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Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition confirmed for U.S.
posted on 06.29.12 at 09:41 PM EST by (@salromano)
Save your money. No need to import, America.

Following a European announcement this afternoon, Namco Bandai has confirmed the “Wizard’s Edition” of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for North America.

As detailed earlier, the Wizard’s Edition includes:

  • A copy of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
  • Downloadable Content: exclusive “Golden Mite” and “Golden Drongo” DLC familiars.
  • A Drippy plush doll.
  • A 300+ page hardcover “The Wizard’s Companion Book.”

It is available for $99.99 exclusively at Get your pre-orders in fast, as it will only be available for a limited time.

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  • FearMonkey


  • Sal Romano

    $100… why are you doing this to me, Namco?

    Got to set some money aside.

    • xMCXx

      @Sal Romano:
      It’s all worth it because of the book.
      Also Plushie.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Someone hurry ! Give me money!

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Great news but I dislike the exclusive store.

  • syaznifaiq

    $100 may be too expensive, but i believe it’s worth it … gonna get this

  • RyougaZell

    Stupid exclusive store shipping only in the US. Now I need to find an address to order it to be shipped and then to be re-shipped to Mexico.


    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      You should be glad that they’re at least doing this or else you wouldn’t have anything to pre order.

      • RyougaZell

        @KingOptimusOrigins111: And you should mind your own business.

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          And you shouldn’t be posting on a public website if you don’t want nobody to reply to you dumbass.

          • RyougaZell

            @KingOptimusOrigins111: Don’t you love when people beleive they have the ‘right’ to insult you because they don’t like what you write? Sorry if it bothers you, but I certainly don’t beleive your ‘be grateful they are publishing it’ provides ANY kind of help to the matter at hand. I’m buying the game anyway, but does that mean I can’t show discontent its exclusive to a store that doesn’t ship to my location? Please think before posting and before insulting ‘just because its the internet’

            Sal… we really need an ‘ignore’ option on this site.

            • KingOptimusOrigins111

              There must be something wrong with you. If this is the only way they can provide a collectors edition. Why are you complaining. Its not there fault because you live in certain area. Its a JRPG, with the amount of delays for the release of this game stateside regular edition everybody should be glad its finally releasing stateside and a collectors edition as well.

              So its right for you to say mind your business because your mad and sensitive when I say you should be glad. I called you a dumbass because your sitting up here posting on a public website and yet you think nobody is going to respond to you. That is like going on youtube video and saying the video sucks when most of the comments are positive and expecting someone not to respond to you. That is like punching someone and expecting them not to punch back. Your ignore option is to not respond back if you don’t like or get mad at what the person replied to you.

              Please think before posting your comments out on a public website for everybody to see when you know there is a reply option.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Pre ordering now. As soon as I stop climaxing.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Just spent $108.99 on a game that wont arrive in my mail until Feb 2013.

    Damn my anus hurts.

    Dear Bamco,

    Please learn to not fully charge someone until the product actually ships.
    NISA, Amazon, Zavvi, and many others already employ this practice.
    Mayhaps you should too?

    Thanks. Sincerely,

    A family man who already gets his wallet sodomized by the Obama administration on a weekly basis.

    • Zero

      @Malcolm Reynolds:

      Same here man, this hurt my wallet.

      I hope this finally shows Namco Bandai that NA fans do support the Japanese games they bring over.

    • Miranda Lawson

      @Malcolm Reynolds: What it’s not coming to America until February next year!? I think that I will wait until next year to preoder this, if I decide to…..

    • @Malcolm Reynolds:

      may i ask how you registered??

      i went to my account and all it says is to put email and password.

      then it says put a valid email address.

      i mean seriously?? it’s from Yahoo.

      i tried registering in the community boards then all of a sudden it says i was registered in the site.


      i tried logging in again and all it says it’s not a valid email address.

      im getting frustrated and irritated right now.

      and this is why i don’t like exclusive BS stores like this.

      it just hampers everyone from buying it.

    • @Malcolm Reynolds: I might be one in the few from the look of things here but I liked to be charged right away. I don’t want to be thinking about that charge later. I prefer to get it done so that I can account for it later. It is the reason why I buy gift cards to buy games on Amazon. I pre-order and pay off dozens of games this way.

      I think Namco is in a different position than retailers. They probably don’t want to make too many collector’s editions since they will be the soul seller of them. Retailers probably buy the editions so Namco would already have their money from all of them. That is my thinking anyway.

  • Pre-ordered.

  • RyoonZ

    I hope Zavvi or Thehut or Play-Asia will sell either Europe or US version so this little Asia guy could import.

  • RyougaZell

    They charge immediately? Fail…

    I’ll delay my pre-order as much as I can… damn Namdai

  • FaithlessMr

    Awesome, everyone gets it :) Hmmm so this should cost around 90eur or so in Europe. As expected.

    Don’t give a damn, getting it anyway as soon as I can :D



  • InternatlGamer3

    I want but i’ll wait a bit. They should charge when the order ships.

