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Rumor: Slimmer PS3 model leaked
posted on 07.13.12 at 11:58 PM EST by (@salromano)
New SKU to offer 16, 250, and 500 gig storage options.

Rumor has it Sony is preparing a second PlayStation 3 slim redesign. And Tecnoblog reportedly has first images of the console.

The site references a document from Sony Computer Entertainment America to Sony Brasil mentioning products CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C, which according to Tecnoblog, correspond to the slimmer system’s 16, 250, and 500 gigabyte storage options. The current PlayStation 3 slim is the CECH-30XX series.

Further supporting its case are a set of diagrams that appeared on the FCC website last week suggesting a new PlayStation 3 SKU was in the works.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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  • rockman29

    16 GB? What in tarnation? Please, please be a typo! My 120 GB is easy to fill.

    That ought to be some flash disk drive or at least an extremely cheap PS3.

    I think the original Slim looks nicer than that. I’m happy with that :)

    I want to get a new Slim PS2 though, those are hella sexy, even more sexy than the first line Slimlines.

    • It’s not a typo. And I don’t see the problem, really, when 200 gig and 500 gig systems are being offered anyhow. :-P

      It will probably be the cheap way to get into PS3 gaming, much like the 4 gig Xbox 360.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Difference being that one is not locked to some proprietary form of overpriced branded storage.
        You can simply run down to MicroCenter or your local computer parts dealer and buy any brand of 2.5″ SATA 5400 or 7200RPM HDD and slap that sucker in there.
        Much like my 500GB SeaGate I got a few years back for $45.
        Try getting a 500gb HDD to slap into a 4gb Xbox Slim. Not happening. If one existed, MS would charge no less than $250 for the drive itself.

      • bebestorm117

        ITA Sal

      • rockman29

        I said that :/

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    All the angles look good except the top of the console. They should had made it all black piano with PS3 disc drive not PS2 disc tray.

    • EspadaKiller

      I agree, especially from the front view it’s looking really nice. But the top is just ugh.

  • Gale Glory

    Need a clearer image. But I might consider this over the current Slim.

  • I was expecting them to announce this at e3. I read a rumor about the Slim 2 version, or whatever you want to call it, a few weeks before e3.

    It makes sense, the 16GB model would be a great way to provide an incredibly low price point for the PS3. Don’t forget that the PS4 is likely on the way, and Sony tends to support hardware over long life cycles. (Look at the PS2.)

    • Gaara D. Dragon

      Nah they had a pretty solid line up for E3, no need to burn this card. Same with Nintendo and the 3DS

      • Sony did have a pretty good e3. I was trying to say – I think many people expected a price drop for at least one PS3 model, hence, my guess that they might announce a new cheaper model at the conference.

        I can’t agree with you on Nintendo though. They had an awful e3.

  • barklight

    I dunno if it’s the image quality but it looks ugly. What’s with the ridges anyway? PS3 fat looks better imho.
    Need size comparison with the slim one.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ruffles have ridges and they’re the best chip!

  • syaznifaiq

    Its seem PS3 got another lifespan, well done Sony, With so many PS3 exclusive await in 2013, Sony really know how to doing business No need for PS4 right now as Sony move on the right track .. at least until 2015

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Wish theyd make the attachment thing that allows backwards compatibility

  • surachokes

    Well, at least 16GB PS3 sounds quite better than the 4GB Xbox 360 Microsoft counterpart (If they manage to keep low price point).

  • DrForbidden

    Ugh. The top looks like painted corrugated cardboard…

  • Artevius Hardin

    The top looks horrid. Am I the only one thinking it may have a flip lid?

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      I think the lid slides to the left to reveal a drive slot.

      • Artevius Hardin

        I don’t see a point of entry in those pics, but I’ll take your word for it.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          I dont see one either but the different views seem to show the right half of the “lid” if you will is raised higher than the left half leading me to believe it slides over as opposed to flipping up like the PS2 slim did.
          Just a guess.

          • Artevius Hardin

            A slide cover would be interesting and I’m glad you pointed that out.

  • zakou

    I rest my case about PS3 Fanboys, you’d have to lie to yourself if you think this model looks any good, yet most people who state here that they don’t like how it looks get thumbs down.

