Toki to Towa set for English release
posted on 08.12.12 at 06:56 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Namco Bandai producer confirms localization plans.

Toki to Towa producer at Namco Bandai, Kay Hirono, has confirmed plans to release the upcoming HD animation RPG from Imageepoch in English.

Asked by at the 2012 Comic Exhibition in Taipei whether or not Toki to Towa would see release in Taiwan, Hirono said: “This time, I brought with me the newest info on the game for everyone who likes Vofan (the game’s artist). Besides the Japanese version, there are only plans to release an English version. So far, I am sorry, there are no plans to produce a Chinese version of the game.”

Namco Bandai has yet to “officially” confirm an English release. (You know, press release, the whole sha-bang.) The last we heard of an English localization was that it would “contract soon.”

(Kudos to my buddy Jason for the translation!)

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  • RmanX1000

    Buyin a PS3 for this, Tales of Graces f, and Tales of Xilia.

    • ApathyIsKey

      Welcome to the club, you will have a great catalog of games to choose from besides the three you mentioned.

      As for the english release announcement, I am very pleased.

      • RmanX1000

        I know. Im not oblivious to the large selection of games. PSASBR is another one i plan to get, as well as the Vita version. I also plan to get Persona 5 when that inevitably comes out.

        • ApathyIsKey

           Yeah, Playstation All-Stars looks like fun. As for Persona 5, I hope that comes out in 2013; I need it in my life.

          • The game is OK at best. The fact that normal attacks don’t do any damage just makes me feel like I’m not doing anything. Then, when you finally get your special gauge up, there’s a chance it could get interrupted by someone sneezing on you, then you need to build up that special bar again, and hope you can kill someone.

            I’d say rent it if you really want to try the game out. I will give the team some credit for making a very entertaining move set for Nathan Drake though; much better than what I expected.

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            *nufge* TGS *nudge*

  • I’m not immediately interested in this, but I’ll keep an eye out. 

  • bebestorm117

    Thank You Namco!

  • YAAAAATTAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    I just hope they will add the japanese voice acting!!!

  • Marco Tinè

    … I think I’m about to faint!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Woo Hoooooooooooo!

  • It’ll be interesting to see how they handle this, 

    last i saw, they used Kana Hanazawa and that 2-D sort of anime stylized battle system, both of which on its own isn’t particularly too big. 

    But still, I AM intruiged to see who’ll voice the main character. (I almost want to say Laura Bailey, but that’s just me.)

    • Anime10121

       I hope so, god I freaking LOVE Laura Bailey!  She’s one of the best female VA’s in NA!

      • Haruya

        As much as I’d love to hear Laura Bailey again (who knows), I REALLY hope we get japanese voices as well. I mean… Hanazawa Kana!!

  • Lorelai

    this is a good news :]

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Budgiecat


  • Bec66

    Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces F, Tales of Xillia, and now this! Seems like namco bandai is finally trying to pull in a JRPG audience and god bless them for it.

  • xMCXx

    Wow, seems like people are excited here!
    Is that game that good?

    • Bec66

      Well what they’re mainly trying to push with this game is that it’s the first “HD animation RPG” with all the characters being hand drawn, so it’s as if you’re playing an actual anime. The Story seems interesting and the gameplay that i’ve seen so far looks pretty good. I know i’m excited for this game but if you’re curios read up on it a bit.

      • xMCXx

         Yeah, it certainly looks interesting, but it’s already riddled with clichés like fanservice and shit….
        I’m annoyed as hell by that.

        • Bec66

          Okay yah there’s some fanservice but besides that what is so cliched about a girl with a split personality traveling back in time to stop here fiances assassination, no really name a story that sounds like that.

  • bleach630


  • Sounds like good news? I hope we get something official soon.

  • vertical09

    Nice, while i wish NISA did it so we could get an awesome LE, i’m glad Namco is finally listening to us JRPGers XD
    I feel like i can finally start expecting from them again~

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :D

    still want more gameplay videos, at least this we don’t have to worry about the game’s status.

    also what about the pre order exclusive from Various retailers for Ni No Kuni??

    will we get everything for the Wizard’s edition??
    i’ll wait for the announcement of dual audio like Ni No Kuni(come on Namco) before rushing out things.

  • Rock Raiyu

    Looks like Namco are going to start taking risks with games again!

    Hopefully this means good things in the future. (If you’re reading this Namco, I’d love for you to bring over OG 2nd ;)

  • GameMasterGG

    Ohhh yeah! Finally, it was time! Well, now we wait for a release date and god bless Namco because we will enjoy four awesome JRPGs on PS3, Ni No Kuni, Toki To Towa, Tales of Graces F and Tales of Xillia! 

    • Anime10121

       Ikr, Namco has REALLY stepped up their localization game, and I love them SO much for it!

  • Oltheros

    Dear Namco, just this once let us have dual audio. That is all.

    • Namco Bandai never made a game with dual audio before?  I could’ve sworn the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata had it.

      • Oltheros

        Ah, my apologies, I think you’re correct. I was just thinking of the Tales series.

  • Arina Love

     great news! i really hope for dual audio!

  • Good News :)

  • Yuri4prez

    This is great to hear. I was starting to get a little worried if we would ever see localization, but now I can rest easy. I’t only a matter of time now before I get this baby in my hands!

  • Finally, there is confirmation on this matter! It will most likely be a while before we see an English release, however, I am excited nonetheless!

  • Kougeru


  • Oh my god, I just left internet for one day and what an awesome news.
    Namco Bandai has become my favorite company now.
    So excited!!!

    • zakou

      Don’t ever leave the internets, not even for one day! Or the internet may someday leave you for ever o.o

  • zakou

    Im still waiting for Tales of Vesperia xD

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      As far as I’m aware MS paid for an exclusivity deal for ToV not to be localized on PS3 as it’s an enhanced version, thus being superior to the 360 one.

  • talesoffan

    Great news!  Namco is great!  I look forward to playing this. 

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    FFXIII’s CGI sequences blew my mind on PS3. I hope many a western gamer can enjoy and appreciate the uncompressed glory of the cut-scenes. They’re looking gorgeous on YT already, can’t imagine what to expect seeing the uncompressed versions running off Bluray.