  • Miranda Lawson

    I wonder how good this game actually is? Is it even worth getting the game? I know that Studio Ghibli makes excellent movies but what about games? I am not sure if they can make a game as good as their movies or not, I made need to think this over…

  • Miranda Lawson

    Is there anyone else here that prefers characters to be older? Or is it just me? I usually like playing games where the characters are teenagers/young adults/adults, I find that I can relate to characters if they are older if you ask me.

    • RyoonZ

      @Miranda Lawson: To be honest it actually puts me off at first I saw this game a year ago but after watching the gameplay trailer I think it’s a wonderful RPG. It has overworld map and great battle system in my opinion. The character design wasn’t really my cup of tea but the background and overall design looks great. I don’t know about the story because I avoid them but I think it will have at least decent story and if you love RPG/JRPG I think you might like this. :D

      Are there any Europe online shop put it in store yet?
      On Namco Bandai website

      Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will be available January 25, 2013 across EMEA and Asia Pacific and will include both English and Japanese voiceovers as well as English, French, Spanish, Italian and German text.

      I hope that mean I don’t have to import and my local retailer will stock it.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @PrinceHeir: I didnt register. I went to the site via Gematsu’s link and scrolled to the right and hit the preorder button. It took a couple tries for it to work as I recieved an error message the first time.

    I then followed instructions, filled out name, address etc.

    I used paypal as method of payment.

    It was pretty strait forward actually. I also did it all from my iphone whilst on the potty :)

    Had 4% of my battery left and finished quickly enough that I still had 4% of my battery remaining when I got my email confirmation that my purchase was successful.

    @Miranda Lawson: my wifes name is Miranda ;)

    I would recommend preordering this even though it doesnt come out until late January 2013. I fear if you do not, you will miss out on this amazing collectors edition and this namco site is the only way to get this collectors edition.

    I would personally rather reserve at Gamestop, Amazon or Best Buy but none of them will be carrying this edition.

    • @Malcolm Reynolds:

      i actually know why they don’t have a sign up page

      it’s because they automatically register you as soon as process it.

      my mistake was probably that i went to the “My Account” page first before pre ordering.

      but the thing is that when i first put my email address in the My Account Page. it said that i have to put a freaking “valid” email address. WTF NAMCO im using yahoo.

      so i guess when i went ahead and just pre order it and fill everything and using the same email that i put in the “My Account”

      so as soon as i finish it said that the email was in the database. i mean WOOOOOW not only i didn’t receive any confirmation watsoever but i can’t even login. so how the hell did they have my email address??

      so after soo many frustration i decided to ask my brother an email address since we both live in the same house plus i actually wanted to register in the site since even though Ni No Kuni is the only product i want from the store, i fear they might pull a similar trick with Tekken Tag 2 We Are Tekken Edition(which the EU is not a club namco exclusive)

      so yeah when i changed it, it immediately confirmed my order proving that indeed my email is supposedly register in their database.

      so yeah i went ahead and choose 3 day shipping since the 5-7 days option difference was mere $2.

      i also don’t like how we have to put our Real Name in their database instead of the shipping only.

      i mean just look at amazon, not only i have an account of different name but i can also put multiple addresses with different names in case i want to ship to others.

      and yeah the charging on spot is soo fucking bullshit.

      as soon as i finished processing my order, not even 5 secs as i refreshed my account the 120$ is already gone.


      FUCK YOU ClubNamco.

      seriously im a customer who is willing to buy your products yet your making it every inch possible to make the customer as frustrated as possible.

      may i ask Malcolm, did your email address included a underscore?? that maybe the problem since my email address has one underscore but as soon as i change it to my brothers it didn’t have any.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I used to prefer that Keegs.

    But after years of being charged when shipped I have gotten used to it.

    Hell, I reserved a remake/full size replica of the HoverBoard from Back to the Future 2 which wont ship until November from a toy collector website (Matty Collector) back in Feb this year. Cost was $135. They dinged my credit card to validate it and said they wont charge until it ships. No problem with me.

    Namco’s website never said either way….I had to go all the way through the process to find out if they charged immediately or not and the way I found out was by logging into my paypal account afterwards to see that my bank transferred over the $108.99 for this game.

    I dont like paying in full for something I wont recieve for many many months.

    If they would have noted somewhere on their site they charge up front I’d have nothing to gripe about. I looked everywhere and did not find anything. Its kinda shady.

    • RyougaZell

      @Malcolm Reynolds: The NISA Store holds your money until the shipment is ready. Its a bummer Namco’s Store doesn’t do it this way actually.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    No underscore for mine.

    Im just glad to be getting this collectors edition of the game. I bet Bamco would sell more if they would make it available elsewhere.

  • Zero

    This comment might get removed when the older comments finally appear, but I wanted to share some important news.

    It appears that some people are getting the money put back into the account they used to preorder the Wizard Edition at ClubNamco.

    I think they listened to upset customers and decided to wait and charge for the game closer to the shipping date.

    • It won’t get removed.

      • Zero

        Thanks for the info.