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Sony Computer Entertainment acquires Gaikai
posted on 07.02.12 at 02:39 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sony to take "full advantage" of "revolutionary technology."

Sony Computer Entertainment today announced it has acquired Gaikai, “the world’s leading” cloud-based gaming company, on June 30 for 380 million U.S. dollars. It plans on establishing a new cloud service through the acquisition, which will take “full advantage of Gaikai’s revolutionary technology and infrastructure” including “data centers servicing dozens of countries and key partners around the world.”

“By combining Gaikai’s resources including its technological strength and engineering talent with SCE’s extensive game platform knowledge and experience, SCE will provide users with unparalleled cloud entertainment experiences,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “SCE will deliver a world-class cloud-streaming service that allows users to instantly enjoy a broad array of content ranging from immersive core games with rich graphics to casual content anytime, anywhere on a variety of internet-connected devices.”

“SCE has built an incredible brand with PlayStation and has earned the respect of countless millions of gamers worldwide,” said David Perry, CEO of Gaikai Inc. “We’re honored to be able to help SCE rapidly harness the power of the interactive cloud and to continue to grow their ecosystem, to empower developers with new capabilities, to dramatically improve the reach of exciting content and to bring breathtaking new experiences to users worldwide.”

It was heavily rumored before E3 that Sony would announce a Gaikai acquisition, though even Gaikai boss David Perry denied such a buyout. Rumored use of Gaikai’s services included PS2 and PSone game streaming.

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  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Good Job Sony!!! Keep it up your going in the right direction.

  • Zero

    The rumor was true in the end. :P

    If they use this correctly, it could turn out to be a great asset for Sony. (And possibly a selling point for the next PlayStation.)

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      They lied after E3 and said it wasn’t true and it turned out today it was. LOL!!!

      • Zero


        “White lies” seem to be very popular in this industry. :P

        • whiteferrero

          @Zero: I think the problem with his “lie” was he outright denied it, rather than the usual politically “correct” way of not giving a concrete answer.

          • Zero


            Yeah, it was odd how he tried to adamantly deny it not so long ago.

            Perhaps he was under strict rules to not discuss it or something?

            Either way, I agree, if he planned to fib or whatever we want to call it, he could have just said “no comment.”

            • hush404

              @Zero: Ehh “No Comment” generally just leads gamers to assume it’s true. I would of denied it too if it was important to keep secret.


    I prefer a physical copy to put on the shelf..

  • syaznifaiq

    Well done Sony

    Am i the only one who think that Xbox 360 time has come ? .. People nowadays talking nonstop about PS3 and WII U . Never heard single one of them talking about XBOX anymore …

    • @syaznifaiq: What like the manifesto talking about Kinect 2.0 and a tablet like device and such. Yeah, there is some talk but its only leaked stuff. Microsoft isn’t trying divulge details until they are ready.

      Its not saying much that the Xbox 360 time has come when this has been a profitable generation for Microsoft and it nearing the end of this generation. The Wii’s time has come and it conquered this generation.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    I’m starting to wonder if Sony is acquiring services behind are backs for next gen as a surprise.

    • @KingOptimusOrigins111:

      I hope so.

      If they come out of the gate next-gen with the ability to stream games to your console as they download, then that would be a huge selling point and throw them miles ahead of both Nintendo and Microsoft.

      The biggest problem with digital distribution is having to wait for a game to download. Being able to stream the game while it downloads would be…well, pardon my French, that would be fucking awesome.

  • Aldridge517

    Liars, liars lmao

  • rockman29

    This is a forward thinking purchase, as there is only OnLive as a current competitor.

    I want to see SCE take advantage of this opportunity and expand their gaming scene beyond Playstation with this brand. It’s necessary to expand beyond their current scope to keep the Playstation brand and entire company alive to fight another day.

  • rockman29

    I guess all the comments disappeared here.

    Anyway, I hope people recognize that this purchase is not for only the benefit of SCE, at least I don’t think it is. $380 million is a lot of money to drop on a single division of Sony, and if you look at Sony’s centralization (finally…) of their online business with SEN, this purchase starts to make a lot of sense.

    Delivering services through the cloud does not only include gaming. It includes movies and music, both of which Sony already offer through streaming via the web.

    This is an excellent purchase, but Sony needs not only to take advantage of Gaikai’s expertise in the cloud market. Sony needs to get their music and video streaming out in the open and get customers excited about it.

    Frankly, their music service is a great deal. It is essentially Netflix, but for tunes. They need to start selling that value proposition and getting consumers to buy into it now.

    • Zero

      The comments should be back soon. They should reappear once integration is complete. (In the next 24 hours or less.)

  • LordKaiser

    For streaming movies this will help but for streaming games unless they’re not online only games I won’t support a cloud. I want to own my games.

    • Miranda Lawson

      I would rather own my games too.