Sine Mora also headed to PS3
posted on 06.21.12 at 11:40 AM EDT by (@salromano)
More platforms for Grasshopper shoot'em up.

In addition to PlayStation Vita, Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture shoot’em up Sine Mora is also coming to PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network).

“After having an extremely successful launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade and revealing the Vita version at E3 to much appraise, we’re as excited as ever to bring the experience to yet another platform,” said Balázs Horváth, director of publishing at Digital Reality. “More important than anything, we created something we love, and we know Sine Mora be loved yet again on PlayStation 3.”

Sine Mora is a “unique take” on the shoot’em up genre, and promises laser-spray rifles, “bullet-tiem madness, insane power ups and epic boss battles.” It features “over 60 combinations of planes, characters and time manipulation devices.”

A release date was not announced.

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  • Locksus

    Good to hear it was succesful on XBLA and even better to hear it’s coming to PS3:)

    Malcolm, I hope you’ll love it =D

  • Malcolm Reynolds


    Cannot friggin wait!

    I’ll be buying it for PS3 and my Vita!

    The best part is that this game meant so much to my xbot buddy who called numerous times to gloat that this was exclusive. I told him that “timed” exclusive is what he meant and he called me a fool.

    I now fart in his general direction. :)

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      What makes me happy is that more and more people get to play this game! I friggin love SHMUPS. I’ve played Deathsmiles countless hours and even though I’ve only played Sine Mora’s demo, it was fantastic!

      I will buy it this week or the next depending when I’ll get my pay :p too focused on MGS HD collection atm =D

  • Traveller

    Akai Katana > Sine Mora

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @Traveller: of course it is.

    It lost its xbox exclusivity so it must suck.

    Akai Katana averages 76.67% on Gamerankings while Sine Mora averages 83.67%.

    But let me take yours, the opinion of an xbot scorned instead of industry “professionals” word for it.

    Divinity 2 > Mass Effect 2 amirite?

    Oh, and LoL at Steel Battalion. Could Kinect be any more useless? I doubt it.

    • Sal Romano

      @Malcolm Reynolds: “But let me take yours, the opinion of an xbot scorned instead of industry “professionals” word for it.”

      How do you know he hasn’t played both games? And that he simply prefers Akai Katana over Sine Mora? They’re two very different games, both rated well by the press.

    • Traveller

      @Malcolm Reynolds: I haven’t even played Divinity 2 lol.

      I only happen to prefer Any Cave SHMUP atm because most other SHMUP dev’s can’t get the music right, which happens to be a big part of what I enjoy about Bullet Hell SHMUPs.

      Oh, and yes, I have played Sine Mora.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @Sal Ramano:

    I dont “know” per say…..I was taking his “hit and run” style comment and basing my reply off that.

    Had he elaborated a little more there would have been more to work with.

    @Traveller: fair enough dude. Would it be safer to say in your opinion that the Soundtrack to Akai Katana > the Soundtrack to Sine Mora?

    I certainly wouldnt have bothered to respond had you said something like that to be honest.

    • Traveller

      @Malcolm Reynolds: You’re right. Perhaps I didn’t explain what I meant. My bad, for that. But seriously, why can’t more SHMUPs have that Namiki/Umehara feel to their OST?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @Traveller: not sure man. As a schmup lover myself, I can honestly say the sound tracks have never been what I loved about them.

    R-Type is my fave of all time but I love a large mix of them.
    Xevious, Salamander, Gradius, Twin Cobra, Einhander, etc etc.

    As long as there is method to the madness, a means of escape/survival due to patterns and skill I will enjoy it. I do not enjoy bullets filling the screen with no pattern and no matter what you take hits, ala gunbird.

    I am picky about my schmups now and the 2D hand drawn ones are my least favorite now days.

    Anyway, lookin forward to shoosting some bad guys in Sine Mora!