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More Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch pre-orders means more Wizard’s Edition content
posted on 07.19.12 at 03:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Namco Bandai announces Ninostarter crowd sourcing initiative.

The Club Namco-exclusive Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Wizard’s Edition will include more than previously announced by the time pre-orders wrap up on August 31. 

Namco Bandai today announced “Ninostarter,” an “exclusive North American crowd sourcing initiative” where the publisher will “harness the enthusiasm” of fans to unlock additional items to be included in the Wizard’s Edition when the game ships on January 22 next year.

Using Ninostarter, Namco Bandai will track the number of Wizard’s Editions being pre-ordered, and as the numbers rise and reach pre-established levels, additional items will be unlocked and added to the bundle.

If you’ve yet to pre-order your Wizard’s Edition, get it here. (Note: you will be charged today, not when the game is released.)

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  • InternatlGamer3

    I’ll be getting this August 15th.

  • Nekmex

    Mexico is in North Amerca

  • “(Note: you will be charged today, not when the game is released.)”

    it’s more of a pre-authorization thing, the money will be put back and when the game ships, you will be charged.

    • Can anyone else confirm this? I’m going by what I heard from everyone else in the last Wizard’s Edition post.

      • @salromano:disqus

        They did it for my order.

        Order Date: June 29, 2012

        I was charged right away. Looking at my bank account, it appears they sent it back before July 06, 2012.

        I know we have a few others who placed an order like I did. Would be nice to see if the same thing happened to them.

        • RyougaZell

          I was going to order mine until August 15. But if this is true Ill preorder tomorrow. Extra confirmation would be appreciated!

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        They charged me immediately the same night you posted your first article about the preorder.
        I recieved a couple separate E-reciepts for my purchase and the money never returned to my account. Believe me, I had hoped it would.

        NISA preauthorizes and it never even dings my bank account. I order from them all the time.
        This is indeed an upfront charge.

      • hoez

        They definitely are not charging you upfront since this is a preorder. If you haven’t gotten your money back, it’s an issue and needs to be fixed so you need to contact them. D;

    • hoez

      UPDATE! NamcoBandai emailed some users about it and apparently if you used PayPal, you will be charged and that charge is NOT a hold. However, this only applies to someone who is using PayPal. So there we have it!

  • KingOptimusOrigins111


  • rockman29

    That is one sexy looking box.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Thats what I told her!


  • I pre-ordered Europe Edition.

  • hoez

    The Ninostarter page was updated :) The percentage is now 47% and the first gift was revealed. A set of five Ni no Kuni prints!