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Final Fantasy XIV PS3 details due at Tokyo Game Show
posted on 08.29.12 at 06:24 AM EST by (@salromano)
New information from Weekly Famitsu.

Famitsu this week has new details on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Here they are in tidy, easy to read bullet form, courtesy of Game Nyarth:

  • The icons in the PlayStation 3 version won’t line up horizontally like in the PC version.
  • There are up to eight main command UI connection indicators. Regardless of disposition, this looks to be the limit.
  • In the beginning you can choose eight commands. From there it follows a hierarchy.
  • It takes some effort to recognize the command you want to execute by the letter.
  • The way you select targets has evolved. You can now choose on your own from within the target circle.
  • More information regarding the PlayStation 3 version will be shared at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 20 to 23.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is due for PC this year and for PlayStation 3 in early 2013.

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  • zakou

    No subscribtion = im in.

  • awaiken

    Ok SE, I am sold. All sins are forgiven just put this out soon. Maybe a beta for PSN+ members wouldn’t hurt

  • awaiken

    I think of F2P as a highway that is toll free. Crowded, heavy traffic, etc.

    I think of subscription based MMOs as TOLL roads. Better experience, get what you need faster, better maintainence.

    Not saying the F2P model is bad but it does lower the bar of entry which can taint the user experience

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      You said taint!


      • awaiken


  • If there is an offline version of this game, I will definitely get this on PS3 since it didn’t feel right fom me to play a Final Fantasy game online.

    • awaiken

      No offline version but I think they should definitely consider FF14 offline spin offs. FF14 is great though, you might be changing your tune when you see what FF14 2.0 looks like (jaw dropping)

  • Is this game that i don’t care about going to come out before FF: Type-0 that I actually really really want? Square Enix upsets me in so many ways.

    • awaiken

      PSP is a dead platform. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets a vita remaster. In the mean time, FF14 looks stunning

  • woohoo…i cant wait play with my friendS :D

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    F2P (Free To Play) That Is All.

  • awaiken

    Given the landscape of F2P games available they should definitely at least give two months free and a buddy pass for a friend included with the $40 price tag

  • Final Fantasy 14 used to be free to play. Something tells me those days are behind us, unless they have a backup F2P plan in the works, which if they do, it better be a good plan.

    I was playing the game still back when they announced monthly fees would finally be going live. To be honest with you, I wasn’t that upset. I had already played the game for basically an entire year for free. I’m not sure if it will ever go back to F2P. If they can’t shake off the bad mojo and bring in enough subscribers… they might just let it die. I don’t want to see that happen.

    The game was in awful shape back then, I stuck with it because of the battle system and lack of easy mode. Parts of the game reminded me of FF11 back then, which was a great thing.

    I think I was hoping the game would continue to follow in FF11s footsteps as they brought in the new team and worked to add content, patch the game, etc. I didn’t really want it to be a complete FF11 clone or anything like that. 

    I wanted them to use the good parts of FF11, plug them into 14 if you will. Those same good parts of FF11 play a big part in why the game is still active today. They kinda ended up going a different route with the updates, slowly it started to feel like the changes were not really meant for players like me. I got busy in real life and when I tried to log back in a few months later, I just didn’t have the drive to play the game anymore. The current new content they have added since I stopped playing seriously has not been enough to get me excited about the game. (Yep, I still have an active account.)

    When FF11 first launched, it was a challenge to reach the max lv cap in the game. I like my MMORPGs to be that way. I enjoy the journey, I enjoy the hard work that it takes to reach the lv cap. In the end, it makes the accomplishment so much more rewarding. The funny thing is, working to reach the lv cap was actually fun. I think it always is. I’m not quite digging the new instant gratification thing in MMORPGs today.
    Anyways, I’m really hoping A Realm Reborn is able to bring me back to the game. I kinda think I would like to return one day.

    • awaiken

      Yeah.. and just to clarify for other readers.. It was free to play because they wanted to accumulate as much user feedback as possible. Thank goodness for Yoshida because he took every suggestion and feedback to heart and made the game enjoyable for its users. Once it was brought up to acceptable standards by the community, they reinstated the fees. What’s even more exciting is that when A Realm Reborn launches they will be adding even more features and requests that their users requested, in addition to the new engine. This is the Square Enix we always wanted.

      Lesson Learned S-E, don’t launch two Final Fantasies in the same year (XIII & XIV).

      • InternatlGamer3

        Wait what Square-Enix is slowly but surely getting their heads outta their asses and realizing that if you want to keep in business then its best as a gaming company to listen to what us the consumers have take say.W/o out the customers there would be no Square-Enix’or Namco Bandai or even SONY Computer Entertainment for examples.

  • LordKaiser

    If this bombs SE should drop it. This game has cost SE a lot of money to keep. i hope it ends to be good for SE sake.