    I just wish we had a system that shows you the usernames of the thumbers so I knew who to avoid.

    Thumb me down to prove my point even more, I think this design looks bad.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      Or maybe some people just actually like how it looks?I didnt like the normal ps3 but like this one,just like I liked the old 360 but not its slim.

      • zakou

        If anyone likes how this looks then they clearly lack design imagination, trust me when I say that I can design a better model and this form, and im a nobody xD vs Sony?

        Clearly this is fake, but hey if you like fake designs then more power to you!

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          You’re right about being nobody.
          Constantly bashing PS3 fanboys.
          Are you not a fan of the PS3?
          Are you not a boy?
          If not, I’m sure if you wait long enough that an xbox article will eventually pop up for you to read.
          We know it will be about Fable, Forza, Gears, or Halo but at least you’ll feel better right?

          I’m guessing you’ll try to take the high road and say how unbiased of a gamer you are but news flash champ….you been drivin the same street as the rest of us. Especially with your particular flavor of comment.

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Well Said

        • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

          Sounds like you just hate sony

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      You need to stop raging, this is probably for late adopters at a cheap price for sales this holiday for Sony. I’m not buying it but you can’t be quick to judge it if you haven’t seen it in HD or in person. There were people like you who were yelling about the PS3 Slim 2009 model looking ugly from a leak blurry image. Then guess what, 2009 Gamescom you guys ended up liking it after you got a better view of it.

      NOW STOP RAGING!!!!!!!!!

    • zerolegacy0

      I’m glad you opened your mouth to show your ignorance. Now I know who to avoid. I’m sorry to tell you, but people can have different opinions than you.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      How can you rest a case in which you never presented a valid argument to begin with genius?
      This ain’t a courtroom. It’s the fecking internet.

      /brings over a stool.

      Use that to help you step down from your high horse Mr. Gamings last bastion. Our obvious saviour here to free us from the shackles of the evil Sony and their amazing plethora of platform exclusives.

      Please kind sir, would you show us the way to gaming freedom. We are all so tortured and helpless and without a guiding light such as yourself we know not what to do.

    • Charlie

      It’s opinionated moron. You don’t like it? Fine, doesn’t mean we can’t.

  • Locksus

    Yeah… I think this may be fake as the PS3 in those images doesn’t even look any slimmer than the current PS3 slim.
    Also, it’s uglier.

  • Gaara D. Dragon


  • Sovereign Gale

    Honestly, I think the LEAST of your worries will be how it looks. I have the original PS3 Slim and I always thought it looked terrible, but I only need to look at the damn thing when I turn it on. I don’t see the issue here.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      I rather enjoy my slim. Of course its the White FF13 model with the Lightning silk screen on it :)

      • Nice! I’m jealous. i wanted to get that model, but the price was to much for me to import.

      • ekka4shiki

        Hmm, i wonder if Versus XIII will get the special edition bundle with this redesign PS3 slim console ? Assuming this will come out before Versus arrives ofc …

        • Anime101210

          If Vs. gets a PS3 model, I will become the owner of a second PS3 :P

    • Anime101210

      Agreed, I always thought the Slim was rather hideous compared to the original beast, the 60GB PS3, which was AWESOME in design (the only negative is DAT FAN)! But still the original PS3 is the best design for a home console that I’ve ever seen, with the black Wii a close second.

  • bebestorm117

    Damn that thing is ugly…

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Shouldnt you be playing Halo?

      • bebestorm117

        Im confused why should I be playing Halo and what does have to do with the new slim?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Nice attempt at deflection.
          When one bashes sony or a sony property with every comment they make their agenda is clear.

  • Locksus

    /lol at people who are being overly sensitive about this and going on a defensive mode as soon as someone says that they don’t like the design. :I

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Come on Locksus.
      I love all things Sony gaming and even I think this is pretty ugly.
      Whats really laughable is people like Zakou raging b/c someone said they actually like the design.

      Me….. I have 4 Flatscreens in my house and only 2 PS3’s.
      Obviously I’m hoping for a really low entry level price point on the 16gb to outfit my kids 3DTV with as well as adding a fourth PS3 upstairs when the kids are in the playroom.
      Hell, I may buy the 500gb to use as my main and retire my wonderful Launch 60gb model. I’d rather retire it while it still works perfectly than run it til it dies although its ran for 6yrs and thousands of hours without so much as a freeze up so I bet this puppy will last darn near forever!

