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‘Initial details’ on Final Fantasy XIV PS3 in October
posted on 09.14.12 at 11:48 AM EST by (@salromano)
Producer answers user questions in latest live chat.

This might be a bit confusing. Square Enix previously said it will share details on the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV at the Tokyo Game Show next week. But according to producer Naoki Yoshida, speaking in the game’s latest “Letter from the Producer” broadcast, “initial information” on the PlayStation 3 version won’t come out until mid-October.

“We’ll be releasing the initial information [on the PS3 version] around mid-October,” he said. “I believe we’ll have screenshots first, but please hang in there! The actual video is pretty (while looking at the Windows version screen), but the quality is a bit messed up in the broadcast.”

Yoshida also touched upon the game’s new housing system.

“With the new housing system, there are multiple themes such as “wilderness,” “sea,” and “forest.” Players will purchase the land and also the right to own a house. Once you build a house, players will be able to create their unique house by selecting from a list of parts. Also, players will be able to place furniture created by Disciples of the Hand and build a chocobo farm in their yard.

“The housing system will have updates dedicated specifically to housing. I’m sure players will really enjoy the housing system. Additionally, objects within the house can be placed via drag & drop (including the PS3 version).

“Lastly, there are plans to implement huge spaces of land that cost a fortune!”

Read the full Q&A transcript, which discusses the game’s crafting and gathering systems as well as other topics, here.

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  • Phoenix_Wings

    Sounds pretty damn awesome to me.

  • Kurai Warrior

    I am really curious to see how this will do when in relaunches. So far I haven’t seen a large amount of interest in it. Maybe it will do well in the long run but I just don’t see it having a great launch. 

    • Kazziyan

      It’s sad cause the game has had such a great turn around. I hope to see Yoshi-p direct a single player FF as well.

      • AuroraXIII

        Same here. Naoki Yoshida is oozing potential.

  • This already sounds a lot better than the previous version; I’ll definitely give this game another try.

  • I hope these ‘initial details’ involve when the beta will start :3

    I’m definitely interested in XIV again since 2.0.