have a popular space FPS? Halo comes to mind….

  • DarthBrian

    A Microsoft studio developing a shooter for XBox?

    I’m shocked!

  • ‘Triple A Shooter for Kinect’
    ‘iz laughin’ on da floor gaspin’ fer air.’