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Rumor: PlayStation 3 4000 to skip Gamescom
posted on 07.23.12 at 11:25 AM EST by (@salromano)
16 gigabyte model "may" cost as low as $99.

The rumored PlayStation 3 4000 series will not be announced at Sony’s August 14 Gamescom press conference, according to a VG247 source.

A Gamescom reveal was originally planned, but due to the current PlayStation 3 slim’s stock levels being too high, Sony has postponed the announcement.

The source confirmed to the site, however, that the rumored 16 gigabyte version of the PlayStation 3 4000 is being produced, and that it wasn’t a typo for a 160 gigabyte model. It is being created to go up against Microsoft’s 4 gigabyte Xbox 360 model, and its announcement “may” be accompanied by a huge price cut, possibly as low as $99.

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  • bebestorm117

    Sony should go ahead and do 2 year contract.

  • Kougeru

    i dont get why people would even buy a 4 GB console unless they never go online ever. A single mainstream game patch is usually larger than that on consoles it seems. I have to delete patches of games i dont play anymore every 3-6 moths in my 120 GB

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Yes it will be at Gamescom.

  • Nekmex

    99? it’s a blast, Last of Us, Playstation All-Stars Battle royale, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War, Versus XIII, it’s good to be a PS3 owner, i am sorry for Xbros.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Here’s a flame shield.

      With that comment you just made yourself the video game equivalent of a right winged terrorist!

    • $99 for a system that plays Last of Us, PS All-Stars, Beyond, God of War, Final Fantasy, and more great games is a steal, but please do not use terms like “Xbros,” or “Xteam,” or “Xbot.” We’re trying to keep a mature community. If you haven’t already, please read the community guidelines.

      • Nekmex

        No fun allowed? Fine, i won’t comment here anymore

        • It’s not a matter of disallowing fun. It’s a matter of being someone people can have a civil conversation with.

  • rockman29

    Like others have mentioned before, that 16 GB is aiming as an entry like the 4 GB 360.

    And as others also point out, it is way

    Also, a $99 price for a PS3 would be absolute madness. They don’t even sell PS2s new at that price. What makes anyone think a PS3 would sell for that?

    $199 is more likely. Maybe even a 169 or 179, but even that is pushing it. SCE has to climb out of a big hole, if anyone hasn’t noticed the exchange rates. $99 for a PS3 is suicide for Sony.

  • Hey if this is true, you can get just buy this and slap in a 250gb HDD which is going for about no more than $50 and…voila, you now have a PS3 with a decent amount of internal storage! If you really wanted be cheap, you can by an HDD used off craigslist, and save even more. Hell I’m starting to give myself some ideas XD.

    Throw in a smaller Cell and RSX, and Sony has got themselves a customer.

    • Rafi

      PS3 Slim 2009: 45nm both Cell and RSX
      PS3 Slim 2012: 22nm ?
      PS3 Slim 2016: “PS3 10th anniversary” 5nm ?

      My guess could be wrong but i hope it will be realized.

      • 5nm? Is that “no-heat-sink-required” territory there, because that would warrant another purchase. And would make me a happy gamer in the year 2016, outdated PS3 and all XD

        • Rafi

          Sorry but i dont get all your point, for heatsink maybe Sony should bring passive cooling system and SATA III with SSD.

          More even awesome if put motherboard with Ultra Durable 5 with Military Class 4 and anything else like Blutooth 5.0 and USB 3.0 or even 2nd Gen Intel Thunderbolt !!

      • Devoted

        Maybe they’ll integrate a PS3 into a TV, like they did with the PS2 a few years back…

  • I’m guessing the 16GB PS3 model might be subscription based. You know, if the rumor turns out to be true. Very similar to the $99 360 model Microsoft recently launched.

    • Yeah…maybe it does sound a little to good to be true. It’s too early to offer that kind of tech for $99.

  • Adam Meadows

    A PS3 is on my ‘to buy’ list. So many games, so little money! This could be awesome.

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      I thought the MODS were Sal, Zero, and FaithlessMr

      • Devoted

        Since Adam’s an editor it makes sense as well (unless I’m getting everything wrong).

        • Nah, you’re spot on!

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      How does an editor for a previously Playstation only website not own a PS3 6 years into the lifecycle of this generation?
      Mind = blown.

      • Adam Meadows

        I used to own a PS3 – I had to sell it. I joined Scrawl in 2010. It was not a PlayStation website then.

      • Adam Meadows

        I used to own one – had to sell it. I joined the site in 2010 when it was Scrawl. It wasn’t a PS only site.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Wow. Sucks you had to sell it.
          Did you own an xbox at time?
          I would have sold that dead weight money pit.
          No way would I part with a Playstation during any generation if I didnt have to.

          You’ve been missing out on this generations best games. Hope you get a new PS3 soon.

          • Adam Meadows

            I originally had a 360 from launch in 05. Had a bigger collection of games. Only had a select amount of ps3 games. Made more sense, and it was worth more too.

            Really want a ps3 though, for demon souls etc.

            • Malcolm Reynolds

              I never got into Demon’s or Dark Souls.
              I do love me most of the JRPG’s on the system as well as the Uncharted series of course.
              So many great exclusives to choose from.
              I almost envy you b/c you havent likely played most of them to completion.
              You got some good vidiot sessions comin your way.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    Whats with all the downmarks on this article?