  • ekka4shiki

    It’s not pretty, yes, but if its cheaper then i think I’ll get this.
    I just need the function to PLAY games anyway …

  • Grandia

    I don’t like how it looks but if the 500GB model is cheap I might buy it . as long as it play and run smoothly as any older model PS3 .

  • zakou

    Holy shit, I’m sorry I didn’t know people would rage so much, with some exposure to fanboys.

    But it’s funny how some call me a 360 fanboy when I don’t even own one.

    Just between you and me I already played the most interesting games on most of the platforms.

    Either way I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause a flame war.

    Lesson learned, don’t expose!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Lesson learned??
      I’m calling bollocks.

      You’ve been bangin that “PS3/Anime fanboys blah blah blah” drum for a while now.
      I just finally took the time to put you in your place.

      Dont try to play innocent here. Its not cute.

      Give it a day, you’ll be bashing Sony fans yet again. And I’ll be there to call your hand son.

      • zakou

        Well im more of a “balancer” seen alot of 360 bashing comments so I though I stepped in.

        And keep calling a daily PS3 player with 8 platinums a 360 fanboy xD.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Thanks for all the balance champ. Things were certainly teetering on the rain soaked precipice of death by sony fandom before you so galliantly came along.

          • zakou

            I don’t know how long you have been with this website but I have been here for years before it’s 3 name changes.

            I assure you that this site had alot less fanboys than now.

            Just weeks ago I kept running into 360 and Microsoft hate comments.

            And comments like.

            Also I’m not being cute or sorry to any of you, im apologized to Sal for accidentally causing flame war on his site.

            • @gematsu-82aa4b0af34c2313a562076992e50aa3:disqus I know you are upset. Please just end this here. I know you have been with Gematsu for a long time. I appreciate you working with me.

              @gematsu-cb953f6ca5923f7517125db46ed1293d:disqus Same thing for you. This stuff is over. Please just drop it and move on.

  • So I’m excited for this because of the 500 GB hard drive, but then I see people say something like “It’s ugly!” … It looks like a PS3 to me, what did you want it to look like? I never expected to see a system that glows in the dark, I expected what I’m looking at right now.

  • So many comments on how it looks. I didn’t really even pay attention to the looks, considering these are questionable images to being with.

    I’ve seen plenty of leaked images of new hardware that end up looking nothing like the final product. They might not even change the look at all. Providing different models for customers to choose from is a good thing.

    (P.S. Can we please stop attacking each other in the comments! Positive thoughts people. )

  • Wow, that’s a lot of gigabites! I don’t know what I would do with all of that room. I still haven’t run out of 120 gb yet, I guess it’s probably because I am not an online gamer lol!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      It has almost zero to do with playing online. It really comes down to how much media you store on your ps3.
      I have 160gb left on my 500 but I dont delete demos unless they suck. I also have nearly $1500 worth of DD games and content.
      MoviesTV shows for me kid. Lots of music etc.

      • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

        I think he meant downloadable games

      • I’m not a kid, and I think that the more games that you dowload the less gigabites that you’ll have left.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Spelling error.
          I meant I have lots of movies and shows for MY kid.

  • Thread open again.

    I decided to close this thread for now. (I might reopen it later.)

    Is this really how we want the comments on Gematsu to be? A bunch of people arguing/trolling/ having post wars (whatever you want to call it) with each other?

    I hate doing this. I hate having to lock the comments. I should never have to… We should be able to have a mature conversation in the comments, regardless if we all agree or not.

    Don’t agree? Discuss it maturely. Don’t call each other names and try and start drama. We have to work together for this community to grow. We have to set good examples.

    We have to show people that we can have a mature conversation in the comments here, even when we don’t agree.

    Please… please work with me everyone. I want to see this community grow stronger, become closer. I know we can do this!

  • LordKaiser

    If this design is real and it probably be because of the screenshots, there’s something bothering me and it’s the disc tray. Instead of looking like the 1 on the PS3 it looks like the 1 on the PS2 slim and PS1 and that’s bad. i don’t like to use pressure against the lens mechanisms with the disc. I don’t like this.